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‘Honor teachers? You first.’

Gov. Little urging businesses to honor teachers. Really? Honor teachers? You first. Idaho’s government, from the top down, clearly does not honor education, nor anyone in that profession at any level. That’s verifiable. You throw out an occasional bone and expect the citizens to ooh and ahh. That $2 billion you’re so eager to spend would eliminate every school bond and levy in this state; plus provide a living/competitive wage for teachers and aides, allow cities and towns to budget and undertake much needed improvements; and still have a State surplus. The 12% & 10% you’re bragging about is immediately canceled by those levies and bonds and nothing is improved. Because education and educators are not a true priority, Idaho’s educators, students, families, and businesses suffer. The reckoning is coming. It’s already started: Loss and lack of educators, low go-on rates, lack of an educated workforce, loss of business opportunities (you really think Micron will build more here?!) and the list goes on. Put the money where your mouth is.

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