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Let me start by saying I am a Bronco fan. Maybe I’m a skeptic, but the excuse being used by the Bronco players and their leaders for not playing in a bowl game seems a bit lame to me. All their talk about being home for the holidays and avoiding more Covid issues does not seem plausible. Why? Because as soon as USC lost their championship game to Oregon and as soon as Boise State lost their championship game to San Jose State, going to a lesser bowl was not that important. These high and mighty schools in their leagues just act like snobs or poor losers. Do you think they would pass up a chance to play in a bowl game if they would have won their championship game? Of course not. Also, I think coach Harsin has had it with Boise State and Mountain West politics and rules and will be coaching elsewhere next year.

Marty Kopelowitz, Meridian


Not a fan of the new CDC guidelines for the Covid vaccine distribution. According to the new suggested guide, a 22 year old employee at Jack in the Box would receive the vaccine before a 74 year old grandfather. This is ludicrous as the 74 year old is 50 times more likely to die from the disease. The CDC publishes suggested guidelines which can be overridden by the state Governor. I sincerely hope Gov Little does so and uses some common sense.

Steve Gant, Boise


It’s incomprehensible to me that some are still loyal followers of Trump; believing his 20,000+ lies. I guess there’s none so blind as he who will not see. 20,000+ lies in four years! I couldn’t think up 20,000 lies or even a small fraction of that in my whole lifetime.

It’s obvious your precious Trump has spent his whole life being dishonest. He admires Putin, Kim Jong Un, and everyone who is a dictator or criminal. He’s of Jeffery Epstein’s caliber. I saw a clip from an old Letterman show where Trump was asked if he’d had any dealings with the mob. He answered that he had, several times. He said, “they’re very nice people”.

Two instances that come to mind where he’s told Americans to commit felonies are 1. He told Republicans to vote twice (once by mail in ballot; again in person). 2. To join with him and overturn the election results. Trump has obstructed justice ever since the beginning of his Presidency.

All the members of Congress, State Legislators and Governors who joined the Texas Lawsuit are traitors to our Constitution and should be recalled. When lawmakers become lawbreakers, it’s time to oust them. I commend Attorney General Lawrence Wasdon for standing up for what’s right. It’s alarming how uncooperative Republicans are in wearing masks and protecting others from the Corona Virus under Trump’s influence.

To those of you donating money to him: he’s playing you for fools, suckers, and losers. He’s supposed to be a billionaire, right? Another one of his lies?

Judy Smith, Caldwell

Thank you

Big thanks to our local newspapers and all the great reporting folks that puts it together

My family and I very much want to thank our local News Papers for delivering a very well-rounded paper that we enjoy reading every day. We very much enjoy finding out what is going on in our local communities of both Canyon and Ada county and throughout the state. We enjoy the many different sections that is provided throughout the week such as Farm & Ranch, Boise Weekly, Scene, Life, Sports with lots of BSU/C of Idaho/HS updates, Explores, Health and DEV. Do not want to forget inside special sections such as “Today in History” and letter to editor. Also, opinion section always has great local and national reporters/writers that include Judy Ferro, Jim Jones, Betsy Z. Russell “Eyes on Boise”, Natalie Holsten “Newbie”, Tim Woodward, Bob Kustra, George Will, and David Brooks. A big item we always love reading is comic strips from Lola, Beetle Bailey, Herman, Shoe, Blondie, Pickles, BC, Pearls before Swine, The Born Loser, Luann and not to forget Doonesbury. Last thing many thanks to our local news paper delivery folks, thanks so much for delivering our papers every morning.

Don Benson, Nampa


To the BSU women’s basketball that kneeled, shame on you and the coach that allowed it to happen, They say it’s your right to do so, I sure hope you are not on a scholarship doing this, As my tax dollars are going to this school. It’s cool to kneel for the national anthem now days, how about you who kneel do something about it, go on a ride-a-long with the police force and see what they have to deal with everyday, not knowing if they will come home after their shift. If you need a policeman, they will come and help, they won’t kneel by their squad car and debate if they should help you or not, they will. Remember all you are doing is playing a game and will return to your dorm or home, for the police it’s real life not a game. Are there bad police, yes a very small percent, but there are bad people in all walks of life.

You have no clue on what the national anthem stands for, let me share with you. My dad was in the Pacific and his brother was in Europe during World War II. My dad came home, but his brother did not. My brother-in-law fought in Vietnam, show some respect and guts and stand up for our national anthem if you really have the courage.

If you are going to kneel, than do so for the Cross but stand for our flag

Jim Carr, Nampa


There is a huge spotlight on the state of Georgia focusing on the two US Senate seats in a very critical election that will determine the direction which our great nation will go. The two candidates on the left are extreme radical Marxists that, if elected, would turn the senate to a democrat majority that would, in a very short period of time, strip away all the great programs that our presidents has put in place. For example, open our borders allowing unlimited access to illegal aliens from all over the world; eliminate the Mexico City Plan (Hyde Amendment) which would force American taxpayers to pay for abortions in other countries; pack the Supreme Court with more leftist radical justices; defund police (how stupid and dangerous is that); promote sanctuary cities for criminal illegals; push for their insane green new deal that would make us dependent on getting our energy from foreign countries that hate us, and who knows what else.

The democrats WILL try to cheat again in this election just like they are trying to cheat President Trump out of the November 3rd general election. Never forget that if democrats will PROMOTE, LEGISLATE and GLEEFULLY CELEBRATE the murdering of innocent, helpless unborn babies right up to the time of birth, they WILL stoop to any low.

Pray for and help promote the election of pro-life, pro-America Christian Republican candidates Kelly Leoffler and David Perdue for US Senate from Georgia on January 5th. Our country and our future depend on God’s mercy and grace, and our actions. “ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR EVIL TO TRIUMPH IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING.” Edmund Burke

Ray Horrell, Caldwell


Many of us won’t refer to the recent Presidential election as a tragedy, however, it has all the earmarks of one. Approximately half or more of the likely voting electorate feels the election was corrupt and moreover, potentially stolen from the opposing candidate — President Trump. I believe most Americans now only see a never ending back and forth of allegation vs counter-allegation; “expert” vs “ opposing expert”. Yet do any of us think we are closer to ANY kind of resolution or final fact regarding the election?

Voting for any political leader, but certainly President of the United State, and do so believing in the integrity of that process is absolutely fundamental and critical to the preservation of our democracy. Without trust in that process, we as a democratic nation fail. And a truism of our time is once trust is gone, it’s hard to ever get it back. We cannot allow the belief that money, media, and politics determine who leads America rather than “We the People.”

I strong recommend that a “bi-partisan” (can such a thing exist in America today?) commission is formed with nothing less that a mission similar to the 9/11 Commission, to investigate and report on all the allegations of irregularities in this past election and then to suggest a path forward. Automated systems used, their preparation and testing to confirm function and security; processes and procedures employed; poll worker training; all must be a part of the investigation. So too must be state reception to and responsiveness to any inquiries related to the election. I strongly believe that anything less regarding a critical cornerstone of our nation — free and fair elections — will continue to leave us and our nation in this place between purgatory and hell.

Robert Coates, Meridian


Flintstones, well no... Bedkes meet the Bedkes. They’re the modern stone age legislators. From the town of Nonmask, they’re a page right out of history. Let’s ride with the “Idaho House” down the street Through the courtesy of McGeachin’s two feet.

Idahoans can rest easy knowing that Lt. Governor McGeachin and Speaker Bedke with minds set in stone are behind the wheel of the Bedkemobile with their bare feet furiously propelling the legislature ahead as if nothing has changed from prior sessions. Bamm Bamm replaced by Dumm Dumm and Dunno with the role of Dino in this scenario are proof that change exists. Barney Rubble’s place in the back seat has been taken by Governor Little. He prefers not being behind the wheel; much easier to do little. Lt. Governor McGeachin will plot her own course in a federally-funded $314,727 vehicle portraying Creepella Gruesome.

Yabba dabba don’t.

Rich Kaufman, Boise

What happened?

I thought I could just write this and then erase it and move on, but I just have to share.

Hey America, what happened?

The same America that used to run to help strangers after a natural disaster now complain because they can’t celebrate in groups and are asked to put a palm-sized covering on their face to protect their neighbors.

What happened?

The same America that would help an unknown elderly person cross a street now doesn’t care if that person dies from a virus that could have been prevented. “It’s ok. They were old and going to die anyway” (Why does age have to be “an underlying condition?”)

What happened?

The same America that had neighborhoods across the land that cared for one another, now protest because they are being ASKED to wear a mask that could prevent unnecessary suffering for same individuals.

What happened?

The same American that had compassion for other Americans now have an equal amount of contempt.

What happened?

We’re now over 300,000 deaths, and yes, a lot had underlying conditions. Most of us do! And most of us are treating those conditions without problems. I have asthma and treat it with no problem. If I catch COVID-19 and die, my asthma didn’t kill me, COVID-19 did!

The virus affects all, young or old, colored or not, AND RED or BLUE. And it affects all differently. Some have mild cold or flu symptoms, some have no symptoms, and some die! Some (like my wife) have never been so sick, ever! And 4 weeks later and she struggling with it.

Why are your feelings more important than someone’s life?

Bodily fluids transmit the virus.

Distance yourselves, wash your hands, and wear a mask, PLEASE!

When did we become so selfish?

Hey America, what happened?

Bob Floyd, Boise

Dark direction

I appreciate that you publish ‘Letter to the Editor’ submissions unedited and in all of their unlettered, misspelled, glory, for all of us to enjoy the acrobatic use of grammar and to see the best inane half-baked ideas which the second-lowest education spending per student can generate.

I am a long time Idaho resident, and I must say that your Opinion page has opened my eyes to really see my fellow Idahoans in their natural splendor. Sadly, it seems many of our friends and neighbors have spent too much time in their echo-chambers being inundated conspiratorial thinking and science denial, to the predicable effect of turning otherwise fine minds into Malt-O-Meal. Therefore, with no problems whatsoever, they can hold in their minds their stated ideals of freedom and individual liberty and their stated desires for a right-wing ethno-religio-despotism with no cognitive dissonance whatsoever. I would wonder how they would rationalize their movement being bankrolled by dark out-of-state money (as the Idaho Freedumb Foundation clearly is), but I’m sure they would have no issues at all with the requisite mental gymnastics.

This winter is trending in a dark direction, and it is a direct result of the fact that our state has been trending toward a dark direction for some time now. We need to treat these people like a splinter — form around them, and push them out.

Rob Fischer, Meridian


Joe Biden has promised to refund Planned Parenthood who supports abortion. Does funding Planned Parenthood and supporting abortion make Presidentg Elect Joe Bidena baby Killer?

Charles Johnson, Nampa

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