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As expected, the Idaho governor’s salmon workgroup did not deliver recommendations that would fulfill their mission: “to restore abundant, sustainable, and well distributed populations of salmon and steelhead in Idaho for present and future generations”. They couldn’t: the “consensus driven”, all or none standard imposed on the process guaranteed the outcome. Are there any processes in our country require complete consensus before we take action? Therefore, the only scientifically supported action that will restore our fish, namely restoration of the lower Snake River via dam removal, was left off the table: This despite overwhelming support for dam removal voiced by the public (in the almost 900 oral and written comments) and repeated attempts by half of the workgroup members to give dam removal its proper place in the recommendations. Idahoans responded strongly to the call for input; apparently, we hold no sway.

Governor Little said:

“.... Together we will develop effective salmon and steelhead policy for Idaho to ensure that abundant and sustainable populations of salmon and steelhead exist for present and future generations to enjoy.”

Doing the same, yields the same. Remove the dams, restore the gift of salmon. I applaud those who stood tall for our fish.

David Cannamela, Boise


Oh, how the narrative is changing. First, any questions about the Presidential election not being fair were dismissed as “baseless”. ( The lame Associated Press

and other contributors to the Idaho Press are still using this phrase). Then it was “lack of evidence” and today it has changed to “not enough fraud to overturn the election results”. So the leftists are admitting fraud did take place, but it just wasn’t “widespread”. You know, kind of like being a little pregnant.

Anyone that tuned in to watch the live broadcasts of the various state senate hearings or who took

the effort to learn more about the over 1000 sworn affidavits of poll watchers that witnessed first hand

fraud and election abuse of ballot handling and other egregious acts, knows full well the real story.

There is so much more to be revealed on this in the coming months. It will not be covered on the

major networks. After all they have been complicit in this most dangerous sham on the American


After four plus years of Democratic led attempts to oust President Trump and denigrate him and his family and to downplay and to ignore his many achievements, now the leftists are calling for “unity”. Such an outrageous display of hypocrisy.

Walter Johnson, Meridian

Wear a mask

Do you believe in COVID-19? Covid doesn’t care. Are you filled with self-righteous indignation? Covid doesn’t care. Can you afford to lose your job or pay staggering hospital bills? Covid doesn’t care. Are you prepared to lose someone you love? Covid DOSE NOT CARE. Are you using the disease for a political wedge or power play? Covid doesn’t care. Will you get the sniffles or end up in the ICU? Covid doesn’t gamble or care. Will hospitals, staff and patients suffer in this time of hardship? YES, and covid doesn’t care. It really does not matter what humans think or believe, this disease simply does not care; it will sicken and kill all the same if you believe in it or not. THE HUMANS MUST CARE, we are the ones with the brains and the fortitude and will have to work together to protect each other and our way of life. It is up to us to respond to this dreadful disease as a society with all the tools we can. I am so thankful the vaccine is on the way; but we still MUST do the needful and protect one another or we may not have someone we love at the dinner table next year. Please wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands often; these are small sacrifices to save a human life or someone’s livelihood. Working together we can and will conquer this disease.

Deborah Wirt, Boise


There was a letter the other day that I wanted to respond to, and then there was Carl Wibel this morning. I don’t want to call you uneducated, that indicates a lack of intelligence. So we’ll just call it uninformed.

You complained about the Texas law suite and the fact Idaho agreed to it. Let me put it in small enough sentences you will understand. You got a vote, right. I got a vote. What if I told you my vote counted more than yours did. You wouldn’t like that, would you. That is what those other states did to states like Texas , and Idaho.

You are still trying to call it a fair election. What about Philadelphia – they sent out 1.6 Million mail in ballots and got back 2.5 million. How about Georgia, sending the poll workers home and then pulled out boxes of ballots. Then running them through the machine two and three times – on camara!

I watched a bit of the Wisconsin state legislature hearings. They showed where over 125,000 votes should not have been counted. Biden only won by 12,000. Who do you think really won.

Next year when you decide you don’t like the Biden and the squad’s type of socialism, because you let this fraud slip by, you won’t be able to go back — they will have control of the elections and you won’t be able to change it.

The fraud that has been pulled off in this election will change the direction of this country. You are being manipulated for their power, you may get what you think you want, but you won’t like it.

I’ll save the “ I told you so”

Wayne Butterfield, Meridian


A famous Nazi propaganda leader said, “If you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. This strategy has been used by the Left in the U.S. for decades with resounding success. The main vehicle to convey their propaganda is the television news media who are puppets of the Globalists, formulating the narrative in an effort to conform the citizens into Globalist agenda.

One of the most recent deceptions is that wearing masks prevents covid-19 from spreading, under the guise of science. The truth is, wearing a mask is not effective in stopping the spread of disease; rather it’s harmful, inhibiting breathing, sometimes effecting the heart, and even causing disease from bad mouth bacteria forming in the mask. However, wearing a mask is effective in making people irritable, inhibiting communication, making people sick and exacerbating any existing illness.

The main impetus of masking, however, is submission to the dictates of those who want to control every aspect of your life. The next probable step in their scheme will be mandatory vaccines, which should trouble everyone, for they haven’t been properly tested, nor does anybody have any idea of the long-term side effects. Also, it mutates, making the current vaccine ineffective for the next version, which is now spreading in Great Britain

Once they persuade (or coerce) the people into taking the vaccine, then they will be ready for their next mandate, entering into a cashless society by means of digital currency where all money transactions can be tracked. This will lead to a chip inserted in the body and ultimately the Mark of the Beast as described in Revelation 13:16-18. I urge all to awaken, for it’s later than you think.

David Spagnola, Nampa



Not congratulating Joe Biden, but congratulating Jimmy Carter from climbing one notch from all time worst President to second from the bottom. Although the 4 years for Biden hasn’t taken place yet there is no doubt that this puppet will win the title of worst President ever.

Although he has a Praetorian guard around him, and hi-tech prompters to help him through his term. He will try very hard to overcome them with mumbling and bumbling that the media will hide for him. After all he graduated from law school next to last in his class.

I have to give credit to the Democratic Party, the swamp and the media who pulled off the crime of the century.

He will escape by the hairs of Hunter’s beard of being prosecuted for treason and other high crimes that should also take down Swalwel and Pelosi.

I pray we will survive the 4 years of policies this nincompoop will set.

As for his son and brother enjoy your money as you help China and other crooked companies.

Sad to say we lost a good one and pray his type bails us out of this preverbal swamp.

Dave Silva, Boise


So, Little wants compliance. Well, he ain’t gonna git no “compliance”. What he is gonna git is a fat lip. Bundy, McGeachin, Malloy, and Bedke are gonna role him up like a bad habit out of water, because killin rednecks is what we do. It’s in the Constitution that rednecks (illegals) don’t have any rights and are subject to execution in lieu of deportations at any time, especially because they don’t have any immunities. Redneck presence in our midst is a disgrace, because they are asymptomatic. The sooner we can eliminate all rednecks from the Country, the sooner we can all get back to normal and end this pandemic.

Mike Kinsela, Meridian

Go elsewhere

“Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide, In the strife of Truth and Falsehood, for the good or evil side.... James Russell Lowell 1845

The reason the CDH exists is to protect people’s health. Sometimes this calls for courage to make very difficult and unpopular decisions “.....the moment to decide....”

That happened on Tuesday, 12/16/2020, when a crowd (mob?) gathered at the CDH board meeting to oppose a proposed order mandating several very important restrictions designed to help defeat Covid-19.. The order was defeated on a 3-3 vote.

The unavoidable consequences of that decision include: more people in the CDH district will get sick, and more will die, The incredible pressure on health care workers (longer shifts....emotional and physical exhaustion) to care for Covid-19 patients will increase ...as will the need for more morgues to handle the dead (refrigerated trucks) , as will pressure on hospitals to provide enough beds, more medical supples (protective equipment) and much more. Also what about the incredible emotional costs to families whose loved ones (principal provider?) are sick or dying.


Because a bunch (mob?) of people who can’t bring themselves to do a little tiny thing like wear a mask have harassed and intimidated the CDH What a crock!!!

Maskless ones....:NO WHINING if you/friends/family get Covid-19. Don’t take a scarce hospital bed from someone who obeyed the rules, don’t get scarce medications and deny a compassionate citizen access,,,,

Maskless folks......YOU are making the problem worse. How many more people will YOU cause to die? Look in the mirror and you’ll see a BIG cause of the terrible problem......over 300,000 Americans DEAD from Covid-19!!!!! Are you brave enough to admit that YOU help spread Covid-19?

Accept YOUR responsibility to help defeat Covid-19!!!!!!!.....PERIOD!!!!! Or else do Idaho a big favor......go elsewhere.

John Stevens, Boise


I write as a citizen of this great nation to express my extreme disgust at you and six of the associate justices who refused to hear a legitimate case brought before the court by the state of Texas along with nineteen other states in an effort to have the court review and act on plaintiff’s contention that this year’s national election was fraught with corruption and illegal ballots to the point that the people have been deprived of an honest counting of their votes and, in turn, the wrong individual will be installed in the Whitehouse.I cannot in my own mind refer to you as the “Honorable” justice because that title would reflect “honor” and in this case can only be applied to associate Justices Alioto and Thomas who had the intestinal fortitude to decide that accepting this case would have been the correct and “Constitutional” response to the State of Texas. The downright refusal for you and the six others to take the case under consideration is a slap in the face of all the citizens of this nation who demand and expect the Supreme Court to do their duty in adjudicating and deciding on the merits of a case, NOT to summarily dismiss the case without comment. It is beyond belief of reasonable people everywhere and demands an explanation from the court or your position as the supreme law of the land will be invalidated because of your inaction. I can only comment that you are a cabal of cowards that do not deserve the seats you hold in the Supreme Court.

Ron Sumner, Meridian

Mask mandate

Well that’s just fine that Gov. Little has made this proclamation. Healthcare workers deserve our appreciation, in December and always. However, I think that they would be happier if he would suck it up and mandate masks instead.

Marilyn Koback, Meridian


My husband and I have lived in Idaho for 45 years. We raised our kids here. Four of our grandkids are now being raised here. I have never feared for their safety like Diana Lachiondo did when her 12 year old was home alone. For all you moving here because you want a safe place to raise your family, you’d better step up and demand action against these bullies or it won’t be “that place” anymore.

Nancy Viano, Eagle

SantaThe concept of the Mall Santa has always baffled me. We tell our kids not to talk to, or take candy, from strangers. But during the holiday season, if a stranger is dressed up like cheery Ol’ St. Nick, we plop our kids onto his lap, let them rattle off a list of avaricious wants, and accept a candy cane from him.

But sometimes, these Mall Santa’s refuse to do the one thing Santa promises to deliver: what a child wants for Christmas. You see in Chicago, one Mall Santa met a boy who wanted a Nerf gun. But this Santa wasn’t going to let this happen. Not on his watch. While the real Santa may see you when you’re sleeping, this Mall Santa always wants you woke!

This Mall Santa told the kid that Santa would not be bringing him a gun of any kind, even a Nerf one. If the kid wanted a Nerf gun, his parents would have to get it themselves. I have to say though, that this Mall Santa did get one thing right. Santa wasn’t going to get him a Nerf gun. If that kid wanted one, his parents were going to have to buy it themselves. But if there’s one thing you don’t expect from a Mall Santa, it’s for them to tell the ugly truth.

This tale of Woke Santa brought back memories of my childhood. Not because my parents did the Santa thing, on the contrary. I was one of the kids “in the know” who tried to hide a smirk whenever my friends talked about all the toys that Santa got them. You can tell who knows. There’s a secret exchange of glances that seem to say, “these poor dumb babes. Wait until the fudge hits the fan.”

Kyle Morgan, Caldwell

Civil war

The Press takes umbrage with folks (like me) who criticize their work and the policies. OK. Fine. They are a private business and are under no obligation to print anything guys like me say about them. I get it. They are sensitive.

There is one thing that The Press hasn’t done much with and that is the talk about impending civil war in this country. Personally I think the CNN and Yahoo News writers who suggested the idea are more a part of the problem than the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA terrorists who merely burn, loot and pillage. The MSM has become the news, not just reporters of it.

As an observer from ground level, I don’t see any such thing as open warfare. Other than the radical Marxists, I don’t see any such ground swell among ordinary Democrats nor from the Republicans and conservatives. There may be some street-level head-knocking, but war? It would require more than what we see coming from the conservative law and order Republicans and traditional moderate Democrat folks.

Jack Fuller, Nampa

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Biden has campaigned as a benevolent grandfather who will treat all Americans with equal rights and re-unite the people. I have questions about how he thinks his gun control plans will re-unite 80,000,000+ gun owners.

Lets look at the firearms industry, which his plans will attempt to destroy. According to NSSF 2019 figures, it creates 232,208 jobs with an average salary of $55,200 and total wages of $18,339,458,100.

The economic impact is $60,015,133,200 income, $674,256,300 business taxes and $586,582,300 excise taxes paid. Democratic Party’s desire to repeal the FIND Act will allow frivolous lawsuits that are designed to bankrupt the industry. What will he do about the lost jobs, incomes, tax revenue and the added suffering of the people? NSSF has reported over 5,000,000 first time gun buyers this year. People are realizing that DE-funding the Police leaves them unprotected and they can not trust the government.

Biden’s assault on the Second Amendment and gun owners is from the same play book Hitler and Communists used to disarm the masses. Registration/confiscation, high taxes on guns/ammunition which will not impact the rich/elite, but are aimed at the poor and working class who can’t afford the discriminatory taxes. Biden’s actions will destroy American’s rights, not re-unite the people. Only leaders that fear the common people’s power will resort to such dictatorial and unconstitutional laws.

Rather than re-unite the people, these Socialist/Marxist laws will turn millions of lawful Americans into felons that will be forced to give up freedoms and live on their knees or fight. If they can destroy the Second Amendment rights they can destroy the our Constitution, because unarmed citizens can not fight to regain their freedoms. You doubt their intentions look at China, Russia and South American countries that have fallen to Socialist/Marxist leaders.

Michael Frederick, Nampa


Chuck Malloy’s recent guest commentary from Tuesday adds insult to injury (that injury being our current nation-leading rates of COVID cases and our shared breakdown of civil society at the hands of armed militias). He takes up the tired jeremiad of “both sides” but offers the side practicing personal responsibility (wearing masks in public, advocating for a social safety net, having the basic social grace to go into a store without throwing a tantrum) nothing but condescension. For the side disrupting the basic functions of health districts, threatening the rule of law, and generally being a public nuisance, he has practically nothing to say. Just a tired evocation of Ronald Reagan and something about his bowling league.

His call for compassion is hollow because it is aimed primarily at those already showing compassion. We are the ones taking measures to reduce the spread of the virus rather than demanding the right to spread it. We aren’t harassing retail workers in the name of some nebulous “freedom”. He only seems to have compassion for people who, by his own admission, would go to war over measures to better ensure public health. I have a passion for liberty, and I have a passion for constitutional rights. But apparently, I’m the one who’s in the wrong for expecting the Governor to do the job he was elected to do. Is Malloy’s form of “compassion” doing firing drills in Emmett and threating elected officials? If Malloy is right and Governor Little is refusing to do his duty as Governor because he fears out-right insurrection, then leadership is the least of our worries.

Jonathan Schoenfelder, Nampa


I am furious that our congressmen, Russ Fulcher and Mike Simpson, signed a letter in support of the fraudulent Texas attorney general’s filing to the Supreme Court, and that our governor, Brad Little, indicated he supported it as well. (Kudos to Lawrence Wasden for not signing on.) Those who supported the Texas suit are at the least expressing disagreement with our laws and our free elections, and at worst are guilty of treason.

Fifty-plus voter fraud cases have been filed by Trump’s minions regarding election fraud, and all of them have been tossed out of court without even a hearing, because they’re without any proof at all. Giuliani and the others who bring these suits talk about all manner of election fraud, but in court they are not able to make the same statements they make in public utterances, because in court you have to speak truth or be liable for perjury.

There ought to be some penalty to be paid by those who joined this fraudulent Texas suit.

Sherry Smolders, Nampa

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