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Senator Crapo begins his latest reelection ad, pitched as an opinion piece titled “Strengthening our alliances,” by quoting former president Regan about the “strength” needed to confront America’s adversaries. The Senator then explains that strong alliances, especially NATO, are indispensable to that end. Absent from the Senator’s writing is any mention at all of another former president, Mr. Trump, who belittled NATO as an “obsolete” club chock full of socialist freeloaders unworthy of America’s protection. The Senator now urges President Biden to press for the prompt admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO to further enhance its strength and capabilities, but I do not recall the Senator urging Mr. Trump to take any remotely similar position while that former president was in office. Indeed, it is not unreasonable to think that the denigration of NATO by the then-leader of its most powerful and important member contributed to Mr. Putin’s belief that he could achieve a swift and painless conquest of Ukraine, unimpeded by an enfeebled western alliance.

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