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Vote Biden

I am voting for Joe Biden for President because I believe Joe is a really decent man and is more than qualified to be President. Joe is someone with empathy and understanding and can heal this nation. In a memo he said: “Growing up in Scranton, I learned the importance of hard work, treating others with dignity and respect, and leaving no one behind. Those values have guided my entire life — and they're the values I'll bring back to the White House”. Biden is about rising to this moment of crisis, understanding people’s struggle, and building a future worthy of America.

Biden is someone who can heal the divide between black and white, Democrat and Republican, rural and urban. Biden knows that the ingenuity and hard work of Americans make up the greatest economic engine in the world, and he will lead us toward a recovery that tackles the systemic inequalities.

Biden has an enormous amount of foreign policy experience. He will restore a US that wants to be involved in the international system, that cares about its’ allies, that resists populist and authoritarian leaders in Russia, China, and other places.

I am very optimistic about our future. The great depression in the 1930’s brought about social unrest, but it also brought FDR and his New Deal domestic recovery package and foreign policy which lead to the US becoming the democratic power of the world.

Please join me and vote for Biden.

Phylis King, Boise

Property taxes

“Cheers’ to Senator Burgoyne, and Representative McCrostiee and Colin Nash

I fully support the four property tax initiatives proposed by the Democrats to lower property taxes;

1 Shift burden from homeowners to commercial

2 Remove cap of homeowners exemption

3 Allow school districts to assess impact fees

4 Increase property tax exemption for seniors

I would also like to see our legislators enact realistic laws regarding the ‘sale of illegal fireworks’. Our current Idaho laws allow vendors to sell ‘Illegal’ fireworks but restrict the purchaser from igniting the ‘illegal’ fireworks. We all know of the fire danger and problems caused by allowing ‘illegal’ fireworks to be sold to the public.

Monte Hobson, Garden City


Why are our libraries closed?

Our tax dollars should be at work helping some of the children who are the most marginalized, specifically those children who do not have computers at home and/or access to the internet. Part of the computer section should be reserved for these children. The computers could be scheduled giving priority to any child without access. Computers and keyboards can be cleaned with alcohol between use. Those children’s parents should also receive instruction on how to use computers and the internet, if they are interested in learning to do so.

We can socially distance in doctors’ offices, grocery stores and bookstores, so why can’t we socially distance at the library? Just institute the same protocols that are being implemented elsewhere: Require masks for entrance. Monitor the number of people entering like so many businesses currently do at high volume times. Sanitize the outside of returned books using ultraviolet lights before reshelving. Put do-not-sit/occupy signs on furniture to encourage social distancing. Provide inexpensive gloves for patrons to use while browsing the stacks. These are neither difficult nor expensive action steps that can make this prize resource available once again to all our communities and a good use of tax dollars. I hope that our Treasure Valley cities will adopt these simple safety measures and open our libraries to the public again as soon as possible.

Regina Manley, Meridian

Difficult times

On behalf of the Executive Board of the Retired Educators Association Boise Kuna Meridian Unit of the Retired Educators Association of Idaho (REAI-BKM), I am writing to express our unit’s wholehearted support of teachers and staff charged with providing quality instruction and safe learning environments for Idaho’s students during the current Covid-19 epidemic. As retirees, we recognize that the challenges of our careers were vastly different from those brought on by the pandemic. Regardless, we are keenly aware of the unique pressures facing school staff who must adapt to the exceptional requirements and responsibilities of instructional delivery and school safety. REAI-BKM strives to assist in the enhancement of strong educational systems in Idaho. Consistent with that effort is our premise that students are best served in a physical classroom setting that enhances opportunity for a student’s engaged academic growth, prosocial peer interaction, and building strong futures. Yet, REAI-BKM understands that the transition to virtual delivery of educational curriculum is now an option of necessity that Idaho teachers must accept. With regard to these current conditions, REAI-BKM stands firm in its support of the courage and commitment Idaho educators are applying to these new demands. In the eyes of REAI-BKM these individuals are among the heroes who deserve recognition of and appreciation for the benefits of their extraordinary work in these difficult times.

Jane Brewer, Meridian

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