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In his latest screed, Wayne Hoffman leverages his insider tips from disgruntled Idaho legislators to “call BS” on the idea that a special session couldn’t tackle his anti-government wish list for dismantling public education.

His derision for those who “kneel at the altar of cartels” is more than a little disingenuous from someone who makes his living carrying water for unlisted corporate donors.

The Easter egg is there in the wrap, what he thinks everyone should do: “Opt-out [sic] of public schools.” Hoffman is a tireless agitator for the cause of anti-government, and the only “education” that he promotes is the cover his organization relies on for its tax-exempt status as it carries on its political lobbying.

The Idaho Constitution commands the Legislature to “establish and maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.” If Hoffman can’t abide that, he should lobby to amend the Constitution.

If he can’t support the Idaho Constitution, why should the Idaho Press give him and his secret donors a platform?

Thomas von Alten, Boise


Today our nation is at a crossroads We have been plagued with COVID-19 that has paralyzed our nation. This is a virus I consider biological warfare upon the human race, derived from a lab in China and embraced by the Globalist to enslave humans, putting them into fear and bondage. It’s being sold through the liberal news media, an arm of the Socialists, as are many of the politicians in Washington. A bold statement, but consider Bernie Sanders, an open Socialist and high-ranking Democrat with the same/similar ideology.

Compounding this dire reality is BLM, coupled with Antifa, protesting in many cities throughout the U.S., i.e. Portland,

Seattle, Chicago, and Minneapolis/St. Paul (where over 1,500 buildings have been partially or completely burnt). The

protests are anything but peaceful, with rioters throwing rocks, beating up innocent people, creating havoc throughout the country. The greatest tragedy is the response from the Mayors and Governors of these places who sit idly by, watching the destruction and refusing to call in the National Guard to protect the innocent. Anarchy is present and spreading. Note a common denominator, all are Democratic-controlled.

The question arises, how have we fallen into such depravity? Many reasons could be given, with the loss of the education system to Progressives high on the list (presenting Evolution as truth, therefore denying God & as the Creator). The ultimate reason, we have forgotten the only true God and His righteous ways as defined in His word, the Bible. Therefore, we have denied God and embraced every transgression, from abortion, to pornography, to homosexual marriages (portrayed on TV as normal), yet there is no outcry. The solution for our nation and each individual is repentance, confessing your sin and embracing Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior, receiving His forgiveness.

Dave Spagnola, Nampa


In response to the August 14 article regarding 3.0% merit raise for Boise staff. This has occurred for at least 16 years, not 6 years. In every annual financial report since 2004, Boise has included a base compensation increase each year, with the exception of 2011 at the bottom of the recession. Thirteen of those years were at 3.0%, and the other two years at 2.0% and 2.5%. Each year has also included an additional 1.25%–2.0% for goal achievement and one-time compensation rewards.

These compensation amounts directly correspond with the city opting to take the annual 3.0% budget increase each year that results in increased property taxes; a fact documented by the city’s own records.

If it takes courage to evaluate fax machines as a “legacy program”, what will it take to address the compounding costs of city payroll and the legacy program of the annual base compensation increase?

The City could choose to reward employee performance by allocating some of the annual increase in revenue received from higher assessed property values, rather than continually taking the 3.0% budget increase on the backs of the taxpayers – including when taken as a foregone amount. And in a recession, they could freeze this legacy program entirely, which would take far more courage, while reminding public employees that an iron-clad pension plus a zero-premium medical coverage plan, for the employee and family, are extremely valuable benefits that the private sector tends to no longer offer.

Erika Schofield, Boise


Stephen Leonard, in his August 20, 2020 Letter, shared his ignorance of the law regarding citizenship by birth in the United States.

He suggested that the Constitution was ambiguous about the concept of “natural born citizen” and that “birthright” citizenship emanates from later court decisions and legislation. None of this is true.

The 1898 Supreme Court case which he noted was U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1998). Writing for the Majority Mr. Justice Gray wrote a scholarly treatise on English Common Law and its influence on the Constitutional construction of what we now call birthright citizenry. He argued persuasively that English Common law was incorporated into the thinking of our Constitutional drafters. Both the English and the Americans believed that a person born under either English or United States sovereignty was a citizen of that country, irrespective of their parentage.

Moreover, the 14th Amendment to the Constitution continued this idea of birthright citizenship and applied it to African Americans, and to all other persons who would have been excluded under the eighteenth century concept that only white people could become citizens, whether by birth or by naturalization. The Court definitively decided that the 14th Amendment granted citizenship to any person born in the United States, except for children of foreign diplomats who owed allegiance to a foreign sovereign.

Kamela Harris was born in Oakland, California and she is, unequivocally, an American citizen and is clearly eligible to be Vice President. This has been the law of the land for over two hundred years, but it was definitely explicated to be so in the Wong Kim Ark decision. The Supreme Court did not devise this interpretation from judicial imagination. Rather, the Justices carefully provided all of the historical evidence for their Opinion.

Rick Poplack, Boise

Empty promise

Thursday night’s “acceptance speech” at the democrat convention had joe biden referencing the Charlottesville fiasco of a few years ago in Virginia.

He criticizes President Donald Trump about his words at the aftermath of that “event”.

The “White Nationalists” were granted permission to conduct a peaceful march down a city street just like they had the prior 3 years but these men were intercepted with club-wielding antifa members with intent on silencing them.

(Silencing, one of the liberals favorite tactics).

The “event” was grossly over-reported by all modes of media as much more violent than it truly was.

Who bore the brunt of the blame?

The innocent White Nationalists.

The democrats were not joking when they kicked God out of their democrat platform during the years of the controversial former president barack hussein obama.

At the end of the four day exercise in blandness the democrat convention closed in prayer by 3 different “religious” people.

The first was a jewish person ( A large majority of jews do not believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God) and was that prayer heard by God?

Perhaps not.

Next was a catholic priest who represents a church that is not really Christian but is full of damnable heresy.

Scratch that prayer.

Last, comes an islamic cleric who prayed to allah, a non-existent god, and this cleric believes in a religion where there is no true sovereign God.

Did that prayer reach YHWH?

Are you kidding me?

No prayer that night from an evangelical church pastor.

This speaks volumes.

I want to hoist a compliment toward Nampa’s Jimmy John’s, the sandwich shop near Winco Foods.

Everytime I go to Jimmy Johns, the sandwich arrives fresh, appealing and yes, “Freaky Fast”.

That creedo is not an empty promise.

God bless America!

Doug Sweaney, Caldwell

Vote Ferro

Toni Ferro for Idaho State Senate

We are proud to endorse Toni Ferro who is running for the Idaho State Senate in the upcoming election. Toni is a graduate of Caldwell High School and holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering and a PhD in Engineering from the University of Washington. Toni’s high tech industry experience including 12 years as a project manager in high tech industry makes her qualified. Her opponent is one of the repeat politicians which have held 80% of the legislative seats in the Idaho Legislature for 20 years and our property taxes are spiking, housing costs are skyrocketing, and our education system is struggling, and our infrastructure is crumpling. Toni Ferro is hardworking, a good leader, thoughtfully driver to serve our community, and is an outstanding candidate for the state senate. Toni is committed to prioritize the changes that need to be addressed.

We recommend a vote for Toni Ferro.

Jerry & Margaret Langan, Caldwell

A review

Hello Trump supporters.

A quick review:

border wall, 194 miles constructed, only 16 miles new, as of May, 2020. Border is 1954 miles.

Hillary is not in jail

ObamaCare neither repealed nor replaced

N. Korea and Iran bldg. nuclear weapons

No China trade deal. Ask a farmer.

Deficit has skyrocketed

Race relations worsened

Tens of millions unemployed

How about immigration?

Our country is the epicenter of a deadly pandemic

You have been played. I have been a Republican for 55 years, I do not recognize Mr. Trump as a Republican.

Darryl White, Meridian


As the government’s most trusted agency, using no tax money, the United States Postal Service employs nearly 100,000 active military and veteran personnel. The USPS relies on revenues such as postage sales to maintain its status as a nonprofit organization. The vote-by-mail ballots would bring in much needed revenue to help keep those veterans working to support their families. Support a vet-vote by mail.

John Paige, Pocatello

Boise Weekly

We are subscribers to the Idaho Press-Tribune. When we decided to subscribe, we did so partly because the paper included the Boise Weekly, on a weekly basis. (After all, the name of that paper is the Boise WEEKLY.) Suddenly, we stopped getting our Boise Weekly every week. It was missing every other week! We called the Press Tribune today and left a message. We received a call back. We were informed that the Boise Weekly will no longer be inserted every week. Instead, we will receive it EVERY OTHER WEEK. We really miss it and now have to go hunt it down, which, with many places closed to indoor dining, and most outdoor boxes gone, etc., is more difficult than it used to be. Can you please resume inserting the Weekly on a WEEKLY basis? We otherwise like the Press-Tribune and enjoy the emphasis on local news. Thanks!

Melisande & Daniel Turrittin, Garden City

Editor’s note: As of July, Boise Weekly is temporarily printing biweekly due to the COVID-19 pandemic; it will be inserted every other week in the Idaho Press.

Liar king

The Liar King has passed 20,000 falsehoods as he approaches his renominating convention. His party is all behind him, but he knows that his chance is slim. So, what does he do? It seems that he has a plan.

Late during Obama’s term, he renominated 6 people for the postal board of governors. As McConnell did with judges that Obama had nominated, McConnell refused to consider their appointments. When Trump took office the Senate appointed a complete board of Trump’s nominees. They fired the Postmaster General who had 27 years of post office experience and appointed a Trump donor with zero postal experience. He has been working hard to destroy the postal system and thus destroy voting by email.

When Rep. Joaquin Castro visited San Antonio’s main post office he was told “they have been able to carry out their work” despite the removal of 6 sorting machines. They hid the unsorted main outside on a dock. . “This mail has been sitting there for weeks and weeks out,” said Carlos Barrios, clerk craft director at the plant.

The Aug. 19 letters page had several items that seemed to have been written by Trump. Louise, Martin, and Nancy had great trouble with the truth. You don’t get facts from Newsmax and Biebart (sic). You forgot FOX. Democrats did not block efforts to “extend efforts to help American families”. They passed the legislation 3 months ago and McConnell ignored it for 2 months. Now the Republicans cannot agree on anything to advance the bill.

As the 3 people demonstrated it is very difficult to present facts that support Trump. That is why most of the letters do not support him.

History indicates that most idahoans will support the unethical, immoral, lying incumbent for president. What does that say about them?

Leo Faddis, Kuna


Expo Derail?

I am disappointed that the team of Ball Ventures Ahlquist, Greenstone Properties and Agon Sports are stepping in front of the Expo Idaho Citizen’s Advisory Committee

before they complete their recommendations to the Ada County Commission. I applaud Don Day and the Idaho Press for featuring this development team’s “vision” described in Saturday’s paper, that essentially dictates the future of the county owned Expo property.

This untimely proposal could derail the intended purpose and process for the committee and public to come up with thoughtful preferred alternative use, arrangement and development scenarios for the Ada County Commissioners consideration. Planning for the long term public benefit of the Expo property should continue without interference.

Bob Sorvaag, Garden City


I graduated from The College of Idaho (B.A.) and Harvard Law School (J.D.), practiced law for over 30 years, and taught Constitutional Law at San Francisco Law School. I have not written a letter to the editor in years, but I feel compelled to respond to the recent letters from Stephen Leonard and Jim Verdolini.

The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.” Everyone in the United States, except diplomatic personnel, is subject to its jurisdiction. Hence a child born in the United States is a citizen at birth unless its parents fall within the diplomatic exception. It is a simple provision, and Kamala Harris has clearly been a citizen since birth (as has Barack Obama, born in Hawaii).

The birthright citizenship provision is not limited to freed slaves, nor is it limited to children of citizen parents. There is no honest controversy regarding Ms. Harris citizenship, and claims to the contrary are simply nonsense. True scholars of Constitutional Law know this.

It is interesting that Mr. Leonard mentions George Romney and John McCain. No one ever seriously challenged their citizenship or their right to run for the presidency. There was no “birther conspiracy” regarding either. Both were white. Yet president Obama, born in Hawaii to a citizen parent, and Ms. Harris, born in Oakland, California, have been challenged. Both are black. If you do not see the racism, it is intentional.

Jimmie Tinsley, Caldwell

Piece of work

Ammon Bundy: The gift that keeps on giving.

Poster child for the schoolyard bully.

Starting perhaps with the standoff with the BLM at your daddy’s ranch near Mesquite, Nevada;

To the occupation of the Malheur wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, where one man was killed;

To your blatant defiance of established, good health practices with a large group meeting at your place in Emmett;

To your insistent willingness to protect “my” rights to freedom of expression, with your gun if necessary;

To your armed presence in the gallery of the State Capital at the recent Special Session;

To your recent bullying push and shove at the Southwest District Health offices;

And now, quite literally, smashing your way into another legislative session.

You are, as we used to say in South Texas, one real “piece of work”.

Robert Ladendorff, Nampa

Not my party

Republican double standards...As a 70 year old registered Republican from a fifth generation Idaho pioneer family, I find it shameful, disgusting and un-American that our Republican legislative leaders will allow domestic terrorists, armed with automatic weapons to confront police,to force their way past state troopers, destroy public property and endanger others within the statehouse with COVID-19 because of their disregard for other....total chaos..... no arrests, no evictions, not even a slap on the hand.....BUT...in the very recent past, more than once, the same so called Republican party quickly ordered the arrest, eviction and jailing of people peacefully and silently protesting Idaho’s illegal laws aimed at minority groups of color, race and sexual orientation....a gross example of double standards by a party I will not longer support. Representative government in Idaho was designed to represent all citizens, to hear and respect the views of all voters and taxpayers...not to be bullied by a rabid few, who choose to loudly descend on the Capitol with loaded automatic weapons to intimidate everyone present, including the State Police, destroying public property in the chaos and mayhem. It seems apparent to me, if any citizen or group of taxpayers wants the attention of the Idaho legislature during a legislative session...they will need to appear at the Capitol armed with loaded weapons, filled with personal anger and hate and ready to create mayhem to be heard. What the hell has happened to calling, texting, emailing, writing or setting up an appointment with your representative ? The face of today’s Republican Party isn’t the party I grew up with...a party that strived to keep government out of personal/family topics.. like religion, medical/family questions and sexual values. Today I see the Republican party totally opposite to its old values. I will not vote Republican on November 3.

Steve Shake, Caldwell

One nation

During the Democratic Party Convention we heard from former President Obama, Michelle and Joe Biden about how divided and broken our country is. I agree with that, but what I don’t agree with is that they claim Mr. Biden, Ms. Harris and the Democratic Party are the answer to the healing and reuniting of our nation.

I do not believe that for one second as this philosophy and policy are the problem for the great downward slide and division of our great nation. Have they so quickly forgotten what has made our country great? Their progressive, socialism and Marxism programs will only take us down further and further.

Michelle did say, “We are one nation under God.”! I believe getting back to that theme will do wonders for our nation again. I believe the God Michelle mentioned is also our Creator. Most Democrats must not believe that, as they do not listen to or follow our Creator.

God created male and female and all lives matter, every color. For the Democratic Party to promote and practice that they can play God, choosing who will come from the mother’s womb. is taking the wrong and low road. Not for a minute will I say there are not big issues at stake here. The high road would be adoption by a million loving, longing and waiting couples, wanting and willing to have that child.

One word I did not hear was morality. Is this an issue for Democrats? If so, I would like to see their party raise the bar and take the high road.. We’ve had far too much sickening, immorality, anger, bitterness and hatred taking our country down. Michelle Obama, with your leadership role, I challenge you to step up to help make our country “one nation under God”, again.

Curt Vieselmeyer, Boise

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