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The April 23ed issue of the Press included two “letters” disparaging Wayne Hoffman and the Freedom Foundation and their penchant for liberty. Mr. Dave Fotsch believes that Hoffman should be required to buy space in the newspaper from now on. If the dedicated ultra leftist opinion writers whom grace the Opinion Page of the Press would agree to do the same, that maybe a good idea. Fotsch’s opinion that Wayne “doesn’t care if you live or die”, renders his opinion well worth ignoring.

The second letter by Mr. Wayne Cornell blames Hoffman’s libertarian principles on Mr Ralph Smeed, now deceased. This may be partly correct, although having known Hoffman since the 80’s, I can assure Mr. Cornell that he was a free thinking Libertarian before any “indoctrination” by Mr. Smeed. And, by the way, Ralph Smeed should be remembered as one of the most intelligent, humanitarian advocates for liberty in Idaho history. He “indoctrinated” hundreds, if not thousands of Idahoans in Constitutional principles and love of liberty for sixty plus years. He ran a weekly editorial in this paper for ten or more years. His “indoctrinated” students (other than Mr. Hoffman) included former U.S. Senator Steve Symms, Former Governor Butch Otter and at least a dozen successful Attorneys that I know of, including myself. Mr. Cornell could have benefited greatly from such “indoctrination!

Jim C. Harris, Boise


Part 1. Covered Refuge resettlement structure headed by 9 major contractors collectively, VOLAGS.

Two VOLAG examples: International Rescue Committee. Received in 2017 taxpayer grants of $730,809,685. Thirteen employees salaries were between $294,000. and $341,370. CEO David Miliband $838,903. Other VOLAGS pay many staff six figure salaries

US Conference Of Catholic Bishops. 2013 through 2016 received “grants” of $329,295,547. No salary records. These amounts are one of the reasons a single refugee costs taxpayers $64,370 their first five years.

The resettlement industry always uses moral blackmail to shut down opposition and justify its purity. Examples: “Jesus said welcome the stranger, We are a nation of immigrants, It’s’ who we are as Americans”. All opponents are: Islamophobic, Xenophobic, haters, racists, unchristian et’c.

Deuteronomy 27:19 applies to them. “cursed is anyone who withholds justice from the foreigner”. This is exactly what the VOLAGS and their affiliates are doing. The United Nations and others published studies showing we can resettle and care for 12 or more refugees in neighboring mid-east or African countries for the cost of one here. Upon cessation of hostilities they can return to their family, clan, sect, culture, tribe, friends and help rebuild their country.

Accomplishing this requires shutting down the VOLAGS as there can never be long-lasting resettlement reform while these non-elected “non-profits” and their sub-contractors can wield their enormous political clout to keep the cash flowing. They succeeded in having $350 million for refugees/resettlement included in the Corona virus relief bill.

Another huge upside is that those good, caring people in resettlement communities who have reached out to refugees can now do so to fellow Americans who are; home’less,in addictions grasp, have inadequate nutrition and other misfortunes providing much more care then is available now.

Phil Whitener, Eagle

McFarland for Ada

Republican Mary McFarland is the only candidate for Ada County commissioner with a proven record of holding property taxes down here in Idaho.

Mary McFarland was elected to the Eagle City Council in 2011 and served as its president. During her four-year term, she worked with her colleagues to ensure the budget was held in check. Mary did not seek re-election. In the five years since she left office, the City of Eagle’s budget has doubled!

As a small business owner, Mary understands the challenges facing owners and employees alike, during these trying times.

As a citizen researching county issues, Mary understands the need for transparency. Currently, the Board of Ada County Commissioners’ agendas are not searchable. In order to locate a specific county contract, it is necessary to review every single Board agenda or submit a public records request!

Mary has not been bought and paid for by special interests, or wooed by her future county elected peers, which often leads to more unnecessary spending.

Mary has local government experience right here in Idaho. She does her homework, knows the issues, and has a proven record of working hard for taxpayers. Please vote for Mary McFarland Ada County commissioner.

Sharon Ullman, Meridian



Hysteria rules our lives. Cowardice is the new courage. People are locked away in their homes from an almost non-existent threat and are called heroes. Informers report others to the police for harmless activities and congratulate themselves for their civic-mindedness. People we would normally engage in friendly conversation are now treated as dangerous, even repugnant. In Idaho?

Influenza has killed tens of thousands each year in the U.S. Yet we didn’t shelter at home, we didn’t wear masks, we didn’t social distance, and we didn’t declare some livelihoods “non-essential.” Not last year when thousands were dying from influenza, or the years before that. Will we do this when the next annual influenza outbreak returns, and the next, and as long as we can until the utter collapse of our nation?

Idaho currently reports 54 deaths from Covid-19. Fifty-four. We lose 1,800 Idahoans annually to smoking. 54 deaths represents three-thousandths of one percent of Idaho’s population. All deaths matter, but in no other area of public policy would we shut down the state’s businesses and confine the population to home because of an impact to 0.003% of our population.

Unfortunately, the fearmongers have been too successful this year. From normal concern about the flu we progressed to panic that this was a pandemic apocalypse. Finally, we became so fearful, that we are now afraid of not being afraid enough.

We must acknowledge that all livelihoods are essential. Recognize the realistic risk, take reasonable precautions, and return to our lives. Let us help those that are sick, while allowing the healthy to earn a living, buy products and services they need, and spend time in the social gatherings that are essential to our humanity. Let’s become again the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Ken Reed, Caldwell

Vote them out

A few years ago during the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, most of my fellow conservatives were quick to rightfully blame the rhetoric of then-President Obama and other extreme leftists for a heightened distrust in law enforcement and possibly even the death of some police officers. It was a sad time and a terrible mark of extremism gone awry.

Now the well-funded heavily established ‘anti-establishment’ groups aligned with the Idaho Freedom Foundation are using incendiary language and promoting civil disobedience to a lawful (albeit somewhat flawed) order by the Governor of our great state. But their rhetoric goes much further.

One of their favorite state representatives with a high IFF compliance score compared the governor to Hitler. The Lt Governor, another IFF darling, showed up to protest the governor’s order. This week some of their ‘dear friends’ with ‘good intentions’ (according to the IFF President on their Facebook page) actually showed up at the private residence of a Meridian Police Officer to protest the lawful arrest of one of their favorite activists.

This is a very low point for conservatives. While I don’t consider the Freedom Foundation Index a true measure of conservatism, perhaps it’s time to check it to see who their dear friends are that are running for office. And then vote them out! It seems to me that a vote for their compliant few is tacit approval of the kind of actions that we should not accept in our political discourse.

I want people and groups to protect the constitution, our 2nd amendment, our freedom… But the current tactics being used by the self-proclaimed freedom crowd are not about freedom. Protesting at the private residence of an unelected public servant? This is not OK. It’s not patriotic. It’s not conservative. It’s not even decent.

Oscar Evans, Homedale


The April 24, 2020 letter by Judy Smith of Caldwell just screams for a response. No one cares of your political affiliation, you could even be a flat earther as far as I am concerned. Your comments, with no justification except you, “heard it from James Mason,” are mind unbelievable. Suggesting that Trump is a sympathizer who will allow Neo-Nazis to cause chaos and overthrow our government while killing Jews and minorities is the thought of a very questionable mind. In addition to suggesting that our President wanted the whistleblower hunted down and shot and ordering the police to “rough up” people. Ms. Smith you certainly have a vivid and harmful imagination. You quote Dr. Phil, the new Jerry Springer, as a credible source? Maybe Whoopi Goldberg is one of your heroes as well. We are all allowed our opinions, but you and your opinion is dangerous and irrational.

William Logsdon Sr., Boise

Vote Keller

Citizens of the state of Idaho, and everywhere in this great nations, are all looking for honest people with great integrity to be our elected representatives. Kim Keller is that kind of person!

I have known Kim Keller for a number of years. As my background and career has been in Veterinary Medicine, that has allowed me to more accurately appreciate Kim’s medical dental skills; however, being a good dentist does not necessarily qualify him to be a good representative for the people of Idaho. Kim Keller is simply a very upright and noble person, who is honest and reliable. He has been heavily involved in the community of Nampa for many years. When he commits to do something, he does all in his power to see that it gets done – and done well!

Kim will honor correct principles, and stand up for our freedoms, which make our day-to-day living better. I have watched Kim and his wife raise a loving family through their good examples of kindness and compassion, while teaching their children these same principles of honesty and integrity, as well as the desire to work to get any task done.

I fully trust Kim Keller; what you see is what you get. He is a man of honor that sees a vision for our State of Idaho, and who will fight for our individual freedoms. Please vote for Kim Keller, State Representative.

Eugene Borman, Nampa


COVID-19 has created unprecedented levels of unemployment in the U.S. When people cannot work, how are they to pay the rent? Or buy food? Even with unemployment insurance, millions of Americans are falling behind.

With unpaid rent piling up, renters face the looming threat of eviction and homelessness. And children no longer in school are not only missing lessons, they are also missing meals that for many was their only source of food during the day. We can and must help.

I urge our members of Congress quickly pass legislation that includes at least $100 billion for emergency rental assistance, a national moratorium on evictions, and a 15 percent increase in the maximum SNAP benefit (formerly Food Stamps).

Homelessness and hunger do not have to be the legacy of COVID-19. If we act now, they won’t be.

Jessica Specht, Boise

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