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Adams for State Rep

I write today to endorse Ben Adams and his campaign for State Representative.

I’ve personally known Ben for many years. And his unwavering integrity has been a constant throughout all of them. I watched Ben step up and volunteer to protect us abroad when we needed him most. Taking the road as a United States Marine in war time was not easy or comfortable, but he did it with courage and strength. Our nation faces continues to face new challenges right now. As a Registered Nurse, I’ve seen first-hand the dangers our nation is working through at this particular time in our history. And one thing is true now more than ever: we need leaders who have the inner ability to decisively make the hard decisions, and the strength to make them with an adherence to the principles our great nation was founded on. But those leaders must also have the compassion to look at the ones they lead and be willing to extend a hand of help and friendship, knowing that we are our strongest when we stand with each other as fellow Americans. Ben Adams can do both of things, and do them well. I confidently recommend him for the position he seeks.

Seth Watson, Walton, Kentucky

Holton for 2C

I actually know somebody on the Primary Ballot!

This year is different...and I don’t mean mask wearing shoppers, threatening illnesses, and bare shelves in the paper goods and baking supply aisles.

In past primaries and elections, I have gone to vote without knowing much about the people whose names appear on the ballot. This year, however, I actually know someone whose name will be on the ballot coming to my mailbox this May.

Brad Holton is the Mayor of Greenleaf (23 years) as well as a small business owner (43+ years). I have known him longer than 10 years and have seen him work tirelessly for the Greenleaf citizens while also juggling the needs of his business. He is a fair and caring employer that always takes time to listen. On top of all that, he stays well-grounded in faith and family.

I am certain he will use all his experience and expertise to be a great Commissioner to help in leading Canyon County in our ever changing times.

Vote Brad Holton for Canyon County Commissioner District 2!

Debbie Wood, Caldwell

No right

I’m directing this comment to those who are protesting Little’s Covid-19 restrictions. Remember Y2K? It wasn’t a big deal in the end, was it. Why not? It was not a big deal because the tremendous amount of preventive actions taken by governments and corporations headed off possible disaster. We have no way of knowing how extensive the damage would have been without all the preventive actions. That’s exactly the same situation with Covid-19. The reason the pandemic looks so anemic in so many areas of the nation is precisely because of the restrictions that have been put in place. The restrictions you are protesting against are the very reason why conditions are such that you believe you have a legitimate reason to protest them as being overreaching. Besides, what provision of the Constitution gives you the right to deliberately take action, such as promoting a mass gathering, which has the high potential of causing another person to become ill? You have no right, legal or moral, to do anything that might cause harm to another person.

McArthur Eld, Parma

Wroten for Dist. 13

This letter is written in support of Kenny Wroten who is running for the District 13, House Seat B. Voters have several candidates to choose from in this election. In fact, with six candidates, it becomes a confusing choice.

Kenny Wroten is the best choice. He will be a dedicated and committed addition to the Idaho state government. I can speak to his dedication and commitment because I have worked with Kenny in different community organizations for over 20 years. He is a strong leader, good decision maker and a dedicated public servant. Along with his high level of integrity in community organizations, as a person, Kenny is intelligent, caring and compassionate.

Kenny chairs the City of Nampa Venue Commission and Nampa Tourism Development Council. He is on the Sister City, Mexico, committee and served on the Healthy Nampa, Healthy Youth Council. Kenny was a recipient of the 2017-2018 2C Spotlight Awards. He is serving as chairman of the Advisory Board, Nampa Salvation Army and is President of Kiwanis Club of Nampa. He is a tireless supporter of our Nampa City Government and serves as an Ambassador for the Nampa Chamber of Commerce.

Kenny has degrees from NNC (NNU) and BSU. He is from Nampa and he and his family live in Nampa.

Personally, I look for a candidate who meets important criteria: 1) a candidate who demonstrates a strong faith in God; 2) a candidate who is conservative but open to new ideas and improvements; 3) a candidate who has proven his willingness to serve; 4) a candidate who will do what he promises. Kenny Wroten will do a superb job of representing Nampa and working for Idaho.

Vote for Kenny Wroten

District 13, Seat B

Pamela Krajnik, Nampa

Stadick for 2C

Chuck Stadick has been both a friend and a colleague over the 42 yrs I have known him. I think the one thing that stands out is how he lives his life. He will make an outstanding Canyon County Commissioner and deserves your vote for this important office. I think the best thing about Chuck is that he lives his life by the “golden rule”. He truly does make every effort to understand issues from every side. Please do consider voting for my friend and colleague as your county commissioner.

Paul Alldredge, Caldwell

Stadick for commissioner

Canyon County voters have a unique opportunity to elect a commissioner with experience, knowledge and just plain common sense to lead Canyon County .

As Commissioners are responsible for a $100 million plus budget sound accounting oversight is needed as well as supervision of many employees.

Chuck has in his past been involved in executive management positions with the Simplot company, has had his own consulting service , and served on the Idaho Potato Commission whose marketing program is recognized as one of the best in the nation.

Canyon County needs the kind of innovative thinking which only experience can provide. He has a track record only others can dream of.

Please join me in voting for Chuck Stadick for Canyon County Commissioner.

Hubert Osborne, Nampa

Taxpayer’s advocate

Fellow Canyon Countians: Are you outraged with soaring property taxes? Weary of bond proposals for an over-designed and too expensive jail? Frustrated with a county commission that ignores citizen input? Then do something about it! Vote for Chuck Stadick for District 2 Canyon County Commissioner. As a former executive for Simplot and owner of his own consulting company, Chuck has the business acumen for conservative budgeting. That. along with dedication to eliminate urban renewal and aggressively apply impact fees for development to cover its own costs will reduce property taxes. Chuck has studied the jail issue extensively and has plans for an affordable and adequate facility. Having served as a Caldwell City councilman Chuck has a demonstrated record of involving citizens in decisions. It would be foolish of you to vote for Chuck based on my endorsement, but it would be wise for you to vote for Chuck because of who he is--the taxpayers advocate.

Larry Olmsted, Nampa

Vote Keller

We are the Root family and we are in support of Kim Keller for State Representative. We met Kim over 20 years ago as he was a member of our church, and we quickly became friends. Our family has been blessed by the Keller family on many levels, and as a Veteran family, we are proud of Kim’s love for his faith, city, his work family, and the country we live in. Kim excels as a small business owner, and strives to continue to enrich his education. He has grown up in this community and his generosity can be found in many ways throughout the city of Nampa, Kim is honest, fair, and is candid about who he is and what he believes. It has been a privilege to know Kim over the years, and this Veteran family is proud to endorse him in this role.

Dana Root, Nampa]


In response to David Wilson’s letter (3/18/2020) criticizing mine of 3/13/2020, regarding how unqualified and dangerous Trump is as President; you have a right to your opinion of Trump (mostly not factual), but you’re wrong in your assessment of me personally.

I’m not far left (I believe abortion is murder; we need a border wall); not a Democrat (I vote for the person, not the party); and don’t watch CNN nor MSNBC. I don’t need a reporter telling me how to think. I form opinions of Trump from what he says and does. It’s not a pretty picture.

Concerning my reference to PBS Frontline (2/9/2020) that Neo-Nazi founder of Attomwaffen, James Mason, applauds Trump’s reelection because he sees Trump as a sympathizer who will allow Neo-Nazis to cause chaos and overthrow our government; killing Jews and minorities; I find PBS to be very fair in reporting. I heard it in James Mason’s own words as he’s interviewed. Attomwaffen encourages their members to enlist in our military to become experts in using military-style weapons.

After Senate impeachment “trial”, Trump declared he’s going to fix it so no one can listen to any of his phone calls. He said he’d be president forever. He demands complete loyalty (like a king). If anyone criticizes him, they’re history. He wanted the whistleblower hunted down and shot, and fired Michael Atkinson for releasing the whistleblower complaint. Trump told police to rough people up. These are words of a dictator. If he’s re-elected, he’ll further erode our democracy. Republican congressmen should remember if they’re no longer useful to him, he’ll discard them like trash.

Even during this pandemic, Trump can’t refrain from insulting governors; constantly lies to us. Dr. Phil described a pathological liar; fits Trump perfectly. He’s caused our allies to lose respect for us.

Judy Smith, Caldwell

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