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US exports dropped by 64% last quarter, the largest collapse I have ever seen. Exports support 22,000 good-paying jobs in Idaho, meaning that without action, the global economic crisis occurring right now will destroy thousands of jobs in our state. To prevent this, I’m urging Senator Jim Risch and Senator Mike Crapo to cosponsor the Support for Global Financial Institution Pandemic Response Act.

The math is simple: Other nations can’t keep buying our goods like they want to unless they have the money to do so. In global economic meltdowns, the International Monetary Fund often issues a special type of reserve currency to nations around the world to keep them stable, thus giving our trade partners access to the resources necessary to continue buying Idahoan goods. This bill will allow them to do so again, all without adding a single penny to the national debt!

Already, the trouble brewed up by coronavirus has cost Idaho billions. Any business person would look at a proposal for a global stimulus at no cost to them and realize that it’s too good of an offer to pass up. I hope that our Senators are wise enough to realize this too.

Brendan Bell-Taylor, Boise


The statues in the Capitol should embody our highest ideals as Americans, expressing who we are and who we aspire to be as a nation, Pelosi wrote. Monuments to men who advocated cruelty and barbarism to achieve such a plainly racist end are a grotesque affront to these ideals. Their statues pay homage to hate, not heritage. They must be removed… Pelosi and her little secret combinations — gang identified 11 such speaker’s 9 of which are Democrats. Does anyone suspect differently? Democrats have a history of anti-civil rights including members of the KKK – i.e. Robert Byrd. Democrats also held up the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Why stop there Pelosi, you need to take down all “Democrat” speakers including thyself as the perpetrator and leading the charge of a coup d’état against the citizens of the USA. This attempted and still continuing coup would define the very word of “Treason” in the Constitution but since when do the Democrats know of such a thing called, “The Constitution?” If such a portrait is ever made of Pelosi and God help us if one is made, would be the first one to be taken down by the next Speaker of the House – a Republican in 2021.

Documents have been recently released that identifies Obama, Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Powers including members of the DOJ and FBI as part of a treasonous scheme, a political coup d’état to take out a duly elected — President, an honored General and other citizens led specifically by the audacity of hope writer — Mr. Obama. These supporting documents that tells all about this come by way of Peter Strzok’s, FBI supervisor under Obama where he identifies the plan that was established by Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden.

Galen Kidd, Boise

Vote Biden

I am a millennial, an educator, an arts practitioner, and a citizen dedicated to my country’s future. I fully support Joe Biden for president. Biden has demonstrated that he works well with others and is open to more progressive policy change. These qualities are most recently exhibited in his collaboration with Bernie Sanders to make his campaign more progressive and in choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate. Harris pointedly criticized Biden during the primaries and Sanders supporters have long lamented that Biden is not as progressive as Sanders. In selecting Harris and working in partnership with Sanders, Biden clearly demonstrates that he welcomes constructive criticism and can work effectively for change, making allies of opponents. These are valuable qualities in a president. In addition to these, Biden is honest, hardworking, and treats others with civility and respect. Biden is the leader to unite this country and help us move forward. I am excited to vote Biden/Harris in the fall and hope you’ll join me.

Catherine Richardson, Boise

Vote Trump

President Trump should be re-elected. Not only did he give us the best economy in years (until the COVID virus struck), but he has had unparalleled successes in foreign policy. He has negotiated multiple trade agreements that will benefit America. These include a deal with the European Union to increase US energy exports to Europe, $250 billion in new trade and investment with China and another $12 billion with Viet Nam. He has shamed our NATO allies into increasing spending on their own defense instead of relying on the US to do so. He has also sanctioned rogue regimes like Venezuela and Iran, and imposed tariffs on China in response to their intellectual property theft under ‘forced technology transfer’ requirements.

His greatest successes are in the Middle East. On his first trip abroad, the President went to the Middle East and spoke in front of 50 Muslim nations, encouraging them to remove the radical Islamists from their societies. At least some Islamic countries have now instituted programs to address radical Islam. His greatest success came last week, as Trump announced a new treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), normalizing relations between the two countries. The media is reporting that another five countries (Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) are likely to normalize relations with Israel as a result of Trump’s efforts. When Trump moved America’s embassy to Jerusalem, the pundits all insisted that this would cause an all-out war. Quite the opposite occurred and we are now seeing how standing up courageously for Israel is bearing fruit. President Trump actually deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, unlike another recent occupant of the White House.

Trump has proven himself to be an effective leader. He deserves to be returned to office. Vote for Trump!

Kim Rowe, Emmett

Dangerous path

In his recent telephone event, Senator James Risch, chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, recounted his meeting with the Chinese ambassador about China’s continued policy of stealing American intellectual rights. The ambassador responded with Communist Party Line deniability

Risch admitted no progress was made but diplomatically listened to the rhetoric, which he correctly labeled “Baloney.”

What he didn’t discuss was the Corona baloney coming from the White House, baloney that has contributed to the sickness and death of thousands of his constituents. This is not Trump’s garden variety baloney – the size of the inauguration crowds; the most TIME magazine covers; the NASCAR ratings- — but rancid baloney that spreads disease, believed by his loyal followers no matter the reality.

From his calling the pandemic a hoax to stating it will “magically disappear,” Trump has led the public down a dangerous path that until recently Idaho has largely escaped. A month ago he proclaimed the virus was “99% harmless,” which his supporters justify in dismissing proven health practices – keeping proper physical distance, avoiding crowded indoor gatherings, wearing a mask in public. He’s turned humanitarian efforts into political opposition.

As Idaho faced record spikes, the baloney quotient reached a new level of absurdity with citing Dr. Stella Immanuel’s thesis that Alien DNA is crucial to a Covid cure.

We are in cloud cuckoo land. Idahoans must hear legitimate voices of authority speaking out against the baloney deluge. Our Congressional delegation has the duty to call baloney, “BALONEY”.

Senators Risch and Crapo, Representatives Simpson and Fulcher are obligated to tell ALL Idahoans not to believe anything Trump says about the pandemic. Using the kinder euphemism Risch characterized in describing the Chinese ambassador’s spiel, Idahoans have to be warned against Mr. Baloney.

Mike Kaplan, Caldwell


I’m a retired Republican raised businesswomen that managed multi-million dollar enterprises for many years. As a leader, you are faced with many hiring and firing decisions throughout your career. I learned, early on, that everyone has an optimum performance level. Develop them to that level, and your business thrives. Promote them past that level and their performance suffers, therefore so does your enterprise. When that error becomes obvious, you are faced with two options: remove the person (or demote them back to their optimal performance level) or allow your business to suffer. Think of our country as a business enterprise. Think about our current economy, our health, our standing in the world. Right now, as a country, we have a leader that was ‘promoted’ beyond his optimal performance level. We can retain him and continue our current downward path, or we can remove him and put a proven leader in the role. WE are the ‘board of directors’ of our country, WE have the power to repair the damage done over the past 4 years. VOTE.

Deborah Ogden, Nampa


SE Boise Sequoia

I am a teacher in the SE Boise area. I can see the Sequoia tree in question from my kitchen window. It is truly magnificent, and in tree years, just an infant.

As a teacher, we are taught to differentiate. Not all students are the same and we must tailor our educational practice to meet the needs of all students. It is not an easy task. I am constantly asking myself, have I done everything I can to accommodate the needs of my students? If I answer no, then I reassess and double down on my efforts to create those accommodations for differentiation.

Following the 13th of August article in the Idaho Press on the Boise City Council and the Mayor regarding this tree, I have come to the conclusion they have failed to differentiate with the trees on the lot at Londoner and Highland. Not all trees are the same. I understand the arguments and difficult decisions that had to be made, I have to do it in my classroom everyday, and yet, they still have failed, as professionals, to look at the situation and ask, ¨have we done all we can to try to save a very rare and beautiful specimen of a tree?¨ I know some kind of accommodation is possible. Cutting down the tree and clearing the lot is the easy solution.

I would challenge all stakeholders of that property from Tim Hachman, to his Boise representatives, to the Boise City Council members, and to the Mayor that voted to cut the tree down, to reassess and double down on your differentiation efforts to save this rare Sequoia.

The truly hard decision is to reverse course and develop a specific accommodation for this tree.

I am practiced, I am willing to help.

Guy Falconer, Boise


It’s incredibly ironic that the DNC chose Bill Clinton as a “headliner” (“Democrats’ Day 2 Focus, Aug. 19) for their convention. What happened to #BelieveAllWomen and #MeToo? Whether you believe all the former president’s accusers (including “that woman, Ms. Lewinsky!”), it is a fact he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with Paula Jones in 1998 for $850,000. (The alleged harassment occurred in 1991 when Jones was a former Arkansas state trooper and Clinton was the governor). Yet few Democrats believed those accusers. Compare Christine Blasey Ford’s hazy recollection at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination hearing that when Cavanaugh was 17 and she 15, he assaulted her at a party in 1982. The #MeToo knives came out in force with VP candidate Kamala Harris leading the charge and Hilary Clinton nodding in approval (as she told The Atlantic in October 2018, “I find her (Ford) very credible.” (Not so much Ms. Lewinsky, Ms. Jones, Ms. Broderick, Ms. Millwee, or Ms. Willey, however). I can only suppose the Democrats believe that (1) making restitution, as in the case of Paula Jones, means all is forgiven. Or maybe their self-righteous statute of moral limitations goes away very quickly if the accused is a member of the Democrat party. Either way, the bottom line is #BelieveAllWomen unless it is inconvenient or, worse, not politically expedient. “#MeToo…,” but just not you.

Jody Millette-Larned, Eagle

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