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Talk to God

I don’t know where the Democrats get their information about Trump. They are being lied too, quite listening to the fake news & stop reading the Democrats opinion. Trump helped millions with new jobs. He handled the corona virus with the advise of the Doctors. He helped by reducing taxes so many had more money in their pay check. He does not want to take away your health care. He loves America & doesn’t want it to become a socialist country. Democrats lie bout what they stand for, the top Democrats want to destroy this country. They want control of us, no free speech, higher taxes for the favorite projects for the Elite. I would like the news tribune to be more fair toward Trump. You report a lot of fake news toward Republicans.Democrats believe in abortions, put sick people in nursing homes, want to de-fund the police, get rid of guns except for their body guards. Pelosi , Schumer, Schiff & Hillary made this up to get rid of Trump. These people are just plain evil & they many others created the fake dossier. They spent millions of our Social Security money on the fake research. No president has been perfect. but there are so many lies published by the fake news. Newsmax, Biebart & others tell the truth about both sides. Free health care will cost us a fortune in Taxes, it will be just like the Obama insurance. A lot of insurance agencies will close. National insurance doesn’t work, look at England & Canada’s. Long lines at the emergency places. They will decide if you are sick enough to help, also depends on your age. I do feel sorry for the Democrats for believing all the lies. Talk to God & listen to his voice. Not Satan’s.

Louise Duspiva, Parma


Each week, I read through the Opinion section of my Idaho Press newspaper. I still find myself surprised that the Editorial staff refuses to fairly represent the community it serves. Idaho remains (for now) a conservative-leaning, America-loving state. And yet, the Opinion pages are nearly 80-90% critical of the status of America and it’s President, and supportive of anti-American activities and the groups partaking in those activities (Antifa, BLM). This includes your “Guest” commentaries, as well. When a clearly diminished candidate for President, making almost weekly horrific racist gaffes, goes completely untouched within the pages of the Idaho Press, many of us can’t help but feel the visceral presence of “fake” news.

Martin Dale, Eagle

Vote Biden

Hi fellow Idahoans,

2020 is the most important election of our lives! That’s why I want to share some reasons I support Vice President Joe Biden.

1- Joe is a devoted churchgoing family man.

2- Joe believes in American workers and will provide investments to “BUY AMERICAN”!

3- Joe believes in a science-based response to COVID-19.

4- Joe values education and teachers.

5- Joe will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security.

6- Joe believes every eligible American should have the right to safely vote by mail.

I’m voting for Joe Biden because I believe these qualities will make him a President capable of restoring the soul of our country.

Diane Bilyeu, Pocatello

Simple fixes

An extra loud CHEERS to State Senator Grant Burgoyne, Represetnative John McCrostie and Colin Nash for the excellent analysis of our current property tax system! It isn’t difficult to change and every one of their proposals is fair, meaningful, and overdue. Republican legislators have refused to take up any of the issues these fine gentlemen have laid out. Not any more!! Instead of threatening our public health officials, do the work you have failed to address for too many years. Fix property tax rules with four simple adjustments!

Alex Jones, Boise

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is wrapping up a public comment period on a 15-mile mountain biking trail near Lucky Peak Lake. If approved, the Lake View Trail would etch into the most productive mule deer winter range in the state.


The Charcoal Creek Segment of the Boise River Wildlife Management Area, where the Lake View Trail would be within and directly adjacent to, holds the highest concentration of wintering deer within the largest migratory herd in the state. This conserved landscape is a product of generations of investments from sportsmen and women and the Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG). Management of this overall landscape is guided by a unique WMA plan. The Corps won’t find support in the plan for new trails through protected winter range, even with seasonal closures.

Despite the Corps’ apparent commitment to enforce a seasonal trail closure, there is little evidence that it can back its feeble assessment with action. Don’t let the Corps fall back on IDFG enforcement to boast about rigorous enforcement measures. 2017 brought 12,000 seasonal closure violations documented at a single trailhead and IDFG continues to struggle enforcing existing closures. These violations elevate ungulate stress levels during their most vulnerable state.

Should we allow the Corps, the Walla Walla based Department of Defense agency, claim no harm to wildlife when this directly contradicts and overrides our state wildlife experts’ conclusions? Don’t risk Idaho’s largest wintering deer herd to add 15 miles to the existing 190-mile trail network in the foothills. If the Corps doesn’t believe past investments, this landscape, and the deer we enjoy is worth leaving undisturbed, I ask where it thinks somewhere that is. We may never know- the Corps is uninterested in engaging outside of a public comment portal page online or beyond August 20th.

Garret Visser, Boise

Credit to Trump

Thank you to President Trump and his administration for correctly and consistently leading our country through this pandemic and the ensuing violence and poor behavior of some Americans that have used the pandemic to cause chaos and destruction. Criticism of President Trump is not based on any science, truth, or even quotable or reliable sources. It is the ranting and whining of those who offer no solution or positive attitude, only hatred, violent hearts and foggy minds. We don’t see these critics offering a solution that could possibly solve any of it.

I appreciate the President’s attitude amid the unknown and constantly evolving virus discoveries. I appreciate those who are working on a vaccine, or caring for the ill, or protecting the property and lives of others. I appreciate the hopeful messages of the President, the latest truthful information from the experts. It’s amazing that uneducated, irrational, and seemingly unstable people spew loud-mouthed nonsense and those who should recognize this, instead, hop on the bandwagon and disrupt the little bit of normalcy left when pandemics and violent actions envelop our world.

Recently, when Democrats blocked further efforts to extend measures of help to American families, our President took action alone and was called “heartless”. Americans would get zero relief if left to the ridiculous Pelosi, Biden supporters.

Biden has been in politics 50 years! Voters gave him 5 decades to improve the country. He didn’t. Time is up for his failed policies. He thinks women and black votes can be bought with the token gesture of selecting Kamala Harris. This is the same woman who criticized Biden as a failed, has-been, incapable candidate. Was she lying then or or is she lying now?

Let’s give well-deserved credit to President Trump. Dismiss the yappie, blow-hards who only make matters worse.

Nancy Oleksy, Eagle

For all

The Boise Weekly (August 13) article “Cutting the Lunch Line” regarding Aramark was interesting. However, the very last paragraph showed the group’s true colors – “help Boise State be the university that truly works to improve the lives of Black students in more ways than one…” To me, this one statement is very “divisive” (I’m beginning to dislike that word), because the writer is basically saying that other lives don’t matter. And what does that have to do with Aramark’s food delivery service. I’m not defending Aramark, I only want to know why the writer used the term “Black” in her statement.

To squelch any inference that I am oblivious to folks who are of another race, our family is made up of all backgrounds.

Lucile Summerlin, Nampa


As a member of the Idaho Botanical Garden I have received several emails regarding their financial difficulties. Due to Covid19 the garden has not been able to host concerts and other events and have laid off a portion of employees. They have some corporate sponsorships but apparently that is not enough. They may have to cancel Garden a Glow this winter. In addition to being a member I have donated to the garden in the hopes with others that will help alleviate the situation. I just thought I’d bring this to Idaho Press readers’ attention. Also a friend in California alerted me to the fact that the Warhawk Museum had to cancel the yearly air show which brings in money. These are treasures to our area and hopefully will be able to overcome the setbacks.

Carol Pelazini, Eagle

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