You Democratic Socialists just do not get it. You are all mad at this president because we voted to derail socialism by putting him into office, and you lost. Putting Hillary in would have made us a socialistic country.

Since that time you Socialist have tried every way possible to over throw the voter and President Trump and that coup attempt is still going on.

Through all the garbage you have thrown at him and his administration he has turned this country around, back to capitalism in less than 3 years. Huge accomplishments Mr. President & company. Remember, we elected a business man not a politician. He has done a tremendous job.

So, what happens when he gets re-elected, and he will, along both houses being Republicans? What will you do then?

I am a Christian, an American, former military, and a Republican supporter of Resident Trump. My advice to you all, go live in a socialistic country. I don’t think God is going to let you destroy this country he has blessed us with

Vern Elliott, Nampa

Urban renewal

With respect to the January 15, 2020 article on getting $2.2 million from Urban Renewal to help fund a new Canyon County Fair Expo Center, I say “Phooey ” because no matter who is involved backing it, it will raise every Canyon County citizen’s property taxes.

The only source of funding for the County is through property taxes. Through our “excessive” property taxes, the county has built this $2.2 million reserve fund already for this building. When this reserve is up to $5 million, build the building and reduce our property tax rate accordingly.

Basic principle: Let there be no more Urban Renewal funding of any non-property taxable public buildings anywhere in Canyon County that has to be paid for by property owner’s property taxes.

If any city or county does not have the bonding capacity to allow the citizens to vote to pass a bond to raise the money to build it, then don’t build it.

No more non-taxable legacy Urban Renewal monuments.

We Canyon County citizens have had enough of this Urban Renewal folderol .

William Freeman, Nampa

Remembering Cheri

Recent reporting on the civil resolution of the lawsuit arising from the drunk driving crash of December 13, 2017, has missed important issues. Larry Halbert, driving with a blood alcohol concentration more than three times the legal limit, killed Cheri Miller our beloved mother, grandmother, and friend. It was Halbert’s third felony and 8th overall DUI conviction. Gratefully, he is in jail where he cannot cause such pain to another family.

Cheri’s killer was on parole for his second felony DUI when he was hired by Advanced Heating & Cooling, when he was assigned a company truck and at the time of the collision. All of this, despite his decades-long history of alcohol-related driving crimes. While investigating the lawsuit we learned the company had specific warnings that he was drinking and driving and yet did nothing.

Nothing can bring Cheri back. The hole her death left in our lives and the lives of the community she served, as a counselor and teacher, cannot be filled. This tragedy should serve as an example to anyone who would choose to get behind the wheel after drinking and for those who would enable them.

Businesses with employees who drive have an obligation to conduct meaningful background reviews of potential employees. Employers must not ignore multiple warnings of dangerous behaviors by those they employ, as we learned Advanced Heating & Cooling did. Further, employers must see the necessity of monitoring employees entrusted with company vehicles, particularly employees with criminal histories.

No other family should ever suffer through such a preventable loss.

It is our most sincere and significant hope that this civil judgment will make our roads safer and help prevent another family and community from losing a loved one to drunk driving.

Tabitha Miller, Jennifer Miller, Amanda McKissen and Nicole Miller, Boise

Freedom to learn

I’m thankful for this opportunity to have a say in my education. In high school I wanted an option that would offer me a challenging course load, while also allowing time to spend with family. Fortunately, I found the perfect solution through online school at Idaho Virtual Academy.

By attending school online, I was able to personalize my education to meet my needs. Instead of feeling restricted in a brick-and-mortar classroom where everyone was taught the same way, I could tailor my educational experience to my needs. This freedom allowed me to focus on areas I wanted to learn more about and explore my passions.

I am currently fulfilling my dream of becoming an electrical engineer and with the help I received at IDVA I was fortunate to qualify for and receive a National Aerospace scholarship from NASA to continue my studies. IDVA helped to prepare me for life after high school, and I’m now enrolled at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

With the opportunities I’ve had, I am grateful that I was able to choose a school environment that was the best option for me. I urge Idaho to continue protecting school choice so that all students can have an education that works for them.

McKinley Hammond, Shelley

Doubt it

Things that need to change but won’t because of our spineless representatives.

Prop 13 for property taxes

Get rid of regressive grocery tax

Really increase impact fees for schools and infrastructure

Get rid of school tax for seniors over 65 They have more than paid for their kid’s education.

Will any of this happen? I doubt it.

Alan Mackey, Meridian

More pressing needs

For some of us, it is with frustration, angst and sadness that our elected leaders in the Idaho Legislature feel a need to spend $10.5 million to rip up the first floor of the Capitol to build private offices for those who currently work in a cubicle. The Governor has recently ordered cuts in higher education and other government agencies, making the remodel a frivolous expense. And to get the space to expand, they have filed a lawsuit to take over the State Treasure’s Office which has been in the same location since the Capitol was built. How much more will that cost? Legislators are trying to justify this expense by saying they need privacy when dealing with constituents.

What are these legislators thinking? Certainly we have more pressing needs than spending $10.5 million on private offices, used three months of the year by part-time legislators. When Pete was Speaker of the House, they didn’t have underground wings and their work desks were on the floor of the House. They were easily accessible to the constituents through the Sergeant of Arms and each Representative had a desk and phone. Now, it is hard to find your legislators between committee meetings and their cubicles behind locked doors.

Legislators, who for almost 100 years, were able to effectively work from a desk on the floor to effectively serve their constituents. Systematically creating laws to remove the Treasurer from the Capitol, and creating private offices with additional staff, may be a step closer to what we all fear could happen, a full-time legislature.

Contact your legislators and tell them to stop wasting our money on a lawsuit against the Treasurer and to stop any efforts to build private offices. Call Legislative Services at 208-334-2475 to contact your legislators.

Freda Cenarrusa, Boise

I count

The U.S. Census Bureau fulfills a constitutional mandate counting every person in our country each decade. It is important everyone is counted only once and in their correct location.

It is important because population information collected for the 2020 Census will have substantial and lasting impacts on all communities and our nation for the next 10 years. Federal funds, grants and support to the states, counties and communities in the amount of about $675 billion will be distributed based on the census numbers. Money is dispersed among schools, hospitals, infrastructure, public works and many other programs. The amount is based on the number of people in an area. With increased population in Idaho, it is crucial for an accurate count so each community receives the funding to support its residents.

Besides funding, every 10 years census numbers are used to determine the redrawing of district lines for our U.S. House of Representatives and for our state legislators. This is done to ensure equitable and fair representation as a result of populations shifts.

It is mandatory to complete the census. So, when your survey arrives in the mail next month, please complete it. By doing so you participate in our democracy and say, “I count”.

Susan Ripley, Moscow, President of League of Women Voters of Idaho


Super Bowl LIV was just another football game with a soft porn half time show. How could it be otherwise? The costumes and dancing left nothing to the imagination: there was constant crotch grabbing, sexual thrust movements, legs spread apart directly in front of the camera as well as bent over rear shots with legs apart. There was even some gratuitous pole work and costumes leaning toward S&M – not really family entertainment. To put that on TV in front of children and teens makes it seem acceptable. It isn’t. And people wonder why others in the world think we have become a degenerate society.

I suppose the liberated cognoscenti think the half time porn show was merely an artistic expression of female creativeness and liberation. It wasn’t. It was nothing but the complete exploitation of the female body by both the producers and performers with the purpose of teasing and titillating to make money. To think the half time show was anything but soft porn is to be deceived by one’s own misguided thinking.

Michael Civiello, Boise

Thank you

Successful democracy requires integrity.

Thank you Senator Mitt Romney for showing your courage and statesmanship. Not since another Republican, John McCain, have we seen such an class act of putting country and values above party and politics.

It would be refreshing to see our elected officials build on Senator Romney’s lead.

Ron Tucker, Boise

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