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Good reporting

There was a “cheers and jeers” comment recently by a reader that said they felt the Idaho Press was going to the Far Left. I consider myself a moderate centrist and can’t say I see that. I read both daily papers and compare what is reported and what isn’t. That is important because our media has tremendous power in deciding what is deemed newsworthy and what isn’t.

Margaret Carmel has done excellent reporting on Boise City Hall and the controversies erupting from Lauren McLean extreme Liberal politics as Boise’s new mayor. I believe that Ms. Carmel was the first reporter to “write” the story.

Without this type of reporting Boise could wake up someday and find we had “moved” to Portland, Seattle, or San Francisco, all great cities but all with a host of problems exacerbated by years of bad governance.

Now ever more than before we need a unbiased, neutral and respected media to keep us fully informed.

Bill Beck, Boise


I was surprised that this paper would publish such a thinly veiled political advertisement by Ms. Jordan as an editorial. Be that as it may, we certainly can get an insight as to the thrust of her candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Mainly a lot of whining and moaning and general griping about Senator Risch.

Whatever I may think about Senator Risch’s performance does not excuse Ms. Jordan from identifying what her platform will be or what she believes she can accomplish more effectively as a Senator for Idaho.

Tearing down the other guy does nothing to lift you up, it merely shows a pettiness and shrillness that is all to common in today’s Democrat Party.

The Marxist-socialist wing of this country has overtaken the proud traditions of the Democrats. (I was reared in Idaho by a Roosevelt Democrat, after all and I thought Cecil Andrus and Frank Church performed faithfully.) Ms. Jordan has not denounced the current agenda of destructive policies to my knowledge. She would rather obfuscate the issues while belittling an obvious target instead of engaging in an honest debate or promoting her own vision as an elected representative of the people.

So, Ms. Jordan, I publicly call on you to renounce firmly the destructive bent of the current Democrat Party leadership and proclaim as loud as possible your platform as an Idahoan who has accomplished much in your life. If not that, at least quit whining. I don’t even like it from my grandkids.

Larry Brown, Caldwell


A lot of people associate online schools with homeschooling, but not all online schools are the same. I’ve had the opportunity to take part in both, but it was my online education at Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA) that really helped me become the person I am today.

Prior to enrolling at IDVA, I didn’t have a lot of positive interactions with brick-and-mortar schools. It was hard to find curriculum that was challenging and helped me to grow. As I was promoted to different grades in online school, I noticed the difference that having actual teachers and students in an online setting were having on my academic development.

One thing I’ve heard a lot of discussion about recently are concerns about socialization in online schools. Although nearly every aspect of IDVA was online, we still had an in-person prom and graduation. This made me feel more connected to my classmates and allowed us to meet face-to-face.

My online experience proved to be helpful for success in my career. It’s a path that works. The knowledge and experience I gained from online school has stayed with me, and I feel ready to return to pursue my future, knowing I have the tools I need to succeed.

Darik Wilson, Meridian


Rebuttal to False Premises

Recall issues:

In your statement on the recall of the mayor, these are the issues on why we want a recall.

We believe that she has an agenda that is not favorable to us that are conservative.

The manifesto that she put out were by 5 picked individuals by her, that put their dreams of what they want to see the city to change too.

It shows what her views and values are, by whom she picked, and they were NOT conservatives, any of them!

A Sanctuary city, hiring the ex police chief of Portland, Abortions, sex education for children more social programs. (Editor’s note: New Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee was an assistant chief with the Portland Police Bureau.)

As far as a radical agenda? Not any mention of any of this was brought out in her campaign.

Many people voted for her thinking that she would be an improvement over what we had.

Now to be fooled by her, to get into office, work with the liberal Sanchez who we also want to oust, and make a radical change to our city and the way it is run.

You are right, these are extreme times, and the progressive liberals are doing every thing they can to change the way we live.

Look at Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York.These are ALL Democratic cities that have been destroyed by their progressive agenda! That is why we want someone with a more conservative attitude.

If we do NOT recall both the mayor and Sanchez they will no doubt institute many many changes and sneak them into law.

When we finely wake up we will be living in a different city that they created....NOW is the time to recall both before it is too late.

Kevin Peck, Boise


I was appalled by a letter in Sunday’s paper from Mr. Trudeau concerning a recent visit to Costco in Nampa. When he confronted a man who refused to wear the mask offered to him by a Costco employee, Mr. Trudeau asked him why he refused to wear the mask. The man gave him an excuse about rights, etc., and then proceeded to approach Mr. Trudeau and blew his breath into Mr. Trudeau’s face. I couldn’t believe anyone would do that, and that no one challenged him! In this current environment, we never know how someone will react, and perhaps even draw a gun on us! That ignorant man should have been charged with assault! How low have we gotten, when we can treat a stranger in that unacceptable manner? Writing a letter to the editor helps me blow off some steam, but I’m sure someone like that person will never see my opinion, because they probably don’t read any newspaper, or perhaps don’t even read! I wonder how I would have reacted, as an 82 year old woman.

Mary Reed, Caldwell

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