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I was very displeased to see the billboard stating:




with a burning police car front and center.

1. It is blatantly racist. Since when is treating ANY race with disdain or lack of respect acceptable?

2. It is anarchist. A burning police car? Really? Do we want the anarchy, looting, murder, and rioting in Boise that other cities are experiencing? Why would you encourage that?

3. It is untrue. People of all races have had a part in the building of America. It is the great melting pot! It is the most prosperous nation, the one people from other countries desire to be, where even the poor people can live better lives than the poor or even the middle class in many other countries. Look at the historic photographs. They include people of all colors and ethnicities.

4. It is divisive. It is attempting to pit people of different races against one another.

5. It is unfair. I am told that the Lamar Company recently refused to place a billboard because they deemed it “too political”. Do they not place billboards during voting seasons for one party or another? And now this? This isn’t “political”?

6. A thinly veiled threat: “JOIN US OR GET OUT OF THE WAY”. Or else what?

Do you wish to see our city, with its high standard of living and low crime rate, burning? This seems to be the desire of the folks putting up this highly inflammatory billboard. Do you wish to join with them?

I understand that Lamar has taken this down. I’m pleased with that. But whatever possessed them to put it up in the first place? Encouraging anarchy and hate?

Carol Lowell, Meridian

Editor’s note: Lamar Advertising did remove the billboard less than 24 hours after it was installed, characterizing its installation as a mistake.

Our flag

What makes the right wing think they have exclusive right to our flag. That is my flag too. I am a proud progressive. I’m also a citizen, I believe in science, I am a taxpayer, a veteran, a patriot, a gun owner and I wear a mask in public, I will not be intimated by faux bravado, military assault rifles or by profane, hateful and disrespectful chants. By labeling every democrat a communist or a socialist you are showing your lack of knowledge (ignorance). Every conservative is not a fascist. Every liberal is not a communist/socialist. it’s my flag too! Bottom line, we all need to show more respect and recognize we all should want what’s best for our country. The last thing this country needs is a civil war, a race war or more political or civil unrest.

Peace Brother.

James Dodd, Boise


Big thumbs down to the City of Nampa and Southwest District Health in allowing Nampa and Canyon County reach #1 status in new Covid 19 cases per capita this week.

“Nampa is committed to being a safe and healthy community where people can prosper.” Mayor Kling has failed in this commitment and we, as a community, cannot prosper due to her reluctance to mandate a mask order to keep this virus at bay.

“To promote the health and wellness of those who live, work and play in Southwest Idaho.” Southwest District Health has failed this mission and we, as a community, cannot work and play safely due to their reluctance to follow the lead of Central District Health and do what was needed early on to protect us from the rising cases in our County.

We all understand the economic impact of closing down a community. However, had the City of Nampa and SWDH stepped up to the plate early on during this outbreak, we may have been able to move on with less restrictions than we will be faced with if it continues.

We all were asked to do three simple things, wash our hands, maintain a safe social distance and wear a mask when that distance could not be maintained. Our idealistic leaders “hoped” that everyone would do the right thing. Most in Canyon County did not. Shame on us all!!

Folks are bemoaning no fall sports and no in classroom education. Blame yourselves for your personal failure to take the precautions needed to ensure they could have happened in the beginning and now as you balk at wearing masks in public places. Do it now to shorten the rise we are currently experiencing and maybe, just maybe, you can return to some semblance of normal this Spring.

Doug Clegg, Nampa


Today I went to my local drug store and the items I needed required I go inside. There were two people in line to pay, one with a mask hanging off his ear and another with his mask down below his nose. Will someone explain to me why these two had masks with them?

Errol Waters, Meridian


You Matter and You Should Count

The deadline to complete the Census is Sept. 30th. If you don’t fill out the Census, you don’t count. Based on Census counts, our federal taxes return to our communities to help with roads, schools, hospitals, and much more. If you don’t count, you will be reducing the amount of needed funds coming to your community.

Also, our voting districts are determined by the Census count. If you choose not to be counted, not only will your community miss out on literally millions of dollars over the next 10 years, but your voting district could be enlarged, including more people from surrounding areas to equal the number of people in the other districts in the state. That means your vote will be diluted and thus will count less.

It is estimated that only about 6 out of 10 households in Idaho have responded to the Census. The goal is to reach 100%, so please do your part before the deadline.

Take 10 minutes of your day and go to 2020Census.gov or call 844-330-2020 to fill out your Census. You, and every member of your family, matter! And you count, but only if you fill out your Census!

Kathy Dawes, Moscow

Wear a mask

Wake up people! COVID is real and we need to start taking it seriously. Look around. People are dying left and right. I literally know tens of people who have contracted this deadly disease and missed multiple days of work as a result. Stop politicizing COVID; it doesn’t care if you lean left or right--wear a mask! And don’t talk to me about rights. What about our most supreme right: A right to life (after birth)? Personal liberties won’t prevent viral infection and death. And, no, I don’t want to engage in an endless debate concerning the effectiveness of a mask. Just stop. And anyway, the science is decided, and you lose. Look it up. Masks work. As enlightened politicians like Mayors McLean and Simison have stated, wearing a mask is simply the right thing to do. It’s about being a good person. If you don’t wear a mask, you’re a bad person. We need to put people at ease. Joining our fellow citizenry in masking up helps us all breathe a little easier, if not literally then figuratively. Stay vigilant. Let’s keep this pandemic and our response to it top of mind, 24x7x365. I applaud the brave men and women (and those in between) of the news media for doing a fantastic job of this already. Keep it up!

Finally, concerning in-person education at public schools: Too risky. Schools need to prioritize caution over education. It’s what schools are all about--the safety and care of our most precious commodity. Let’s face it, uneducated youth aren’t going anywhere. Let’s hunker down until it’s safe to crawl out in a year or two and then we can focus on equipping the next generation.

So be a good person (i.e. wear a mask). We’re all in this together. Sorry, kids.

Brice Roncace, Nampa

Some thoughts

Observations on the happenings in the U.S.:

1) Yes, Black Lives Matter, but all lives matter. Peaceful protests are a right. To use the Black Lives Matter issue as a means to destroy property and kill individuals is wrong. ANTIFA and other radical’s agenda are out to destroy this country as we know it. Racism is an injustice, but one injustice does not deserve another injustice.

2) Defunding the Police is not the answer. The most vulnerable, minorities in particular, will suffer the most. Yes, there are some “bad” police, but we don’t get rid of other professionals because a few are “bad”.

3) Joe Biden a moderate? He states he is the most progressive presidential candidate in the history of the U.S. The radical left state that Biden shifted with them to the left wing agenda. New York Times calls Kamala Harris a “pragmatic moderate” — really? In 2019 she was the most liberal Senator.

4) Bias in news media: The major news media carries the left wing agenda for them. They push left issues while criticizing everything the President does. They call the rioting “peaceful protests.” They carry the death of a black if killed by a white while neglecting the killing of whites being killed by blacks or blacks killing blacks. Why no covering the brutal killing of a 5-year old white boy killed by a black man in North Carolina? Countless shootings in Chicago and New York where the many lives of minorities are being lost are not covered. Numerous other instances not even mentioned.

5) Democrats have said nothing regarding the riots. We need law and order. The November election is critical in preserving this country! Vote for President Trump!

Darrell Bolz, Caldwell

Name calling

“I had a 9th grade speech teacher explain that people who are not smart enough to debate/discuss issues will transgress to calling their opponent derogatory names. Over my life, I have seen this to be true many times, especially in our politics today.”

Roger Michener, Boise


I was greatly honored to visit Buhl on August 12th for the dedication of Snake River Canyon National Cemetery.

The official opening of the latest national cemetery was a highlight for the VA’s National Cemetery Administration in the midst of a year unlike any of us has experienced.

The most important component missing at our ceremony was a large local audience of Veterans, their family members and patriotic supporters.

We know the community has been waiting patiently for this long-anticipated dedication of Idaho’s first national cemetery. We sincerely regret that the COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from welcoming as many members of the public as we hoped for the ceremony.

With the pandemic still very much a reality, we felt we could not endanger the health of anyone in this area. We saw the only safe option was to limit attendance.

The important news is that Snake River Canyon National Cemetery is officially available to serve the burial needs of more than 15,000 Veterans, their spouses and eligible children who live in Twin Falls County and the surrounding area.

We encourage you to visit the beautiful, sacred ground that will be the final resting place of brave, dedicated Veterans and their families. Visitors can stop by to pay respects any day from sunrise to sunset.

The cemetery will provide casket burials, in-ground cremation burials, columbarium niches for cremation burials, and a memorial wall. The plot, opening and closing of the grave, headstone or marker, crypt or grave liner, and perpetual care and maintenance are all provided free of charge by a grateful nation to Veterans and their eligible family members. Those interested in interment at Snake River Canyon or any of the VA’s 144 national cemeteries should contact the National Cemetery Scheduling Office at (800) 535-1117. Thank you.

Randy Reeves, Washington, D.C.


I found it rather amusing to read the editorials in Wednesday 8/19/2020 Idaho Press. Especially, the Talk to God editorial. It starts out with "I don't know where the Democrats get their information and we are all being lied to." Yes, we are all being lied to. I have heard several lies right from the Presidents mouth. So apparently when the President lies that doesn't count. As a registered Democrat apparently I am supposed to talk to God and listen to his voice. I do talk to God in prayer and I think God would be appalled at the hatred Ms Duspiva spews!

Karen Gempler Meridian

Look for facts

I find it hilarious that so many readers of this paper have ranted over the Trump attempts to destroy or undermine the Post Office. The whole thing has already been debunked. The removal of the boxes was nothing more than routine. Funding is available as long as "pelosi pork" is not included. The Post Office has more than adequate funding to get through to the end of 2021 by their own statement.

Wake up people and stop listening to the hype, look for facts. This is what happens when you rely on a sole source for your information or when your hatred for Trump overtakes your ability to think.

David Wilson, Nampa

Voter fraud

Donald Trump keeps referring to massive voter fraud that would result from widespread voting by mail. (He also was prepared to claim voter fraud if he’d lost in 2016, and did claim that was the reason he lost the popular vote by 2.7 million.) It seems to be his fallback position, despite the absence of any evidence to the contrary.

Assuming there is voter fraud, logic would suggest that both sides would be taking part in it in approximately equal amounts, resulting in no effect on on an election’s outcome. Or does Donald assume that only the evil Democrats would do it, not Republicans (who have been shown to practice gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc., in past elections)?

Walt Thode, Boise


The misconduct of Canyon County Sheriff Donahue at the recent SWDH board meeting was disturbing to say the least. Perhaps Sheriff Donahue enjoys fantasizing that his knowledge of the spread of Covid-19 is superior to that of the vast majority of medical experts. If so, for our sheriff to self-indulge in such a fantasy is scary. Perhaps Donahue was simply displaying an indifference toward the virus or those medical professionals and first responders who daily risk their lives in treating those with the virus. Perhaps his action was simply a campaign effort. No matter which, that action is inexcusable. His personal opinions aside, while on duty or in uniform the sheriff has a duty to support, not undermine, public health efforts. Actually, we all have a civic duty to help curb the virus, despite any temporary discomfort. I cling to old fashioned values like respecting all law enforcement and elected officials until they show that they are unworthy of such respect. By his failure to follow the advice of medical experts in his role as a public safety officer, the sheriff has shown that he deserves no such respect.

By his actions, the sheriff has given license to all Canyon County citizens to disregard future requests from the sheriff’s office for assistance of any kind. Assistance such as help in locating missing persons, help in identifying suspects, or simply stepping up as a witness to an accident or a crime. Following Donahue’s example, whenever the Sheriff’s office requests help from the public of any kind, we have no civic responsibility to help. Instead we are free to shrug our shoulders, turn our backs and say “we live in Canyon County, not Boise”. Meanwhile, Canyon County’s Coronavirus caseload flourishes and our businesses suffer.

Man up! Wear a mask! Stop the spread!

Tom Newton, Caldwell


In response to the very well written letter from Stephen Leonard on the issue of 'Birthright Citizenship', he wrote “Natural born citizen” was never defined in the Constitution, and never clarified by Congress or by the courts."

This is true but that did not mean it had not been discussed over the years. When the 14th Amendment was being debated In 1866, Senator Jacob Howard clearly spelled out the intent of the 14th Amendment on birthright citizenship by stating:

"Every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States. This has long been a great desideratum in the jurisprudence and legislation of this country."

While it does not directly speak of ‘Natural Born Citizen’ it does make it pretty clear that the 14th was intended to make a distinction between a person born here of US citizens and a person born here of non citizens.

Mr. Leonard’s strongest point is in reminding folk that this issue is not clear, not universally understood to be one way, and that there is a lot of legal scholarship on all sides of the issue.

Bottom line, just because a pundit writes something does not make what he wrote true, even if it is PC and supports a Democrat.

Jim Verdolini, Boise

Right thing


Congressman Mike Simpson

Congressman Russ Fulcher

Senator James Risch

Senator Mike Crapo

I am writing this to implore you, as our representatives in Congress, to take all action necessary to protect the service and integrity of the U.S. Post Office. Specifically, I am asking – with all of the emphasis I can express – that you initiate and/or support Congressional measures to: (1) require that all actions taken by Postmaster DeJoy since May of 2020 be reversed, including, but not limited to, replacing the removed mail sorting machines, replacing the removed post boxes, and reinstating any laid-off or terminated employees enacted as part of service reduction decisions; (2) formally bar any action which may impact the rights of citizens of the United States to cast votes in the upcoming 2020 election through the U.S. mail; (3) support and approve the requested emergency funding necessary to protect the integrity and reliable operations of the U.S. Post Office; (4) investigate the affiliations, financial interests and political contributions of all members of the US Postal Service Board of Governors and their recently appointed Postmaster General DeJoy; and (5) support a non-partisan investigation into the extent the targeted actions taken and Postmaster DeJoy to impact sorting capacity in specific regions of the United States. Your role as our representatives in Congress could not be more crucial than it is right now. Please, do the right thing.

Valerie Ruxton, Eagle





President Trump is “knee capping” the Post Office, delaying delivery of medicines, checks, hurting the functioning of local businesses. Trump is attempting to steal the election by restricting mail in voting. Any comment ? Any action ?

You left Washington DC without passing a second Cares Act, leaving local and state governments with huge deficits, perhaps leading to cuts in vital local services.

You left for vacation without voting on on a second Cares Act, leaving 10% of the workforce, the unemployed, facing eviction or foreclosure.

The Republican controlled Senate just issued a report documenting extensive contacts between the 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia. Paul Manafort, Trump’s Campaign manager, was in regular contact with a member of Russian intelligence. The report called Manafort a “grave counter intelligence threat.” Did you know this information when you voted to acquit President Trump in the impeachment trial ?

The Director of National Intelligence has said Russia is interfering in this election. Do you have any plan to prevent ? Any comment at all ?

170,000 Americans have died of Covid 19. The federal response is painfully inadequate. There is still no Federal plan to combat Covid 19. Idaho is a Covid hot spot. Any comment ?

You are on vacation! On vacation August 13th until September 8th. No public events planned. If you are superfluous to solving America’s problems, perhaps Idahoans should make that vacation permanent.

Chris Stroh, Boise


I don't agree with your theory about Trump and the USPO.

I do agree with President Trump about mail fraud.

The Democrats have already moved into position to cause fear in voting.

They have dropped off ballets and picked them up from voters and delivered them to the post office.

There has also been tampering by the Democrats of double voting and dead people voting.

To be fair a vote at the poling location showing your identification is safe and secure.

Mail fraud is a real possibility, and I as one do not trust Congress or the Democrats to keep it fair.

Because of corona virus people are scared,but you could still pull up to a poling location and not get out of your vehicle to vote.

When one side is very sure on a particular way to vote...you better watch out, they have already figured out how to cheat an election.

Kevin Peck, Boise

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