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President Trump is a disgrace to himself and to our country.

When someone demands allegiance to himself, it sounds like he wants to be a dictator, or emperor.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands….. President Trump demands allegiance to himself from all Republicans.

It seems our president would like to be like his two “Bromance Buddies” Putin and Un, who he has stated they “love each other”. What a bunch of bull. If anything, they may have advised him in how to take over total control of our country.

I respect the office of the President, but I do not believe Trump has any respect for himself or for our country. He is fully self-serving, in my opinion. Why else would he state he has the right to “pardon himself”? Obviously, he has done something that needs a pardon.

He has derided anyone who will not blindly follow him. He called our military veterans, many who have given their lives for this country and its citizens, “LOSERS, SUCKERS!”.

Completely disgraceful.

The Republican party is his now his lap dog, doing what he tells them to do, and if not, he threatens them with a “TWEET”. How truly weak and self-absorbed. Way more than we can comprehend, I am afraid.

Thank goodness his “reign” is almost over. He is pulling our country and the Republican party down to depths we may not be able to overcome.

Hugh Massie, Boise


Our Governor, and elected representatives, made an egregious mistake by filing in the U.S. Supreme Court, a Brief supporting the State of Texas to attack other State’s election processes, despite the vehement strong objection of their own Attorney, Lawrence Wasden the Idaho Attorney General. As the Idaho Attorney notified the Governor and the representatives, the State of Idaho is a “sovereign state” within the conglomeration named the “United States of America.” As a “sovereign state”, we as Idahoans have preserved and protected our State’s rights, such as our water in the State of Idaho. For many decades, California and Arizona and Las Vegas have set their sights on diverting Snake River water to supplement the Colorado River, which has been drying up for many years. If the U.S. Supreme Court had agreed with our elected officials in permitting the Trump lawsuit to proceed attacking other States, I would estimate that within months or years the States of California, Arizona and Nevada would have filed a counter lawsuit against the State of Idaho to divert Snake River water to the southwestern states to quench their never ending thirst. Basically, the southwestern states would have argued: “Idaho, if the U.S. Supreme Court now says that you can meddle into the sovereign state affairs of Pennsylvania and other states, then we are going to meddle into your state affairs with Snake River water.” Thank God the U.S. Supreme Court told the State of Texas and Idaho’s Governor and Idaho’s elected officials that they were flat wrong, because if the U.S. Supreme Court decided otherwise, get ready for the draining of the water from the Snake River with a viaduct headed to the Colorado River reservoirs near Las Vegas.

John Schroeder, Boise


Recent articles about Covid-19 suggest contacting the CDC for further information. Why?

President Kennedy’s nephew, Robert Kennedy, Jr., of Children’s Health Defense, calls the CDC “a cesspool of corruption,” and “a snake pit of Big Pharma lies.”

After CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson gave Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) mountains of documentation about vaccine research fraud at the CDC, Posey pleaded, unsuccessfully, with Congress to open an investigation into CDC corruption.

Kennedy says Congress--as well as state legislatures--is bought by Big Pharma.

He is warning about today’s “coup d’etat by...this global public health cartel.” See childrenshealthdefense.org.

In an open letter to Pres. Trump (available online), Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano warns of the pandering by religious leaders and heads of nations to this suicide of the West, to this “health dictatorship”: “(T)he fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health emergency that is revealing itself...as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman faceless tyranny.”

Some Covid-19 vaccines being developed are, like many other diabolical vaccines, produced with aborted fetal cell lines, exposing vaccination recipients to aborted fetal DNA. See Children of God for Life, cogforlife.org.

US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s recent comments before the Federalist Society warned that “pandemic” restrictions are threatening individual liberty, including religious liberty.

In a weekly update last month from Ron Paul Liberty Report, “On Coronavirus, We Must Not Allow Politics to Dictate Science,” former Congressman Ron Paul--a physician--mentioned the recent publication of two studies which “challenge what the media has established as conventional wisdom about (Covid-19).”

The first study found that wearing masks “did little if anything to control the spread of the virus.” The second found “asymptomatic persons who have tested positive for Covid-19 do not pass on the infection to others.”

Violet Fuller, Mackay


I’m confused by Wayne Hoffman’s justification for taking a PPP loan for the Idaho Freedom Foundation. The SBA website states, “The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll.”

Wayne stated that “Taking out a loan was the only course of action to protect my organization and its employees in uncertain times.” What he did not tell us is how IFF is impacted by COVID-19 to justify the loan. I am on the board of a non-profit that relies heavily on admission revenue for its budget. Obviously, it is very much impacted by lockdown restrictions, so it clearly needed a PPP loan. I cannot see how IFF has a similar situation. Without more information it looks like the IFF saw an opportunity for a handout and took it knowing full well that even though it is a loan the IFF will almost certainly not have to pay it back.

This episode got me to thinking why should I listen to what Wayne Hoffman is saying anyway? I figured he must be former elected official or a high-level manager of government agency or successful businessperson or something like that. So, to find out I went to LinkedIn to check out his resume. I was surprised to find that there is no evidence that he has ever been in a position where he led a team during tough times or had to make tough decisions. He looks more like the guy sitting in the bleachers throwing bombs on the field. Hardly worth paying any attention to.

Steven Simpson, Boise


Two millennia and some years ago, a babe was borne in Bethlehem, and laid in a manger. The Almighty gave unto us a great gift of hope and love. In due time, those gifts laid a path before us that allowed curiosity and dreams to enlighten the world. Ideas of every persuasion, scientific and social, brought us out of the darkness. None have been more blessed than we Americans.

The genesis of the world saving bottled brilliance, vaccines from Pfizer and others, harkens to that birth. And it will soon be delivered to each corner of this Union and far beyond. Its possibility rests upon the genius of a few, the dreams and hard work of many, and the shared curiosity of generations. This Christmas season all humanity once again has received a great and wonderful gift. Let us rejoice and be glad. Soon, the light will shine again and bells will ring from sea to shining sea. And as we rejoice, for the sake of future generations, let us rededicate ourselves to the founding principles of this Nation. The ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness equally shared and respected by every man, woman, and child remains an idea and beacon like no other. It can be our gift to one and all.

Dan Bridges, Boise


Why is Governor Little requiring the Idaho education department to decrease their budget by $99 million when we have $600 million in the rainy- day fund? The result of this decision burdens Idaho teachers by not providing them with an increase in salary that they deserve. Our teacher heroes- working despite unprecedented stress- go to class every day risking their health and work extra hours to ensure the virtual portion of our children’s education is valuable. Once again -through the actions of our elected officials- our teachers are made to feel as though their careers and their families are less important than maintaining a huge state savings account.

Idaho is dead last in the country for student spending. Why are we not investing in Idaho’s future? This treatment of teachers discourages students from entering the teaching profession and creates an even greater shortage of teachers in the future. Governor Little wants to keep Idaho kids in Idaho after school. Well, this is not a winning strategy for that goal. Education funding is a high return investment: future higher tax dollars are the result of better educated Idaho kids who stay in Idaho.

Shelley Cooper, Boise

Let down

During the last governor’s election I cast my vote for Gov Little as I thought his experience and desire to help Idaho’s education system rise from the lowest ranks and his promise for fiscal responsibility would appeal to this voter. And while you have done well in some areas, after reading today’s article in how you support the Texas lawsuit to overturn the vote in swing states, you Governor Little have lost my support. You have now joined others in chipping away at democracy and your non belief in the fairness of an election without evidence. Was it peer pressure? Did Donald threaten to withhold funds from your state? You have embarrassed yourself in the eyes of many. But maybe it’s the minority who refuse to wear masks, and your inability to get tough from a state level (for fear of repercussions) on the virus that are the constituents you truly are serving as they are sure to go along with your support of this frivolous lawsuit. So next time your flying over our state in your helicopter, know that below, you have let down and lost support of this Idahoan.

Bryan Gerecke, Eagle


It’s encouraging to see at least one of our elected officials honoring their pledge to our constitution. Thank you A.G. Wasden for choosing integrity over expediency.

Bill Killen, Boise

Dear Costco

I am a customer. Michael Forsberg and his addled notion of liberty do not speak for me. Wearing a mask is no more burdensome than wearing a shirt and shoes in the store. Keep up the good work.

Louisa Evers, Nampa

Do better

The 2020 presidential election is over. Donald Trump was defeated and Joe Biden is America’s president-elect.

Given this outcome, instead of calling for unity and a peaceful transition of power Trump and his rabid followers continue to dispute the results with little credible evidence to support their beliefs. Melissa Carone....really? While all American’s have the right of freedom of speech the manner many have chosen to express this right has been both divisive and hateful. This is the real threat to America, as no good can come on a foundation supported in this manner. We have to be better.

Unfortunately too, we are seeing similar displays of unrest and civil disobedience on the local front in Idaho. Given the right to air grievances in peaceful protest, many Idahoan’s instead have chosen to do otherwise. We have recently witnessed where numerous public gatherings seeking open testimony and civil discourse instead were met with aggressive confrontations and disruptions of public proceedings. Often groups with the names of the Idaho Freedom Foundation, Stop the Steal (People’s Rights) and followers of Ammon Bundy were responsible for the abhorrent behavior displayed. Idaho’s own Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin has irresponsibly followed suite. Instead of working alongside Governor Little in one united front on issues she has chosen instead buck him at almost every turn. In obvious early campaigning to unseat Little as Governor in a few years her tactics are both reprehensible and in disdain. After finally ridding Idaho of its’ reputation as the home of Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations, we are now looking at being the state with an equally unfortunate legacy. Come on Idaho, we are better.

Dave Pisarski, Eagle

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