Debate rages on

During his Forest Service career, Clem Pope (letter 11-24-19) made countless efforts to remove four airstrips (the Big Creek Four) from the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area. I know because I helped coordinate Idaho airstrip preservation as Chairman and then Coordinator of the Idaho Airstrip Network and as president of the Idaho Aviation Association. It is no surprise that Mr. Pope opposes Idaho Fish and Game’s efforts to reopen an airstrip or two on Fish and Game property to improve wilderness access.

My files are full of Mr. Pope’s papers arguing that those four airstrips were not in use at the time Congress passed the 1980 act and therefore were not protected. He failed to convince the Idaho Transportation Department, the Idaho Legislature, Idaho’s Congressional delegation, and even Idaho’s former governor Cecil Andrus, who helped write and pass the act. They all said clearly that those airstrips were in use at the time the act passed and therefore should be open to the public.

That debate rages even today. I believe Mr. Pope eventually will lose. But his baseless jabs in the meantime are maddening.

Larry Taylor, Meridian

Need more resources

Looking out of a dirty window in a broken-down van, she listened to her mom face rejection from nearby homeless shelters. She had two little brothers and one little sister. My friend and classmate, at nine years old, was the oldest child in her family. Her father had been arrested again, and her mother was unable to make rent this month- or power, or the car payment. Caldwell had barely any resources, and the ones they had were unsafe for the people staying there. The family of five loaded up a van from one of her father’s dealers and started the jourmey to Boise, where they had a better chance at finding somewhere to stay.

When they got to Boise, after a breakdown and some bad weather, they called around to different homeless shelters to see where they could stay. Nowhere was able to shelter that many newcomers at once. The little girl and her family had to stay in the broken-down van, with no heat, huddling with her siblings for warmth, until they found somewhere to stay. We need more homeless shelters, and we need them in places that are easier to access.

Makky Jones, Kuna

Set an example

As a parent it concerns me that my child is overly focused on what he wears. It’s so bad that, a lot of the time, he is not focused on his grades. I think a lot of the kids nowadays are struggling with simply trying to fit in to the world they find themselves in, everything is new to them. I want my child not to feel the need to worry about what he wears, to focus on what is important. It has been the same since I was a child, probably for a much longer. The thing of it is, is that a lot of kids have the misconception of what they should look like to fit in. As parents we need to set an example to be happy in our own skin. Not with what covers our body but what who we are as a person that gives us value. Starting at home is the first step. If we as parents start changing the idea from when our children are small, can help change their outlook on themselves. Maybe then they’ll be able to focus on their grades more than their clothes. I don’t know if it will ever change, but as parents we must stride to take the steps to improve the quality of our children’s outlook of themselves.

Gabriel Ortega, Boise

New new new

So while driving around Nampa on these wonderful roads, what I see are many new subdivisions EVERYWHERE! Then we have that monstrous apartment complex being built near Cherry and Midland. The roads around here are already overly congested. Who approved all the new construction without a vision for the future?

Michael Duncan, Nampa

Support USPS

Let’s keep the mail a public service for reasonable prices and universal service to all Americans, no matter where they live or work, using no tax dollars, while employing over 100,000 Military Veterans.

If the USPS was a “business,” it would limit delivery areas and charge higher rates to make a profit.

Unreasonable congressional mandates, such as pre-funding for future retirees health benefits, 75 years from now, need to rescinded to restore the USPS to a more healthy financial status in a not for profit operation.

This Holiday Season please remember that the mail makes everything brighter when it comes to cards and packages.

John Paige, Pocatello

Taxed to death

Rick and Nancy Emerson are spot on the subject of taxation (to death). I left Illinois (taxed to death) in 1958 to move to Southern California, only to leaved again (taxed to death) in 1976, leaving behind a $4300 pm job to work in Boise for $800 pm!

After 32 productive years and forced to retire under the new “Blue” leadership economics (#44) we got out into retirement pretty good shape. Our investments took a sharp climb under the current “Red” leadership economics (#45) only to have Ada and

Canyon counties suck it up with property tax increases!. I suspect Mayor McLean is going to be like Bieter and spend, our money like its hers? I hear Laramie is like Boise was? As a life long registered democrat under 14 presidents I think I have had enough of blue leadership!

Robert Taylor, Boise

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