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Thank you

Thank you Attorney General Lawrence Wasden for your thoughtful analysis of the request to join the lawsuit filed at the US Supreme Court to invalidate the election results of four other states. Your decision to support state sovereignty and the rule of law instead of blindly following political actions that denigrate not only state sovereignty but also the very foundation of our republic is deeply appreciated. We are in desperate need of more leaders like you at every level of government.

Marsha Smith, Boise


The famous line from Macbeth; “The lady doth protest too much, methinks..” was Shakespeare’s way to point out that over-defending against an accusation or assumption is frequently a sign of guilt. It makes me think of the last several weeks efforts by the Idaho Press to try and convey the “lack of liberal bias” on its pages. “Guest Commentary”, “Editor’s Notebook” and “From The Editorial Board” articles have all tried to passionately convey a message of balanced coverage. It’s not necessarily a lack of honesty; it may simply be a life inside the media bubble that has far too many Editors and journalists see “balance” where the majority of readers know it doesn’t exist. Placing “Editor’s notes” for “context” on op-eds regarding the election fraud, yet allowing unabatedly 3 years of Russian hoax comments AND calling for the “end” of intimidation when Health Board members receive pandemic protest visits, all the while allowing for countless confrontations by BLM and Antifa to go without comment, are merely two of the latest examples of a bias that the Idaho Press either doesn’t see or denies just a bit too much.

Martin Dale, Eagle


My husband and I participated in a counter demonstration against anti-maskers in the parking lot at the Central District Health Department meeting on Tuesday evening. There were hundreds of anti-maskers — some were armed and there were many families with small children. Although, we did not personally feel threatened by the protesters, some of the speakers told them it was their constitutional right to enter the building and to not let anyone stop them. It became clear that there weren’t enough police officers to control the mob mentality. It was a very tense situation. At that point, we disbanded our small group. From this experience, we don’t feel that any more of these counter protests would be productive. We simply have to advocate for more and consistent law enforcement. Our elected leaders should not be intimidated or threatened—nor should they have to fear for their family’s safety. We urge you to call the governor, mayor, and your legislators and insist that the law be enforced with real consequences. If we don’t have enough police to handle this, then call in the National Guard. At this point, the bullies are calling the shots and getting away with it. This has to stop!

Cay Marquart, Boise

Chicken Little

The only hope for the health of the residents of the Idaho, is that Gov Chicken Little also leaves office in January. He does not care any more about the State’s citizens than does Trump about the ones in the whole country. The State of Idaho needs a leader who can admit when he is wrong, take actions to correct his mistakes, and protect the public. We need a leader with backbone, rather than someone who hands off tough decisions to officials who are trying their best to cope with the pandemic, with no support from the State. Your plea for compliance is a meek effort in hoping the public does right, even after being shown since the last pitiful effort a couple weeks ago, it has yielded no gain. The numbers are increasing, more people are dying, and the hospitals are close to a breaking point. If you do not have the ability to make the tough decisions, then step aside, and let someone else hold your press conferences. Perhaps the Directors of the Health Districts who live, breathe, and eat this every day. We all know it will be some time before we see any substantial vaccinations taking place in the State. Until that time, how many lives will be lost that could of been saved, because a Governor cares more for accolades of so few while forsaking the body as a whole.

Ken Johnson, Nampa

McLean 2024

Governor Little is such a wuss! He’s been saying this same BS for ten months now and see how it has worked. He needs to set the standards and set them high. Before he gets the ‘Vid himself from one of his lame followers. I am ashamed that I voted for him now. I bet Butch would have ordered us to start doing masks, etc back in April. By now we’d have been long done. Grow a pair Brad. You won’t be recalled, even if you are, you’re rich. Many younger Idaho people need to work. Quit being a GOOD OL’ BOY and take this serious like other Western Governors. We all need to do this. You can keep the health district safe. And please, everyone put on a NEW, CLEAN MASK!! Mayor McLean for Governor 2024! She actually gets it.

Carl Fredrickson, Star

Mask up

So, Protestors, you don’t want schools and businesses shut down and you don’t want to have anyone ask you to do something because it infringes on your rights. Your actions might gain you freedom but they are infringing on the freedoms of others.

For instance, twice, once before Thanksgiving, and once right after Thanksgiving, my daughter and her family have had to quarantine because their children were exposed to COVID. That is almost four weeks of lost in class instruction for their kindergarten child and lost productivity for the parents at their jobs. That is just their family and doesn’t include the others in these classes that were affected.

So, stop being selfish and think of others. Mask up, socially distance, wash your hands. Give the gift that keeps on giving and stay at home this Christmas. Don’t give the gift of COVID.

Kathy Yribar, Boise


After watching the continuing debacle at the recent CDH office and now at private residences, I have only two words for the fine citizens conducting this behavior....... domestic terrorists.

Ben House, Eagle

CarelessJudging by the careless legislature and the mob pushing for freedom to infect, I’d say Idaho has not progressed much since the days of the Neanderthal.

Joe Bejsovec, Boise

Yes or no

Our feckless senior senator has his head firmly planted in the sand and will not acknowledge the results of the recent general election. It is a simple yes or no answer, Senator Crapo. Yet, democracy gets no support from you. Joe Biden won the election, so say it and quit hiding in your D.C. office hoping that no one remembers you are there.

Frank Walker, Garden Valley

Small choice

The health district’s job is to monitor and inform the people of up and coming health threats, study the science, and guide response. I keep hearing people complain that their constitutional rights are being violated; I heard one woman talk about totalitarianism. Really? What if the threat to our country was E Bola, or plague? Wouldn’t we want to assure that those infected couldn’t infect us? I suspect we would be screaming about our rights if the person next to us in the bar was infected and chose not to stay home (his right) and therefore sentenced us to death? Would we not be wondering who should be protecting us? Coronavirus isn’t of the same magnitude. The health district is doing its job, trying to contain this outbreak based on the scientific facts and they are being vilified by the vocal minority. Indeed, if everyone had worn a mask from the start, this might be over by now. It’s such a small choice to make for the good of all.

Diane Shelton, Boise

Domestic work

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the lives of people all over the world. When schools and daycare facilities suddenly closed in March 2020, many people had to make sudden changes to their schedules to ensure their children were looked after. The majority of those who made these sacrifices were women.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1860-1935) wrote at length about gender inequality and the need for the economic independence of women. Since Gilman’s time, we have come a long way in reducing gender inequality, and yet COVID-19 is having a disproportionately negative impact on women. “Men can cook, clean, and sew as well as women,” Gilman wrote in 1889. If she were alive today, would she be surprised to see women still taking on the lion’s share of childcare, housework, and children’s education during this pandemic? Would she be disappointed that there are 2.2 million fewer women in the workforce since the beginning of the pandemic vs. 1.5 million fewer men?

Certainly, motherhood is an important and valuable duty. But how far will women slip from their professional careers while they are at home during the pandemic preforming unpaid domestic duties?

Kayla Dodson, Boise


Sunday’s December 6th Idaho Press had two letters to the editor stating there was no fraud in the November 3rd Presidential election. I disagree. Instead of just parroting the news media or responses of government officials, I chose to watch the voter fraud hearings of all the challenged states which were televised in full on the cable channel OAN. Just as a juror listens to the evidence, I found the witnesses to have very compelling testimonies. As a nation we must not disenfranchise any citizen. To protect our election integrity it should be imperative that these allegations be investigated. Those who say “there was no fraud” should want to ensure the election laws were followed. Americans need to know that their elections are fair and honest.

Susan Newby, Emmett


I am writing in support of the Guest Commentary by Wayne Hoffman focusing attention on the actions of the BSU Administration and President Tromp taken against the owner of Big City Coffee Shop. This liberal, socialist attitude disguised as an academic exercise is completely unacceptable and needs to be seriously challenged. The fact that the State of Idaho financially supports BSU up to 40% of their budget must stop. Given that the campus is part of the Boise community and not an independent entity, maybe the only way to hold them accountable is through their pocketbook.

It is definitely time for these arrogant campus administrators to have “Hell to Pay” for their actions. Stop funding BSU with tax payer’s money.

Victor Dominguez, Boise

Good life

Thank you to Trevor Knesal for starting a Go Fund Me for our 93 year Meridian native, Richard Thanks to all who donated, thanks to all the roofers, scrapers and painters who did such a great job on a new roof and painting his home.

This is what the good in life is all about.

George & Helena Fortier, Meridian


What an example to set for the citizens of Idaho. We look up to this group of honest, honorable and wise individuals to make decisions in the best interests of those who call Idaho their home state.

Where are their masks? Where is their safety conscious? What is running rampant through our state and our healthcare facilities?

if everyone in that meeting tested negative prior to gathering then that information should have been included with this front page story.

Rebecca Clark, Boise


The purpose of this letter involves two events that I find terribly disappointing. The first involves protesters harassing business owners because they require a “mask” to enter their establishment. The second involves a statement, made by a protester (per the Idaho Press) to the director of the Central District Health (Mr. Russell Duke), saying he is an “Enemy of the people” prior to attended a meeting last week with Hospital Administrators.

First, I don’t understand is how anyone could be so calloused to enter a business owned and operated by hard working individuals and harass the owner and/or employees for requiring customers to wear a mask. I was raised to believe you respect others and times are difficult enough without having this type of disruption. Actions such as this are asinine and serve no purpose whatsoever.

I’m fairly confident the comment directed toward Mr. Duke was based on restrictions his agency proposed to help curtail further infections. No one wants businesses and/or families to experience hardships and no one likes restrictions. Unfortunately, updates from our hospital administrators clearly indicate that their facilities are near a break-point in their ability to provide care based on their available resources. Administrators also warn that if conditions continue to get worse, patients may be diverted to another location which can ultimately lead to delays in treatment when time is of the essences. I should also note that “care” isn’t limited to cases involving COVID 19 cases because emergencies also include patients with cardiac and gastrointestinal issues, pediatric concerns, just to name a few, Presenting options to prevent serious outcomes shows leadership and integrity and it certainly doesn’t deserve being labeled as an “Enemy of the People”.

Stay safe, let’s be supportive of those who are trying to help us through trying times.

Jerry Smith, Meridian

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