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Oppose war

We must not let President Donald Trump lead us into an unnecessary war with Iran.

The actions this week by President Trump lacked three things: the trust of the American people, the backing of our Congress, and the allies to back us up.

The situation in the Middle East is anything but de-escalating.

Our country cannot afford to bare the weight either emotionally, mentally, physically, or fiscally of another war. This is not a partisan issue and it should not be dismissed as merely partisanship.

Now more than ever, we need Congress to step up and do its constitutional duty by wielding its powers of the purse and of oversight. Given this President’s track record, we cannot and must not allow him the sole authority to wield a dangerous foreign policy strategy.

I hope my Senators James Risch and Mike Crapo and Rep. Russ Fulcher will do the right thing to protect American interests and oppose a war with Iran.

Christine Silvey, Meridian


With the Idaho legislative session starting this month, I want to urge our state leaders in the legislature to withhold from furthering restrictions on access to abortion care. We do not need Idaho’s taxpayer dollars going to legal fees while trying to defend unconstitutional laws again during this legislative session. To remind readers, last year the Abortion Complications Act from the 2018 session was challenged and required revision to uphold our state and national Constitutions, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Instead of letting their moral and religious beliefs interfere, Idaho’s legislators need to pass bills that increase access to medically-sound, impartial reproductive healthcare for the people in our state. Bills like this benefit Idaho’s doctors too, by allowing them to practice healthcare free from bias and shame. This is the kind of care we all deserve, and it’s about time our legislators made it their priority.

Samantha Katana, Boise

What a waste

Editor’s note: This letter contains a graphic description of abortion.

Through archeological discovery it has been found that ancient civilizations sacrificed living babies to their gods. Common comments disapprove of these diabolical actions as uncivilized. Although it was the choice of the society in that eon.

Advancing societies also termed it horrendous. Why?? It was deemed as normal and ‘everyone’ took part and agreed, especially if your child was ‘chosen’ to be thrown into the fiery pit to appease your god. That mother was treated as privileged to serve for all the community

So, what has changed? The government helps pay for the atrocity (yes these are your tax dollars at work). Now the mother in collusion with a highly educated (in anatomy and biology) medical professionals sacrifice the babies -----not to a god but to personal convenience.

How have we advanced in civility? The woman goes into a sterile room (for her protection), the fully knowledgeable professional chops up the baby, vacuums the mutilated child (tissue) from the woman’s body, counts the parts, then flushes them into a waste bin. The need to count parts of a body are to make sure all of the child is obliterated and that they “got it all”, as if the child was a cancer being cut out.

Today this is being called ‘health care’. Of who’s health are we speaking? The child is dead, the woman goes through physical and psychological trauma, she had to pay for the service and only the educated professional goes home unharmed. How, I haven’t any idea. Should this not be termed Wealth care?

We no longer use a volcano or fiery pit to offer the baby to a god but the final result is the same. WHAT A WASTE ! After 47 years = 53,000,000 dead babies.

Susan Hamilton, Nampa

Response to Jones

While it isn’t known whether Soleimani’s death makes the US safer, Jim Jones disdain for Trump blurred his thinking. He states, “The death of Suleimani was well deserved,” but calls it an assassination early in his piece. Assassinations are murders and they are illegal. Soleimani was a major general in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Iran and the IRGC are legally designated terrorist entities. Soleimani was a legal military target. If Mr. Jones doesn’t think so, please tell us who in the CIA/military should be held accountable for his “murder.”

Mr. Jones states the escalation cycle began with “...Trump’s repudiation of the nuclear agreement...even though Iran is abiding by its requirements...” and that the President is “...under the illusion economic sanctions would cause the country to beg for mercy.” The agreement is a non-binding political commitment made by President Obama and many experts have pointed out its flaws, particularly regarding verification. When Trump withdrew in 2018, he instituted economic sanctions hoping to get Iran back to the negotiating table. After further sanctions were initiated in 2019, Trump stated, “We will continue to increase pressure on Tehran until the regime abandons its dangerous activities and its aspirations including the pursuit of nuclear weapons...” Illusions? Begging for mercy?

Mr. Jones “fears there is no over-all strategy” related to Iran. He should review Trump’s current National Security Strategy that outlines political, economic, military, and security actions the US is taking to deny the Iranians a path to nuclear weapons and reduce their malign influence.

Mr. Jones states “the President has no idea of how to deal with the situation except to up the ante of military force...” Right. Maybe he can free up another $150B for the Iranians like Obama did. I’m certainly praying...praying they didn’t use the money to kill Americans.

John Larned, Eagle

One nation?

I see scary things going on in our wonderful country. We are in a civil war that is anything but civil. There are many problems on both sides of the aisle. Our problems at home may be bigger than the concern about war with Iran. In fact, if our country went to war, many Democrats would want defeat, just so that they could say to the Republicans, “We told you so, President Trump! Didn’t you know that all you need to do to avoid war was to give Iran 160 billion dollars?”

Lately there hasn’t been much talk about the southern border wall, because the Democrats have been too busy building a huge, divisive wall that is running north and south, and east and west throughout our nation. It seems like the candidates on the left can’t pull hard enough or run fast enough in tearing our great nation apart. I believe this is regressive action, not progressive.

In my 70 plus years, I have felt much pride as we recite our Pledge to Allegiance. Have we forgotten our roots and what has made our Country great? Would all Americans join me with conviction, so that we can become one again, as we pledge the unifying declaration: “One nation under God”?

I believe our country has become so fractured that we are not “one nation” anymore. We have forgotten God, the One Who has blessed our Nation like no other! No, we are not smarter than God! May we lay aside our anger, bitterness and hatred. Oh, how we need His healing like never before.

Curtis Vieselmeyer, Boise

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