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Questions about Justice

My neighbor was evicted a few weeks ago, in the middle of December and in the heart of a global pandemic. He lost his job in March at the start of all this and he is immunocompromised so he couldn’t find safe work. He was able to make ends meet by using the expanded unemployment benefits and the stimulus check from the CARES Act. Then, in October, I noticed the first of many “failure to pay” letters taped to his front door. I had a few conversations with him, offering help if he asked for it and directing him to contact Jesse Tree, a nonprofit organization that helps renters facing homelessness and eviction. The last time I saw him he was loading his personal belongings into a friend’s pickup. Two days later, the sheriff was at his door at 6 A.M.

Is this justice? Is forcing someone from their home in the midst of a global health crisis “The Idaho Way?” Is abandoning the sick to disease and weaponizing the police against the poor in line with our “Idaho Values?” I don’t think so, and I doubt that my neighbor would.

Sean Perkins, Boise


To the Nampa School District Superintendent Paula Kellerer that took a sizable stipend for herself of $3800.00 (your salary is $157,000) and you take a bonus? Not sure what the staff got, but I’m pretty sure it’s much more that allot of people out of work that are barely making it. This was for the extra work during the China virus, really. How many parents are having to adjust their schedule to work with their child at home, ALLOT of extra work for them during this China virus. Do you know HOW many people are not working during this China virus times and you have the audacity to take a stipend, how appalling. This is one of the many reasons I DO NOT vote for ANY school bonds or levies to increases my property taxes from this group. Every time you want a bond or levy you play the old familiar tune “It’s for the children”. How was this stipend or bonus for the children? I don’t care if this was approved by a few board members, this just shows how out of touch you all are. Maybe you all should volunteer a salary cut to help out, I had to in the 80’s with the company I worked for to take a 10% salary cut to help with a down turn in the economy, how about you?

Jim Carr, Nampa



President Trump has recently pardoned a convicted murderer of Iraqi civilians, several others convicted of manslaughter in the same incident, people convicted of money laundering, lying to the FBI, and other crimes.

These actions by a sitting President again sully the reputation of the United States of America, as a nation of law and order, justice, and fairness.

Pardoning the contract ‘guards’ damages the ability of field commanders in future conflicts to effectively command and control troops and contractors who know that, no matter what they do, they could get a pardon from the President.

These pardons will likely make decision makers reluctant to hire contract “guards” in the future.

By comparison, “William Calley, Jr. is an American war criminal and a former United States Army officer convicted by court-martial for the premeditated killings of 22 unarmed South Vietnamese civilians in the My Lai massacre on March 16, 1968 during the Vietnam War.”


I am a former commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. I served for 3 years active duty during the Vietnam Conflict.

William Brudenell, Boise


I read the letter from Mr. Gant critical of the CDC Guidelines on vaccine priority published on 12/25. He thought that giving a young fast food employee the vaccine ahead of a 74-year-old grandfather was “ludicrous”. I couldn’t let his opinion pass without respectfully expressing my disagreement. If the grandfather is in an assisted living facility or nursing home, I agree with Mr. Gant. If the elderly person is able to live independently, then I believe that a young person coming in contact with potentially dozens of people during a shift should have the higher vaccine priority.

I am an 82-year-old retiree, living with my 74 year old wife. We are in good health and able to hunker down without the need to do a lot of interaction. When we shop, we mask up and go when and where we think we will not encounter crowded conditions. We feel quite safe, and although we miss face to face with family and friends, we know that this situation will pass.

If Governor Little can impact the guidelines, I offer this: Teachers are disturbed about some students dropping out of the current virtual schooling because there is not the normal personal contact. Keeping our youth learning at the highest possible level is critical to the future of our country. I offer that there may be many elderly and healthy folks that, like us, may choose to defer their vaccine priority to children so that they get back to school. Perhaps a category of “Independent elderly” could be inserted into the guidelines. Hunkering down for a few more months is not as troubling to me as hearing that our youth is not getting the best education possible.

Warren McFall, Boise


Imagine my surprise? disappointment? chagrin? when I picked up my morning paper and saw no Merry Christmas banner...not even a Happy Holiday...never mind a picture of a Nativity. Not even a Christmas tree. Are we now so politically correct that we cannot even acknowledge a most important event to Christians throughout the world? Canyon County is a Christian community...count the churches on every corner. Surely we deserve more acknowledgement.

Janis Forbes, Caldwell


Merry Christmas Trump Supporters

Did You See IT?? On December 22, the “Grifter-In-Chief” DID IT! With one masterful Video, thee Trump said the Bipartisan Covid relief $600 payment was NOT Enough. The Democrat’s request in MAY, 2020 was what the People needed. By Trump’s statement, He sent the message to the Republican Senate, “You’re FIRED” — All Your “Work” and posturing was worthless.

When Trump said He would VETO the Bipartisan Bill, He sent a message to the People, NO Money Before Christmas!

Do You think Trump is “Santa Claus” for the $2,000 You won’t see? Maybe Trump is closer to “The Grinch” OR Scrooge, for throwing the Republican Senate “under the Bus” as their Christmas Present?

AND WHO did Trump give a “YUGE” Christmas Gift to?? Just look at ALL the Pardons Trump has given to ALL His Fellow Criminals! All Tried and Convicted Felons who have been incarcerated for their crimes. Good Republicans, who helped Trump slide into the White House. Campaign Finance Law Breakers, the Russian Elections assistants, AND WORST of all the “Blackwater Murderers”. Wonderful People I am sure ANY Trump Supporter would want for Their next door Neighbors.

What IS Wrong with 60% of the “Republicans”?? OH! I’m sorry, I should say “The CULT of Trump”.

WE can only HOPE, on January 06, 2021, when the Electoral College Votes are counted in Congress, The Certified Results are the Rule of the Day. IF Vice President Pence allows the fictitious “Republican Votes” in for discussion, the “Coup d’ eta” might have a chance.

IF the Certified Election Results are “Overturned”, then Trump, McConnell, and Putin will ALL have BIG Smiles on their faces for finally Killing Democracy!

MY Heart weeps — May God Bless the United States.

Buzz Beauchamp, Caldwell


In response to Mr. Danneskjold of Middleton’s letter published on 12/24-

I understand and, to an extent, can sympathize with your derision of the so-called “Woke” movement.

However, to call it a ‘religion’ and to refer to it as being ‘fundamentalist’ is to commit the error of attacking a straw-man. Advocates of things such as fighting climate change, creating greater equity across society, and dismantling systemic barriers to opportunity that have existed for centuries exist across a broad spectrum of opinion and fervency, just as adherents to traditional religious faiths are. It is no more intellectually honest to attack Progressives by criticizing the extremes of so-called Social Justice Warriors than it is to attack the entirety of religion by calling attention to Jihadists. Just as there are moderate faithful, or even liberal faithful, there are moderate or even conservative advocates for a wide variety of Progressive ideals.

It is tempting to demonize and thus illegitimize those with whom we disagree. It is all the more tempting to accuse our perceived enemies with the sins of which we are ourselves guilty. I would encourage everybody to tend more toward introspection than to outward criticism. We each have our own ‘fundamentalist’ bugaboos that we’re guilty of defending with great zeal, ignoring our own blind spots. Calling the ‘woke’ Progressives fundamentalist only shows our own biases and exposes our own refusals to change.

Rob Fischer, Meridian

No sense

Reading the paper about the relief bill that was just past in Congress. The writer never mention that there was billions of dollars going to foreign countries and citizens gets $600. I am glad the bill passed, but nothing for Americans struggling. When citizens goes to the polls I hope they remember who supported Americans and their struggling through this pandemic.

Landlords are still going to convict when rent is not paid. People out of work has no money to pay their bills. You can only apply for so much through charities. I believe this is a time for Americans and their businesses be opened so they can survive. Closing businesses when federal money is sent overseas just does not make sense.

Carolyn Black, Caldwell


OH MY GOODNESS.. Does anyone at the Idaho Press know what today is? Especially the editorial staff. Today is CHRISTMAS. Probably, if not the most celebrated day of the year, close to it. What were you people thinking? I am totally disappointed in all of you!! Reading through the paper there is ‘NO’ mention of this bring CHRISTMAS DAY anywhere. And please dont take that advertisement on the last page as yours. I think there must be a cog missing in your editing process. And please dont use the excuse you didnt want to offend anyone, that would really be low and unexsuseable. WOW, you really droped the ball today. Consider your proverbial hand slapped.

Paul Philbrook, Boise

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