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Important choice

We all have an important choice coming up . Do we want to vote for a president who is trying to take healthcare away from citizens during a pandemic and losing their jobs and therefore their employee healthcare or a president who will work to expand citizens ability to get healthcare that is not dependent on where they work . Donald Trump is currently actively working to remove healthcare and pre-existing conditions for citizens of this country. Millions more people now have a new pre-existing ailment . This travesty is not just a possibility, it is a probability if we re-elect Donald Trump. This is just one of many reasons we need to elect a compassionate, intelligent, capable leader.. our lives and livelihoods depend on it

Shirley Duncan, Boise

Make the call

When I was young my parents got drunk a lot and argued loudly. When they argued they punched and slapped each other. This violence started when I was 5 years old and continued until my Mom killed herself when I was 12 years old. My older brother and I were never beaten by either parent. We just watched in horror when they fought. I remember feeling a lot of fear that one of my parents might kill the other. I wanted to help my Mom because she was no match against my much bigger Dad. I couldn’t help her. I was just a young boy. My Dad was too big and too angry for me to get in the way. I had no choice but to watch and just hope they would stop fighting before someone got seriously hurt or killed. When they fought like this I became very frightened. I also felt guilty as though this was all my fault. I often yelled and screamed begging them to stop but my cries were usually ignored.

If you are a child, teen or young adult experiencing violence at home or if someone is sexually abusing you please contact someone at the phone number shown below.

If you are an adult being abused by an intimate partner please contact someone at the phone number shown below.

If you know someone who needs help at home please pass this message on to them.

All calls are toll free and confidential.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233.

National Domestic Violence Website: thehotline.org

These are very kind, caring people. They care about you. You are not too young to make this call.

Fred Hartley, Meridian

Any level

"It is what it is" said an emotionless, conscienceless President Trump the other day about 1000 or more fellow citizens dying daily from his mismanaged pandemic response.

That attitude actually permeates all levels of the Cult of Trump GOP. The House passed the HEROES Act which helps us instead of predominantly corporations and the rich back in May. As federal unemployment benefits ran out end of July McConnell's Senate, divided into extreme right and extremer right, had still not helped us. It is what it is.

Now megalomaniac Trump thinks his executive orders, signed in front of a country club only the 1% could join, will breach that gap--not! because they are not the full HEROES Act which helps us and are almost surely unconstitutional.

He also sent a message to current and future senior citizens, your Social Security and Medicare are at risk because he signed the payroll tax away! It is what it is.

Those darn "socialist" Democrats sure seem to be the only ones interested in our welfare, at any time let alone this pandemic. Why do we keep voting Republican at any level of government? They are the party of "it is what it is."

Dallas Chase, Boise

Vote yes

Dear West Ada School District Patrons,

It’s “levy season,” and I always vote YES. Now, I don’t have money to throw around, and I do like to have something to show for my “yes” vote. The kids who are in our schools now are going to be paying for my Social Security, and I want them to be good citizens and smart!

Schools aren’t what they used to be. When I was in school almost everyone spoke English, and the kids who couldn’t or misbehaved were expelled, and we never saw them again. We read the chapter and answered the questions at the end or we copied from the blackboard. Technology was a #2 pencil, colored chalk and the loudspeaker for morning announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Not any more! Many classrooms have kids from all over the world who only speak their native languages. Teachers are expected to teach them all when the only thing the kids have in common is their chronological age. That’s it! Subjects that were taught in upper grades and high school are now being taught in third or fourth grades. And then, there’s the technology!

Our schools are preparing the generations that will take care of all of us. We need them to be good citizens and smart! That’s why I vote “yes” for school levies.

Elisabeth Ratcliff-Tate, Garden City

Take action

Idaho RETIREES: Donald Trump is using the pandemic as cover to de-fund Social Security and Medicare in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. This past week, Trump signed an executive order that seeks to defer Social Security/Medicare contributions until after the election. If re-elected, he promises to terminate” FICA contributions―which is Social Security/Medicare’s dedicated funding and which he knows will cause a funding crisis. Trump has threatened to veto any new COVID aid package that doesn’t include a cut to the “payroll tax”—Social Security/Medicare’s dedicated revenue. That would be another “huge tax break” for corporations and the rich. To date, Trump has proposed federal budgets that would have cut more than $2.5 trillion from our earned benefits had they passed. You and your employers have paid into Social Security/Medicare your entire working life through the FICA tax. These are earned benefits and have nothing to do with the deficit despite what Republicans tell us. Republicans profess their support for Social Security, all the while undermining the program’s funding so they can demand cuts down the road. Call your Senators and tell them to oppose Trump’s executive order to de-fund Social Security/Medicare.

Tom Lorentz, Boise

Free society

The distinction between what should be done about a problem, and what the government should do, is perhaps, often blurred. It may have been right for us to have quarantined. It could be the right decision to social distance. But is it the responsibility of government to impose these things as law? If so, why?

In regard to the legality of Idaho's shut down: Governor Little's stay-at-home order was indeed legal according to Idaho code. (Title 46, Chapter 10, Section 46-1008). However, this law is in direct violation of the Constitution of Idaho (Article 1, Sections 1 and 4), and the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. All laws in Idaho are given legitimacy by, and have authority from, the Constitution. Thus it does not matter that Governor Little's behavior was based on Idaho code because the code itself is in violation of the foundational document of this state. Thus, that part of Idaho code is null, and no one was obligated to obey the Governor in that case.

Additionally, no one is legally obligated to wear a mask or social distance. There is no provision giving government the authority to make this kind of demand. If we want to do these things, then we should. But it is not the role of government to require it.

The protocols currently in place by the City of Moscow and Idaho Public Health District 4, for example, should be recommendations only. Any enforcement of these restrictions, due to their intrusive and illegal nature, should be resisted through legal action.

Freedoms are not subject to circumstance. If freedoms can be suspended by circumstance, then we do not have a free society.

Isaiah Williams, Cottonwood

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