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The events at our US Capitol on January 6 were despicable acts of insurrection, and everyone who entered the Capitol without going through the security protocol should be identified, arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

However, after listening to US senators and representatives express surprise about this attack and urgent concerns about the risks they faced at the hands of rioters, I am having a difficult time feeling much concern for many of them. They have coddled the people who attacked them and have ignored the deaths, injuries and fears of school children and school staff while they have been attacked across our country for over 20 years.

If our overwhelmed Capitol Police hadn’t been present, perhaps our senators and representatives could have relied on their nearest “constitutionalists,” Three Percenters, QAnon members or Proud Boys supporters for protection. Oh, right, that was who was attacking them.

The majority of our state senators and representatives have been following the same playbook as our US senators and representatives...let's see how that works out for them.

David Sasser, Meridian


The left and media has been spewing and peddling hate for 4 years. They peddle it as a self righteous act of propriety. You must hate one man for the good. We now have half of the country who are feeding on hate (the liberals) and the other half (the conservatives) who will now start hating because they have seen the rewards that hate brings. With hate you get control of the media, with hate you get to pound the population daily with your ideology, with hate of one man as your primary message you win elections, with hate the individual who hates will be rewarded with free food, free housing and free health care (it's the Pavlovian way of behavior control). The Idaho Press has been a major cheerleader of hate, all in the name of self righteousness and purity. This is how the nazis duped the population into hating fellow mankind.... they made hate a civic duty and rewarded it. The message peddled by the media and its self righteous liberal readers is: Hate one man and shame his supporters and you will be rewarded, if you do not hate one man and shame his supporters you are of lesser intellect and lesser moral virtue and are less of a human being and you must be silenced and stamped out. It's the nazi playbook.

Tom Buuck, Nampa


It has been embarrassing and disconcerting for the President of the United States and the Republican Party to behave in such extraordinarily outrageous ways making accusations of corruption and voter fraud. It is more disconcerting if they are correct.

Tina Roehr, Boise

Fact check

The Dec. 20 Press dedicated most of its letters page to the Trump cult. Most of their statements were as factual as Trump’s.

David claimed that masks don’t protect you. However, in Kansas the governor mandated masks statewide. The legislature said “No, it is up to the counties.” The counties that used the masks had COVID decrease by 6%. Those that didn’t had a 100% increase. He also repeated the old saying about repeat a lie enough times and people will believe it. That is what he is attempting.

Wayne claimed that Philadelphia mailed 1.6 million absentee ballots and had 2.5 million returned. The city counted 749,317 absentee ballots. His Georgia story got 4 Pinocchios by the Washington Post.

Based upon nothing, Michael went hysterical about Biden wiping out the gun industry.

Walter complained that the courts won’t respond to the R’s fraud complaints. That is because most of them are hearsay. However, remember that at least 198,000 mostly poor and/or black voters were prevented from voting in Georgia. A judge ruled that they didn’t sue soon enough to be reinstated. Did Walter hear about the Pennsylvania man who registered his deceased mother and cast a ballot for Trump for her?

Dave was anxious to see Biden replace Carter at the bottom of the worst president list. Sorry buddy. Carter is in the middle of most lists, about 7 spots above George W. The lists I found that had Trump listed him as worst ever or 3rd from the bottom.

The Republican majority leader of the Pennsylvania Senate tells a New York Times reporter that she would have signed a Trump letter declaring fraud in the 2020 election because “If I would say to you, ‘I don’t want to do it,’ I’d get my house bombed tonight.”

Leo Faddis, Kuna


Josiah Colt now says he is sorry for his part on assaulting the US Capitol. I submit that that he is really sorry because he got caught. I believe in our first amendment rights and the right to dissent, but no reasonable person is going to take part in the anarchy that occurred in our capitol this past week. I also believe in innocence until convicted, but because of the videos and his posts this fellow as already convicted himself. I would hope that the court system remands him to the toughest federal prison in Florence, Colorado which already houses many terrorists. There he will have plenty of time to reflect on his actions, and think about his legacy as convicted felon that will follow him around for many years. As a military veteran, I did not serve our country so that terrorists like Colt could wreak havoc on our democratic institutions.

Jack Keifer, Boise


Russ Fulcher: Let’s Investigate Him

In May 2018 this moron was riding a motorcycle and was involved in a accident. He spent a week in the hospital recovering despite initial coverage of the accident indicating his injuries were minor. There wasn’t much information on the accident other than he hit loose gravel and over compensated. There is an accident report as that is the law in Idaho. This didn't happen in Pennsylvania or Texas but but Idaho. Within a few months of the accident he and his wife divorced; his wife cited adultery as the reason. (Idaho State Journal, Jan. 15, 2019).

Now this "upstanding citizen" wants to contest the Vote of American citizens. The Supreme court ruled that all the votes counted were legal. He, to me, resembles those people who stormed the Capital of America and should be held responsible for their actions. Let's get him investigated and out of office. He is not above the law any more than Trump is. We can’t afford Fulcher to work in another state and still be part of Idaho. If he wants to go against the law then he should be held accountable.

Please investigate him and his suspect behaviors and get him out of office. Thank you.

Daniel Weilage, Boise

Common welfare

As Idaho prepares for a legislative session like none other in our history, we need clear thinking and a smart plan to face the ongoing health crisis. Must we risk being infected—or worse—to participate? It will not be possible to have a legislative session "as usual." We saw an opening act of mob rule this summer in Boise. On January 6, in Washington D.C., domestic terrorists raised the ante, responding to direct incitement from the president and his supporters. Five are dead as a result of the mob violence.

That toll is bad enough, but it pales in comparison to the pandemic, which has already claimed more than 1,500 lives in Idaho. The unlawful few cannot be permitted to shout down the people and their elected representatives.

State leaders have the power to modify the timing and circumstances of the session to protect Idahoans’ lives, and yes, liberty. Governor Little, Speaker Bedke, President Pro Tem Winder and our other leaders need to act now to support and defend our Constitution, and its call to “promote our common welfare.”

Thomas von Alten, Boise

Swamp water

With only 10 days to go, President Trump has conceded! He's down and headed toward the door! But, the athletic Washington football players have been hit by the pandemic virus. If it's not Covid 19, something is making many leading Democrats sick!

I believe it is sick that the kind, loving want-to-unite-our-country Democrats would kick our President in the backside on the way out the door with impeachment.

As our black friend said a few years back, "Can't we just show a little kindness?" Or, as Jesus said, we are to love our enemies.

I'm beginning to think Schumer, Pelosi and Nader need to be quarantined. Could their sickness be caused by the water in D.C.? I hope Biden won't drink the water!

Curt Vieselmeyer, Boise

No cover

I see the brief statements in the Press Tribune from our four elected Congressmen. They do not cover up their black eyes.

Errol Waters, Meridian



I have a different opinion.

Jim McKenna, Meridian


al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11/01, a day that stunned America. Donald Trump was responsible for 1/6/21, an equally stunning day that will go down in infamy. One brought by an external enemy, and the later brought by an internal and self-inflicted enemy to America.

So now what? Impeachment? Too short of time left. Constitutional 25th amendment? Impractical, perhaps. Prosecution for inciting a riot/insurrection? Absolutely! Witnessing Trump leave in shame? Deserved and priceless.

Jon Ingalls, Coeur d'Alene

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