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Stop mudslinging

Thanks to the “Is It?” letter to the editor for so perfectly writing what I have been trying to put in to words. I’ve lived in Caldwell my whole life and am now 60. I have never seen mud slinging in a local government election as I have this one. It is clearly one-sided mud slinging and it is not the way the citizens of Caldwell act, it needs to be nipped in the bud right now. This is not the future face I want to see as the face of politics in Caldwell, there is too much of it already in national politics. I’m disappointed in this paper who couldn’t seem to write an article about the elections without including every muddy detail of John McGees past, seemingly without the ability, or desire, to look forward to where he’s going. The Idaho Press should remain unbiased in their publications. Shame on you. We’re better than this. Let’s get back to what is important for Caldwell. Let us elect our candidates for what they stand for what they want for Caldwell. I don’t know John McGee personally but I believe he has taken his regrettable choices and worked hard to learn from them and become a better person. We have no room in Caldwell for hate. Our community is better than that.

Tamera Frans, Caldwell

Nothing less

Monday’s “headline” featured outgoing mayor Dave Bieter announcing a “reset” on the main library plan. Like it was his idea? His spin on the “pause” was ”concern for estimated casts” when that clearly was never the case. This was/is a mismanaged and bloated project and 69% of the voters called it like it was on November 5. That’s not a misinformed public, as he would have us believe, but a mandate!

And, another spin… how could there be “another robust, community-wide conversation” when there wasn’t a first one? Four mid-July architect-led presentations at Boise branch libraries was hardly a “robust” discussion. This whole project was a total breach of the public trust. Nothing less.

Accountability is the name of the game…not diversionary tactics. The electorate is watching.

Alex Jones, Boise

Great paper

The Nov 20th issue of the IdahoPress was one of the best I have read in a long time. (I apologize for not reading faithfully during the past 2 months.) All of the stories/articles in the first 3 pages and page 9, and 10 were informing readers of local topics that matter, and were written straightforwardly without a plethora of adjectives of bias and slant. Hopefully this is the new trend at the Idaho Press. Also combining the safety crime news on one page (page 7) is a good idea too. Congratulations on providing a newspaper on Nov 20th that provided actual news.

Tom Buuck, Nampa

McLean for mayor

I’m Crispin Gravatt, and I want you to know why I am supporting Lauren McLean for Boise’s Mayor.

First, Lauren listens. After running for office two years ago, Lauren was the first person to reach out to me. She was eager to hear about what I wanted to see in our community. I told her about my passion to advocate for survivors of domestic violence, about my experience being threatened for being queer, and about how I almost moved away because it is difficult to afford Boise sometimes. Lauren was compassionate, and took my experience to heart.

Lauren learns. Few people are willing to change their perspective when they get new information, and even fewer actively seek it out. Lauren has been to nearly every nook and cranny of our city to have an open and earnest exchange of ideas. From the moment we kicked off Lauren’s campaign in her living room to today, I have seen the impact our voices have had on her, and it is profound.

Lauren leads. Lauren has already demonstrated that her priority is the people of Boise. Whether it’s her work in preserving our foothills, protecting our LGBTQ+ citizens from housing and employment discrimination, or offering a human understanding our those facing homelessness, I have no doubt Lauren will stand steadfast in her commitment to all of us, not just a select few.

Lauren McLean demonstrates the leadership we need for Boise’s future. She has been a fierce advocate for the humanity of people, whether those people have homes or not, whether those people live, speak, recreate, or look like her, whether those people agree with her or not. Lauren listens, so Lauren understands, and Lauren leads. Join me in voting for Lauren McLean on December 3. Our best future depends on your vote.

Crispin Gravatt, Boise

Men who abuse power

I want to say something about men who sexually coerce and use their power or position to sexually assault young women. I know a good deal about this, which I will choose to leave out here, but if you want my story, I might be ready to tell it in private.

Men who engage in this behavior, don’t just do it once. They leave a string of girls and women with wounds. They choose victims. Is she subordinate, vulnerable, lonely, isolated, less credible? They have a pattern of allowing anxiety, alcohol, depression, power highs, to be the catalysts for perpetrating.

Where there is a victim, there are four or ten. Some women acquiesce because they might get fired, might not be believed or might not be strong enough to tell anyone.

I am the first person to believe in, preach, and to have lived atonement, grace, and second chances. I also now see my daughters and my granddaughters as statistically probable victims. I want them to know that as a society, we look out for them and do our best to protect and fortify them. I vote accordingly.

Tammy Dittenber, Caldwell

Vote McGee

Caldwell is such a great town. The addition and expansion of Indian Creek Plaza is a true gem and has made Caldwell an even better place for business, recreation and living. And behind the scenes of the vision and the work to make it happen are John and Hanna McGee.

As Idaho continues its growth, it is so important and even imperative that Caldwell not just keep up, but actually get ahead of the myriad requirements for more people, traffic and businesses. And as Boise and Meridian get more crowded it’s so nice to have the options to dine, shop and work in the Caldwell.

I don’t live in the city limits, buy my office is in Caldwell and many of our family’s activities take us into Caldwell on a regular basis. In the past few years we have found more reasons to spend our time and money in Caldwell instead of driving farther east. It takes vision and work to make that happen and John McGee has been a part of it all along.

John McGee is a great representative of our community and exactly the kind of person to whom I would want introduce clients or friends considering moving their families or businesses to the area. His vision, voice and conservative perspective are sure to be welcome additions to the Caldwell City Council.

Oscar Evans, Caldwell

Vote for McLean

There’s a classic notion in job interviews — past behavior is the best predictor of future performance. I’m keeping this in mind as the Boise mayoral runoff heats up. I see two very different campaigns — one that’s been focused on voter’s from the start with a notably positive tone while the other’s been focused on amassing power and thinks stoking fear is a winning formula.

Lauren McLean’s been knocking on doors, holding listening sessions and digging in with voters. She’s turned down corporate campaign donations to ensure her door is open to citizens. She’s committed to continue citywide listening sessions, to limit her term and to improve transparency and accountability.

Lauren is compassionate towards those who are struggling with affordable housing and access to transportation. She’ll make tough choices to realign the City’s budget and welcome regional partners to the table to tackle these causes of homelessness. She’s also been a fighter for good jobs, clean energy and our beloved Foothills.

Let’s dump the old power structure of City Hall and leave the fear-mongering behind. Please join me in voting for the candidate who’s past performance indicates a bright future for Boise — Lauren McLean.

Annie Black, Boise

Bieter for Boise

The Boise Camping Ordinance is an important issue in the current Boise Mayor runoff election. Just drive through Portland or Seattle to see how a community deteriorates quickly when homeless tents are set up in public places. This issue is important NOW because only Mayor Bieter seems to understand it. Yes, the homeless need a place to sleep. The ordinance does NOT deny them a place to sleep; instead it sends them to the homeless shelter, where they are safe. If the shelter is full, the ordinance is not enforced. McLean only reverted to her anti-ordnance position when she was looking for points of distinction from Mayor Bieter. She says that she has learned the importance of listening; what was she doing for the past nine years while on the Council? Mayor Bieter held Saturday appointments during those nine years to be available to the electorate.I agree with Councilman Thompson that it is important that people, who worked with both candidates over the last nine plus years, have endorsed Mayor Bieter. The Statesman thinks it is important to publish the Statesman’s endorsement but not report the endorsements of prominent and informed Boiseans. VOTE FOR MAYOR BIETER

Rachel Banks, Boise

Beechler for Caldwell

It has been with great interest and consternation that I watch citizens decide whether a documented sexual predator is a better servant for city council than an upstanding community-minded woman who wants to do good for the city.

What have we become?

Please support Evangeline Beechler for City Council in this runoff. We need to do better, we can do better, we must do better.

Patricia Moylan, Caldwell

McLean earned support

I am writing to support Lauren McLean for Boise’s next Mayor. The runoff election is historic and important to our future. I participated in all the Mayoral forums and as I listened it became clear Lauren takes comments and questions seriously. She has spent months meeting with you one on one and in neighborhood meetings across the city. Her latest campaign brochure gives us five ways to contact her directly. I tried one way and she responded and engaged in issues I heard loud and clear as I walked neighborhoods. I believe Lauren McLean will work to keep our neighborhoods safe. We need more police officers to keep up on the demands of increasing emergency calls and more complex calls. While certain crime rates have fallen, we have seen more violent crimes in our region that require the best training and experience we can find. We also need fire stations in areas that have been annexed. Not all areas have been treated equal. She is committed to working with real people for real solutions to traffic congestion. She has it as her number one goal to put people first. She has not accepted corporate contributions which will help her keep at arm’s length from even unintentional influence. I believe as Mayor she will keep her sense of humility and desire to serve individuals. Finally, do not think for one minute she supports homeless camps in Boise. She made it clear in every public forum that she will not allow camps to start in the first place. She knows how to support and attract the resources that will give individuals and families a place to stay so no one will be left out in the cold. I have not seen her soliciting endorsements. Lauren has earned them from ordinary people.

Brent Coles, Boise

McGee for council

Evangeline Beechler says that the run-off election for Caldwell City Council between her and John McGee is totally non-partisan. That’s a laughable statement. Of course, it’s partisan. Beechler is a confessed Democrat, which means that she will adhere to the current agenda and goals of the party she supports. So what does that mean? For starters, Ms. Beechler’s wife is Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln, the Chairwoman of the Add The Words Idaho activist group, a radical LGBQT organization that has been trying to force unnecessary gay wording into the Idaho Constitution for several years. Beechler’s Democrat party stands for infanticide—murdering helpless babies up to the moment of birth and even beyond. Ms. Beechler’s party advocates open borders and free medical care for every immigrant that can sneak across. This in spite of the fact that 30% of our veterans sleep under bridges and cannot get access to the same medical care that Beechler and the Democrats would give FREE to every illegal alien. Ms. Beechler’s party demands that we spend trillions of dollars converting to the New Green Deal, where our power grids would supposedly use 100% renewable energy provided by solar and wind. That, my friends, is not only the height of foolishness but it’s a guaranteed economy breaker and will never provide the needed power—just ask South Australia. Ms. Beechler’s party would love to see every gun in Idaho confiscated, ICE abolished and the electoral college done away with and I could go on and on. You can be certain that this “hidden” agenda will come to the surface many times in the Caldwell Council meetings if Beechler is elected. If these are the values you want for Caldwell and Idaho, by all means, vote for Beechler. If not, elect John McGee.

Patrick Craig, Caldwell

Follow Tammy’s lead

I had the honor and privilege of leading Idaho’s most-watched media company for twenty-two years, and I recently retired in 2018. During the last two decades I watched our journalists and news professionals interact with many Treasure Valley leaders including Mayors and various city council members. The role of a local media company is to be part watchdog and part cheerleader to help build a stronger community.

Along this personal journey I observed many great public servants in Idaho who truly cared about the well-being of Idaho. One such exemplary person is Meridian’s retiring mayor Tammy de Weerd. Tammy is a true servant-leader who puts the well-being of her constituents above her own personal ambition. While some in the Treasure Valley viewed Meridian as a suburb of Boise — Tammy never did. She had a greater vision of encouraging Meridian’s self-sufficiency by providing opportunities for citizens to shop, eat, recreate, and work closer to home. Meridian has become an award winning community, and it is one of the best places to live and work in Idaho.

Beyond systems, roads, and facilities, Tammy also encouraged healthy families by establishing her anti-drug coalitions and youth councils. She went beyond the mayor’s job description and rolled up her sleeves to work side-by-side with youth in the community. Plus, you always knew the “what, why, when, where, and how” regarding her projects. This is a legacy left by her transparency and willingness to be an open book with media.

I am writing this acknowledgement because of one word…“example.” Other community leaders in Idaho should take note of Tammy’s high-road example. She is an illustration of right priorities and right programs benefitting others. She is a role model for other local leaders to emulate.

Doug Armstrong, Eagle

Follow the law

All of Idaho’s Congressmen have taken an oath of office. They have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. We have a president who has violated his oath by withholding a meeting and lawful aid to an ally who is involved in a war with Russia. The president withheld the aid, asking for help in his reelection effort. If our Congressmen believe it is proper for a president to violate an oath of office it makes me wonder if they believe in the oath they have taken. We are a nation of laws. All of us must follow the law no matter our status to validate our Constitution.

Larry Chase, Boise

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