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Once again the press has decided that if they tell us something, whether it’s true or not, it’s fact … your paper has been doing this endlessly, but today when I saw your front page article entitled “Little defends anti-trans legislation” I had to write. Why does everything have to be “anti”, instead of “pro” something? Because it’s sensationalism at its best, whether it’s true or not! Before I go on, let me say that I genuinely care about ALL people, regardless of gender, race, etc.; this has nothing to do with that.

The fact remains that HB 500 and HB 509 aren’t anti-anything. HB 500 protects female athletes from competing against those who have changed their gender, but whose anatomy determines they’re still built larger and stronger than natural born females, thereby giving them an unfair advantage. This has already happened in races worldwide, where the transgender person won because of their size. So, where’s the protection for the cisgender (someone whose gender identity aligns with the sex they were born with)? Why do we always exploit the minority, especially when it’s misleading? Support is one thing, exploitation is another.

HB 509 requires that people be truthful. Because someone chooses to change their identity (because they’ve felt “different” all their lives) doesn’t change the fact that they were born a particular gender. To change that fact on one’s birth certificate is like changing their race, eye color, etc. If someone wants to “amend” their birth certificate, that’s one thing, but to change the actual information recorded at the time of their birth is wrong.

While I wholeheartedly support Governor Little’s decisions, I do not support discrimination of any kind. I just want equal consideration for everyone, whether we’re part of the minority or majority.

Kathy Coops, Boise


Have we as a nation lost our spiritual compass during this time of crisis? Are we confounded as to why the corona virus has effected the U.S. more than any other country, having reported 396,981 cases and 12,758 deaths as of 4/7/2020, only surpassed in deaths by Spain and Italy?

Our government leaders have given us a list of essential services that have been allowed open during this trying time. In this litany we see Walmart, Costco, amongst many other entities that are considered essential. Also included in these essentials are liquor stores and abortion clinics, yet the assembly for worship in local churches (adhering to the 6’ rule )is forbidden and considered nonessential. We continue to regress, having allowed the unimaginable in the past and now the valueless pathway continues. Just ponder what has taken place throughout our country. Liquor stores that sell a substance that dulls the minds of those that consume it, especially moderately or excessively which has been the cause of millions of deaths directly or indirectly (dwarfing the deaths caused by the corona virus), are classified as crucial and can stay open(such irony). Abortion clinics that have taken millions of innocent lives of the unborn are counted as necessary and are open.

We have lost our way as a nation , elevating alcohol to the indispensable status and sanctifying the taking of the lives of the defenseless, while denying the assembly of Christians and indirectly denying the One we need the most during these stressful times, Jesus Christ the Creator of all things. Have we now come to the point in time as a nation, where God has given us over to a reprobate mind, where we no longer can discern right from wrong or truth from error? A sobering thought!

Dave Spagnola, Nampa


In 1665, the Great Plague of London broke out, raging its way through the city streets. Much like today’s coronavirus, students were sent home, one of them being Isaac Newton, a Cambridge student. Through independent learning, Newton discovered the law of gravity with the famous falling apple story. Most Londoners would say that it was the worst year of their lives. Newton, however, referred to it as “the year of wonders.” Today, as the coronavirus continues to keep students confined at home, they should take advantage of this time to do self-directed learning, just like Newton did.

Self-directed learning enables students to tailor their studies to their own needs and interests. They can choose their own pace, content, and method of learning. Some can take this opportunity to accelerate, while others can slow down to review. Some may focus on reading, while others may choose to do programming or math. Various resources include audio, video, books, and at-home experiments. Popular non-academic trends include tie-dying, gardening, and exercising.

Boredom is inevitable while being quarantined. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Lost time is never found again.” Students should seize this time to do self-directed learning. It would be the ideal cure for students’ boredom disease.

Next week, Idaho schools will start remote learning, a form of self-directed learning. According to the West Ada school district, teachers will provide online resources for students, but no live classes. Self-directed learning, coupled with teachers’ guidance, will better prepare students for school.

Newton saw an opportunity when the rest of the world saw a tragedy. As a result of his self-directed learning, he discovered his laws of physics. Idaho students should follow Newton’s example and take on this challenge of self-learning.

Abigail Takeuchi, Boise


The Idaho Press ran an article using yet another model from the IMHE at the University of Washington which predicts that our numbers of COVID-19 cases will continue to climb and peak by next Tuesday. Yet, since a high of 222 cases on April 2nd our daily cases were 122, 64, 24, 69, 40 and 22? I think that is called a downward trend...right? Why are we using a national model using big city data to predict what will happen in Idaho? How does that make any sense? The numbers have gone down but we are supposed to believe that in fact they are still going up and will peak next Tuesday? That article should not have been printed since the evidence does not support the conclusions. Completely irresponsible to print that article. Also, every single model that has been used to pretty much lock down most of the country has been grossly inaccurate. We never ran out of hospital beds or ventilators. Did everyone know that the IMHE model also predicted up to at least 100,000 to 240,000 deaths WITH social distancing already factored in? Then, they revised it down to 82,000 and now 60,000 and dropping still. I love the fact that Governor Little is developing an Idaho focused model versus using a model that thinks Idaho is the same as New York. Take this all seriously folks BUT be informed and consider this question. When it is all said and done, were the severe impacts on people's livelihoods all worth it in the end? Remember, even with social distancing factored in, massive death was still predicted which led to many states locking down. Those predictions which led to the lock down were grossly inaccurate in the end. Feel confident in the experts? Not me.

Allan Oney, Meridian

Watch out

To Evelyn Cates of Boise on 9 April

What are you smoking, or rather reading. Oh, you told us, PBS,NBC and CBS. They don’t tell you the whole story. When the President said “Hoax”, your media said he called the virus a hoax. The real media went back and found out that he called the fake news media a hoax. Did your news outlet go back and correct it – NO. It was a China Virus – it came from China. That is not an incorrect statement. The mainstream media just wants to call President Trump a racist.

Again, your news media took his words for being done by Easter as absolute. He was being optimistic for the public. He is not a doctor, he can only go by what the experts say. We were as ready as we could be, as a nation. States are supposed to have stockpiles on things they need for an emergence. Governor Cuomo berated the president, saying he needed 20,000 ventilators by next week or people would die. When checked, they found that he had 7,000 ventilators in his own stock pile. He just wanted to call President Trump names.

You Trump haters again called him a racist when he put travel ban to China in place, in January. It has been proven that if he had not done that, the virus would have been many times worse. Even some of the democrat governors have said he is doing a good job.

Again, its been proven, if the Trump economy had not been as strong as it was after his three years in office, this down turn would be so much worse. The stock market is already on the rebound – did you check it this morning ? Watch out for November.

Wayne Butterfield, Meridian

New me

For the past two weeks, the media and press have, with 95% of their news, kept us informed that America is sick. The other 5% of the news continues to keep us informed about "transgender." I don't believe this issue should have ever gone to the State Legislature. This issue should have been taken care of with common sense, medical field and science.

The legislation dealt with athletic and gender change on legal documents. If document change ever takes place, there will be millions rushing to the D.M.V. to have both their age and their weight changed. It just might be called the "new me" or new normal!

Curt Vieselmeyer, Boise

Idaho way

After reading Michael Bixby’s letter (4/9) on the Idaho legislative session, I have to wonder why the “Too Great To Hate” license plate option was defeated. Will any of the legislators who opposed the measure please explain if and how its defeat is “The Idaho Way”? If opposing hate is NOT “The Idaho Way,” then what is “The Idaho Way”? Also, by passing the license plate measure, our lawmakers had the chance to help unite the people in our state and show true leadership when the deadly coronavirus was coming to Idaho. The defeat of the measure is very sad, greatly embarrassing, and NOT "The Idaho Way" most of us want.

Dick Kinney, Boise


I hope, when the COVID-19 pandemic has run its course, that people who are now applying for unemployment benefits and waiting for a check from the federal government remember how easy it was to become destitute. During normal times the homeless and the unemployed are subjected to contempt and rejection. Many people who are barely able to pay their rent and other bills roll down their car windows and yell, "Get a job!" to people holding signs and asking for help. Many people are just one paycheck away from being homeless but they scorn those who have fallen through the cracks.

The social safety net is, in fact, very fragile. It is easier than most people realize to fall through the holes in the net. If a person or a family becomes homeless, it is nearly impossible for them to escape. Education doesn't guarantee a job or a home.

Most major religions have commands to care for the people who are less fortunate.

In the Christian religion the Bible quotes Jesus as saying, "Do not judge others and God will not judge you." "The measure you use for others is the one God will use for you." (Luke 6: 37, Luke 6: 38)

Some people really are so LUCKY that they never have to deal with misfortune or external circumstances which leave them helpless, homeless, and unemployed. It is possible for them to believe that their own hard work has created safety in their lives. They don't know that they are just one virus away from being without a job, a home, or food.

I hope everyone will carry with them the lessons from this pandemic and remember that completely innocent people are often mowed down by by life circumstances over which they have no control.

Katherine Zuckerman, Boise

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