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Our legislature has clamored for months to get back to town to restrict the Governor’s powers but when Muffy Davis asks for a temporary change of rule in order to vote remotely, they are concerned about “precedent”? How small minded can you be, how cruel.

Leaders lead, they take chances, they believe in something bigger than themselves. Our Republican Party is none of that. Their interest is in power and not people. I have not espoused allegiance to a political party for some time now but vote for the person. Right now I’m not seeing a human person among them and definitely not a leader.

Carol Haddock, Meridian

Thank you

Thank You! President Trump. I thank you for the last four years.

Thank you for making it cool to be an American again.

Thank you for showing us that we don’t need to be under China’s thumb anymore economically, or any other way.

Thank you for one of the strongest economies we’ve ever experienced in my lifetime. Thank you for all you have done for the minority communities, and the outstanding decrease in the unemployment rate you had.

Thank you for making it feel good to love our country and to be a proud patriot again. Thank you for supporting our Nation’s flag and the men and women who fought for the freedom that stands behind that flag.

Thank you for supporting our nation’s law enforcement organizations, and understanding how difficult their job really is.

Thank you for quelling the flood of illegal immigration, and bringing to justice the thousands of criminals that flood brought us.

Thank you for giving corporations a reason to come back to America to make our own products and put Americans back to work.

Thank you for bringing our troops home from endless deployments that presented us with little more than body bags; and for your commitment to strengthen our military.

Thank you for operation warp speed and keeping your promise in bringing the Covid 19 vaccine to us in less than a year.

Thank you for your never-ending attempts at bringing peace to the Middle East.

Thank you for your Tax relief, and thank you for our energy independence. Most of all though...

THANK YOU for taking a damn rotten job that you never had to take!

I openly state my fear that we are on a path to socialism, and I have no confidence in Joe Biden to lead us forward.

Ron Sumner, Meridian


I am dismayed that a majority of the State Legislature members have voted not to allow two of their colleagues to participate remotely in the current session. I hope the lawsuit on behalf of these two legislators prevails, as it appears the legislature’s failure to accommodate them violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. Shame on those legislators for asking two colleagues to endanger their health, and even lives, in order to perform the duty they were elected by Idaho citizens to do.

Glenda Duggan, Nampa


After reading that the Idaho House voted down Rep. Muffy Davis’ request to be allowed to vote remotely due to her physical susceptibilities during the pandemic, I have this to say to the citizens of Idaho: don’t get old, don’t get sick, don’t expect a lick of human kindness from your Republican members. They have shown themselves to be only interested in maintaining control of the House. The needs of individual Idahoans are of very little interest to them. Altering their “business as usual” approach during an extreme emergency is not on their radar. Remember this for the next election.

Mary Thode, Boise


There are many challenges of online learning, from struggling to understand assignments to getting easily distracted. Now add into the mix not having reliable internet or no internet access at all. Online learning is only available to children that have access to a broadband connection at home that is fast enough to support online learning. The rural broadband gap is one of the biggest educational obstacles for rural communities and has major consequences for students and their future. Despite being just as capable and ready to learn, rural students are falling behind their peers in the digital age due to a lack of access to high-speed internet.

Community leaders from Idaho have joined together to launch an effort called Imagine Idaho. Their effort is aimed at increasing awareness of the importance of broadband and serving Idaho communities by helping promote policies that help their ability to deploy broadband-communications infrastructure in a pro-competitive way. Helping the students of Idaho get connected requires innovation and the support of local communities, and Imagine Idaho is working to do just that. The opportunity to live, learn and work anywhere in Idaho should be available to all who call this great state our home.

Laura Johnson, Meridian


Margret Thatcher when Prime Minister of Great Britain stated, “Crime is Crime is Crime.”

As an American I was shaken by the events of Jan. 6th when the Capital Building was stormed by a mob.

The question which begs an answer is why was this allowed to happen?

Let’s review the events of the past year when we witnessed the burning and looting of Macy’s in NYC, the secession of a section of Seattle where crime then flourished and the riots in Portland where for 100 nights, mobs stormed and caused extensive damage to the Federal Building. In Portland and elsewhere Police Officers were injured.

Where was the outcry about all those events? Where was the public track down of the individuals responsible for that mayhem? The press is now helping using cell phone photos, facial identification etc. to shame and apprehend the perpetrators of the Capital Building Riot. The outcry last summer was minor if at all, by the same press now shaming any, all, and perhaps even the innocence in the US Capital Building Riot.

I’m not condoning any of these events/riots/protests, but the question that begs asking is what would have happened if all the summers’ events been handled with swift police/law enforcement action and apprehension of the criminals? Instead of a kind of turn the other cheek, seemly do nothing, as witnessed in Portland where Police Officers were injured every night. Where the Mayor laughably thought asking the rioters to” please “stop fell on deaf ears.

The slow response and excusing crime over the summer allowed crime to continue and spill over in the latest event to outrage America. Should the color, race or political views of the criminal matter?

“Crime is crime is crime”.

Jack Snyder, Boise


We have a lot to learn from geese. When they need to make a change, one goose moves to the front to break the wind for those behind. All the geese honk to encourage those around them. When the lead goose tires, another moves up to take his place. The former leader moves back into the formation as the others make room for him. There is no jostling for position. They understand that survival depends on cooperation. We have a lot to learn from geese.

Lois Ortmann, Meridian


The recent attack on our Capitol has left many Americans shaken. The lack of immediate response to help members of the Senate and House is unimaginable.

January 6 will truly go down in history as one of the darkest days for democracy. I urge Senators Crapo and Risch to take the article of impeachment being brought before the Senate with the grave seriousness that I believe it is due.

I truly and fully believe that the president has no remorse for his involvement. Further, I find his persistence in attempting to subvert our democratic election during and after the attacks deplorable, and his refusal to take action to help devastating.

I believe that there is evidence to support that he intended to attempt a non-violent insurrection. Regardless of whether or not he intended violence, I believe the facts support his desire to overthrow our democracy in such a grave way that it is treasonous.

With bipartisan support, it is clear that this is not part of a witch hunt. Removal before Inauguration may be impossible, and the ideal scenario for all Americans would have been for the President to step down and avoid this difficult process.

I ask our Senators to consider carefully whether or Trump is fit to further pursue office, and vote in a way that they believe is just.

Wesley Quintana, Meridian


Open letter to Idaho senators and representatives

Over the last 2 months I have pleaded with you to publicly to acknowledge Joe Biden as our president elect.. I begged you to say in no uncertain terms that we had a fair and honest election. This was certified by attorney general Barr, all state election officials, our national election official and numerous judges . There has been no real question as to the validity of this election . You , however have perpetuated the big lie and by doing so you are complicent in the insurrection our country Is now enduring . You could have silenced president trump and his rapid followers by displaying an ounce of courage and standing up for the truth . You chose to not do that and rather subvert our democracy . Your shame will follow you for the rest of your lives

Shirley Duncan, Boise


I am astounded at the rush to judgment by our Congress during the second presidential impeachment proceedings. No hearings, no findings from the investigation, and no direct material statements by the President to support an “insurrection”. Whether you support President Trump or not, you should be concerned about the lack of due process withheld from him. Even serial killers get their day in court, with an opportunity to present a defense. Our House of Representatives has decided that they are prosecutor, jury, and judge and in no mood to hear any dissent. A prosecuting case that lasts less than one week can only be characterized as a sham presided over by a kangaroo court.

I am extremely concerned about the future of our country when our elected leaders abandon moral ethics and the cherished rights endowed to us by our founding fathers to achieve their own political objectives. I am also very disappointed that President-elect Biden has not stood up against this divisive action. He says that he wants unity, which is badly needed right now, yet his negligent actions prove otherwise. This was a perfect opportunity to unite the electorate and defuse the partisan division. President Trump has destroyed his legacy with his post-electoral college resistance and there is no need to continue to inflict damage on him any further. To do so invites unintended collateral damage to our country.

Scott White, Caldwell


Stop the madness not the “steal”

States changed election laws across the country making it easier to vote in a pandemic. You say the changes were unlawful. Well, that can be debated. What you cannot dispute is that each party participated under the same rules in their state.

What was different? Democrats were united, organized and made extraordinary efforts across the country to get out the vote. Democrats did not write the election laws or break them in the disputed states. They took advantage of them and got more people to vote.

How did Independents, disgruntled Republicans, and Democrats do it? Here’s a small example. Hundreds of women from all over our state participated in the over ten thousand member Facebook group Idaho Women for Biden Harris. We handwrote postcards and virtually phone banked from our homes to help get out the vote efforts in states across the country. I called voters in Iowa and Nevada from my home for weeks. Thousands of us virtually descended on Georgia to help their efforts to get out the vote for the Senate runoff race.

Be angry that Trump lost. Believing he stole the Presidency is a lie. Don’t fall for it.

Carmen Weyland, Boise

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