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There is none so blind as he who will not see.

I did take a look at the author’s “figures” and they took my breath away.

His figures failed to take into consideration that everyone who actually dies from COVID-19 is 100% dead, not some fraction of a chance of getting sick.

Since you advised everyone to “get on with life”, “reported cases” in Idaho have increased 162% (from 99 to 261).

Based on your deeply flawed formula, the current chance of contracting this disease in New York is now 181%.

Considering that the highest probability factor is never higher than 100%, your formula is nonsense.

The fact remains that 100% of every human being on earth can contract this disease (and possibly more than once).

The fact remains that the 1918 flu pandemic arrived in three waves which lasted until 1920.

2% of the World’s population died of the “Spanish” flu which equaled some 15 million people worldwide.

A more real world conclusion is that in the next three years 2% of Idaho’s population could die from this disease.

But what the heck, its “only” about 34,400 people statewide.

Divided by the number of days in three years that would mean an average of 31 additional deaths each day for 1095 days.

Until there is an effective vaccine or a sure fire cure for COVID-19 the only real hope of living through this is to NOT contract the disease in the first place.

Remember! The life you save could be your own!

Kim Blough, Nampa


Since we all must stay in place for the next 5 weeks, we still have the freedom to send postcards to the Governor. It was not honorable for him to sign the 2 bills making Idaho the first among more than 40 states to intimidate the citizens. Flood the Governor’s office with postcards. Cheaper than a forever stamp to express your protest. I thought the Governor was smarter than to open Idaho up yo another lawsuit that is will lose when they try to defend this mistake.

Janet McDougall, Meridian

Editor’s note: The COVID-19 outbreak is moving quickly in Idaho. Some letters may contain out of date information by the date they’re published.

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