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Most religions profess that a Messiah will be coming down from above to save mankind.

Growing up it was told to me, when I was very impressionable that, God, would send down his son again, and he would be there to save us.

If, God, was observing earth lately, he would be witnessing what is going on and say maybe it is time to send my son again to bring order.

It appears, maybe he sent down a heavenly representative to begin the process of helping the world.

The heavenly representative may have started already in 2017 by jumping in and straightening out the United States. In doing so he then began helping the rest of the world. So far he hasn’t amplified any wars or started anything except things that he inherited from the past people who were responsible of starting trouble. He has always tried to calm things down before he witnesses the destruction from the devil-like humans that have no regard for the peace that they bring down on the world.

It appears that he is all good and honorable. There are always skeptics that will try and deny his good intentions, but he has the Lords strength to overlook it.

Let us pray that this gift is not mis-interpreted by the skeptics and that we don’t make the same mistake we made over two-thousand years ago and crucify him.

Dave Silva, Boise


Money, money, money--tax money that is. There are several sources of tax money very easy for our state legislature to tap for education, mental health care, infrastructure, college costs for students and other needs. In 2019 they allowed $2.3 billion in exemptions to the sales tax. From 2005, that exemption has amounted to over a whopping $28 billion. Instead of raising the sales tax let's end 75% of those exemptions.

Last year two counties in Oregon, Malheur and Baker, grossed $50 million in pot sales, a huge portion of that coming from Idahoans. Legalize pot and keep that money here, which also pays into taxes. We might get a two-fer with fewer people in our prison system for pot crimes.

Our legislators could easily pass a law that raises taxes by a small amount on corporations and those making greater than $250,000 per year to specifically fund education pre-K through 12. We wouldn't have to do it by the initiative process like we're having to do right now.

These three steps are all easy common sense solutions to some vexing revenue problems.

We voters have the common sense solutions, time to vote in legislators that share our common sense. The 2020 election is just around the corner.

Dallas Chase, Boise


With sadness I read the obituary of W.L. Crookham published in the January 30th, 2020 newspaper. Here are some additions to Bill's wonderful life and accomplishments.

He was one of Caldwell;s biggest boosters. He was involved in the formation of Caldwell's YMCA, the swim team, the Little Britches Rodeo, the Soccer Team with the donation of the Brother's Park, the Over the Hill Gang, and others. Bill made video recordings of many residents capturing their memories of the area and its history. He was a compassionate, caring person who was involved with many youth activities and was instrumental in their financial support.

The City of Caldwell and local citizens have lost a life-long friend. Bill will be deeply missed.

R.A. (Dick) Symms, Caldwell


The Idaho House voted pretty much on party lines to forbid taxing districts, including schools, from rerunning a bond proposal for 11 months after one fails. Meanwhile city councils and county commissioners have never seen a subdivision or apartment complex they did not think was wonderful. This is with no regard for schools, roads, fire/police protection. Schools now need a 2/3 vote to build or do a major remodel on schools. This bill will effectively guarantee even more overcrowding in our school districts. The Senate will probably go along with the bill. Governor Little may be the only one to stop this. Please contact either your Senator or the Governor.

Ina Thompson, Nampa

Wrong battle

It’s an election year in Idaho, and that means abortion care is on the chopping block again. You may have heard about Representative Heather Scott’s latest abortion criminalization proposal. It’s definitely unconstitutional and not going to get far, but still, yikes. Abortion seems to be the one topic politicians can dangle and be guaranteed votes and praise without having to actually do anything that benefits their constituents.

Idaho legislators keep fighting the wrong battles. How about addressing how millenials are the first generation in American history to be worse off than their parents? Or understanding why the risk of maternal mortality is rising in the U.S? Why is it that so many people do not have health insurance? What are we doing to mitigate the climate crisis that already threatens our quality of life?

The same legislators that wouldn’t enact medicaid expansion without a ballot initiative, that are denying climate change, that won’t raise the minimum wage, are telling us that banning abortion will somehow save the american family. Last year I watched Heather Scott vote against addressing the maternal mortality rate, in which Idaho ranks 31st in the country.

Abortion is not a problem to be solved. Abortion is a much needed option in a world that is chaotic, unpredictable, and often cruel. Folks who have had and will need abortions are normal people. We live in Idaho. We pay rent. We’re underinsured. We VOTE. And we are watching.

So why doesn’t our government focus on creating policy that actually allows families to grow in healthy, loving, and sustainable communities and in that way, preserve life and dignity for all.

Tess Wallace, Boise


Let's Get Along. I was born in a one room log cabin in Idaho Fall's July 1942. I would like to see all people just get along. There is just too much back and forth. We need to trust our elections for our leaders. You can not remove someone from office just because you do not like them. The best thing anyone can do is keep your biased opinion to yourself. Discontent just begets to same. I am concerned about the world that our eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren have to look forward to. I cancelled the other paper due to biased political cartoons. The one good thing about the Idaho Press OPINION page is you run both sides. Like everything else in this world, opinions everybody has one.

Larry Scott, Nampa


Year after year, Idaho’s Republican leadership comes up with plain senseless excuses to not “add the words”. Why? To whose benefit are they denying equal rights to our LGBT family and friends?

Growing up in Idaho during the 1950’-1960’s Civil Rights movement, one phrase I commonly heard was “colored people are an abomination unto the Lord”. “It says that right in the Bible”. Few people who advocated for continued segregation of “Negroes” knew where it said that in the Bible, yet it was (is) their sincerely held religious belief that God wants the separation of races, and that the white race is superior to “coloreds”. Nevertheless, the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960’s prohibits discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodation based on race as well as on religion (religious beliefs).

Would today’s new found favorite phrase of the Republican Party leadership, “to protect the religious freedom” of segregationists, have kept the Jim Crow laws in place despite the Civil Rights Movement? Probably not, as our seeing police dogs, billy-clubs, and fire hoses used to deny full citizenship rights to people of color overcame our willingness to look the other way at the discrimination against “coloreds”. We are not subject to seeing police dogs, billy-clubs, and fire hoses used in the continued discrimination against LGBT folks. We do see Republican Party leadership advocating, this year, that “to protect sincerely held religious beliefs (religious freedom)” equal rights to LGBT folks cannot be legislated.

Today, Republican leadership denies us the religious freedom to discriminate based on race. Will that denial be chipped away now that Republican leadership embraces the code words “to protect religious freedom” to deny equal rights to LGBT folks? Will Republican Party leadership next be legislating the religious freedom to discriminate against people of color, or women, or Mormons?

Tom Newton, Caldwell

Vote yes

Cheers to the Nampa School District for working to lower our supplemental levy rate and overall property taxes. Administrators and trustees have spent countless hours seeking the best way to meet critical needs while also being responsible to taxpayers. The proposed levy will provide much-needed support for our students, teachers and facilities and is a good investment in our future. I am a senior with grown kids and I plan to vote YES.

Wally Tuck, Nampa


The Idaho Legislature is proposing a constitutional amendment on redistricting that would keep the total number of legislative districts at 35 rather than letting the current process and possibly the courts decide what is fair under our constitution to satisfy new census data. According to House speaker, Scott Bedke there is "concern" that Idaho could end up with fewer than 35 districts which would potentially result in huge losses for rural Idaho. Well, I for one would look forward to those huge losses. Rural legislators seem to the ones stopping cities and other local authorities from solving their own local problems. My hope is that after the new census figures are tabulated, we will have more legislators from populated areas that understand the problems of school funding, property taxes and transportation and less about school mascots and school bond restrictions. The one man-one vote rule was not meant to protect rural Idaho. Speaker Bedke's proposal is meant to protect incumbent legislators and political power.

Larry Chase, Boise


I am jeering your article about Vallivue's proposed levy coming up in March. Why didn't you show the rates of what our tax rates would be if the levy doesn't pass? Why does it feel that your articles just don't tell the whole story but have a slant to them? Like are you trying to just give the facts about the levy OR are you pushing for it. I would love for the new growth and houses and businesses to pull more of the fair weight and pay more for the schools and roads. Tired of paying more!!

Kathryn Ralstin, Greenleaf

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