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Save the tree

For about 50 years I have lived on S. Londoner Ave. in Boise. On the corner of Londoner Ave. and Highland St. stands a breathtaking Giant Sequoia, probably the second-oldest in Boise. A sister tree was moved at huge expense to the city a few years ago. This tree is extremely rare for the Boise urban area yet the City Council voted 3:3 to remove it and all the other trees on the 1-acre property to make room for a 14 unit development where a single-family home once stood. The tie was broken by Mayor McLean, who I hoped would be the one to stand in for homeowners—not developers, when she voted to have all the trees felled.

This tree is 11.6 feet around, 60+ feet high, more than 100 years old and could live for another 2,000 years--long after those town homes are dust.

Sadly, there was an alternate plan to save the trees but instead the Boise City Council voted to allow an out of state developer to destroy all the trees on the site, joining those determined to shrink Boise’s arboreal canopy for yet more tax revenue generating units. What has happened to our priorities? This is the city of trees after all. Register your protest with the mayor and city council and help save this tree and others at imminent risk.

Barbara Robinson, Boise


Someone mentioned in a letter to the editor today that data by county and public health district would be helpful. DPH updates this site shortly after 5:00 PM every day except possibly on weekends. Select the third tab from the left to access the county and PHD data. It would be great if it were hyperlinked in this letter, but if not, copy/paste is the next best option. https://public.tableau.com/profile/idaho.division.of.public.health#!/vizhome/DPHIdahoCOVID-19Dashboard_V2/Story1

Shirley Kellogg, Nampa

Vote Biden

Joe Biden has my enthusiastic support for president. Joe is humble, compassionate, and has dedicated his career to America. His experience in foreign affairs will fortify our country against unfriendly powers; those foes across the sea who would like to see the US collapse from within.

Domestically, the VicePresident honors our legacy of rights, balanced with the courage to tell us when we must reach out for the common good.

Biden’s experiences reflect our own. We have also lost loved ones, lived paycheck to paycheck, and most importantly he understands that America is about people, not just about racking up wealth. There is a proportion in Joe Biden’s character, and he listens in order to understand the difficult situations we all face.

As our first President, George Washington knew he was no orator, nor a writer. But he was honest like Joe, and knew himself. Washington surrounded himself with the brightest; Hamilton, Jefferson, Henry Knox, and others, setting the nation we have today into motion.

Joe Biden will restore it.

Gail Chumbley, Garden Valley


Attention Biden Voters

I do hope you all realize that you will not be voting for Biden as President.

The man cannot do the job .... you will be voting for his VP .... who will actually be the president. Biden is not the man he used to be and is being easily guided toward the left.

Beware .... the devil you know or the devil you don’t.

Boiseans voted to get Bieter out of office .... not paying attention to the policies of Lauren McClean. Of course, during her campaign, she really didn’t speak of her policies... sooooo surprise.

Don’t make the same mistake in the Presidential election .... at least we know what Trump thinks via his tweets....;and we know what he believes via his actions ..... butttt, what about the new Biden/VP????? Unknown. Just think about it.

Jane Gant, Boise

Consider Biden

For those who voted for Trump because he was a pro life candidate, I would like to share some statistics which might surprise a lot of folks on both sides of the abortion issue.

Abortion rates under Obama fell from 16 abortions for every 1000 women to 12.5 in 2013

Under Bush it went unchanged 16/1000 from 2001-2008 . (CDC) And the stats are similar for other Republican and Democratic presidents. Abortion rates decrease under Democratic presidents.

This from the CDC: ”Increasing access to and use of contraception, including the most effective methods, can reduce unintended pregnancies and further reduce the number of abortions performed in the United States.”

So if you are putting up with Trump’s inability to lead, his lies, racism, lack of compassion, and ignorance please consider this and vote for Joe Biden.

Pam Rybus, Boise

Voting for Biden

As a woman, a daughter, and a granddaughter I have watched in horror as the current administration has blatantly and unapologetically pulverized the values that are the heart of our nation. Immigrants, Latinx Americans, Black Americans, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, people with disabilities, women, children, the elderly, and everyone in between have had their rights and lived experiences undermined and threatened every single day of this presidency. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their lives— and continue to— because of the current president’s rejection of science and steadfast commitment to spreading hateful misinformation to the people he was elected to serve.

We are in desperate need of a leader who will heed the advice of our top health officials, dismantle systemic oppression, and embrace and celebrate diversity. We need someone who will protect the rights of every American, immigrant, and child. We need a president who will get us on the road to recovery to rebuild our democracy. For these reasons, I’m urging you to please join me in voting for Joe Biden this November. This is the most important election of our lives. Together we can save our democracy.

Sydney Benfer, Boise


Questions We’re Not Supposed To Ask:

1. Since abortion disproportionately plagues minority babies, does Planned Parenthood really believe that black lives matter? If George Floyd had been killed in the womb by an abortionist, would we even know his name?

2. If small businesses, churches and schools were all about protests or Molotov cocktails, could they have opened sooner?

3. Why does leftism thrive among hive-minded, monopolistic, and self-congratulating college professors, but implode when fact-checked, investigated, and debated? Can this really be called education?

4. What’s the difference between disparaged book-burners of the past, and the censorship committed today by Big Tech like Google, Amazon and Twitter when canceling ideas they don’t like?

5. What do Venezuela and San Francisco show us about radical leftism, and its toxicity to your freedom and future?

6. When are we as a culture going to have some real, honest, courageous conversations about the many serious doubts we have about atheism, and its particularly venomous affects throughout history and today?

7. When will we wake up to the rising tide of anti-Semitic and anti-Christian violence going on around the world? Do these victims not matter? When will we break the silence and make this our cause?

8. What if that which is fatal isn’t always immediate? What good is it to chase every selfish pleasure, but lose your own soul? When is the cost too high?

9. Why does Hollywood push lgbtq life as only positive all the time? Is this real or fake? When will we be brave enough to listen to authentic, uncensored stories as they really are, including of those individuals who have walked away from their former lgbtq identity, and stepped into something new and freeing? Why should their stories be silenced? Check them out for yourself at freedomtomarch.com

Derek Bartlow, Nampa

Thank you

Shiraz Pointe Subdivision sends cheers to the Caldwell Highway District for their maintance of our roads and signs. Cheers to the Wilder Irrigation District for their maintance of the ditch and ditch road behind our subdivision. Cheers to our neighbor farmers that help keep the weeds at bay and give us permission to walk the ditch road. And cheers to all the subdivision neighbors for their beautiful yards.

Sharon Frost, Caldwell


It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has sent a shockwave through Idaho’s economy – hitting the clean energy sector particularly hard. In just a few short months, Idaho shed 1,864 clean energy jobs, just under fifteen percent of the total clean energy jobs in the state. Pre-COVID-19, the clean energy sector was one of the fastest-growing sectors of our economy. More than forty percent of the nation’s entire energy workforce worked in clean energy.

We are all ready to begin rebuilding Idaho’s economy, but the pandemic continues to take a toll on every employment sector, and energy is no different. The clean energy industry is not seeing a recovery. Since March, more than 620,500 clean energy jobs were lost across the country and future estimates only show there are more to come.

Many small businesses employ nearly two out of three clean energy workers. As a small business owner and job creator in Idaho, I know firsthand that we’re all going to need to work together to rebuild our economy. That’s why it’s so important that as Congress evaluates what support is needed in the energy sector that our clean energy workers are not ignored.

As we look to recover, I urge Congress to consider the entire energy workforce and make sure Idaho’s clean energy workers are included in legislation to provide relief to American families and workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

Tyler Hurst, Star

Final exam

Property Taxes. The first 8 months of owning, our tax in Canyon County (highest rate at .94) went from $1700 to $1900 (2019). Repeatedly, the Idaho Press reflects our legislators know the insanity of rising Property Taxes for home owners, due to massively inflated home prices. An article on July 19, 2020 in the I.P. by Betsey Russell, “Lawmakers work towards structural change on property taxes.” Monthly meetings planned through Nov. Speaks of the newly created data spread sheet for transparency’s sake, for the public’s review yet, does not address the tax issue.

Yet, a repetitive tune by our legislative officials, of Tip-Toe through the Tulips, seemingly in avoidance of the issue in its entirety is played. We are looking at; the circuit breaker; at raising the home owners’ exemption, etc. Meanwhile, home prices continue to escalate. A 2006 home like ours 1 block away, with no upgrades, sold in two days for $52,000 more than we paid 1 ½ years ago. The next tax bill will be far higher as it will be for everyone who owns or even rents? We all should be more than alarmed at this trend.

Cities and state gives big businesses and developers huge tax breaks, reductions of impact fees. The brunt of the tax burden must be removed from the residential sector.

When will our elected officials put the stop sign up in this seemingly inept act of avoidance? Lock our tax rate in at (.94) for what we paid for our homes like many other states do? Not at the constant out of control inflated market value. Then with the never ending 3% plus increase maybe are better able to set our family budgets. Or will those we elected keep reviewing or studying the subject? Isn’t it time for the final exam?

Terry Engelking, Nampa

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