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Vote Adams

This is a note to endorse Ben Adams as an Idaho State Representative. I have know Ben since he was at years old and even at that age he was showing strong leadership skills. Ben served our country well as a Marine serving in Afghanistan. Since that time he as worked hard for veterans as well as others. He has overcome adversity and is known as a man of integrity and a hard worker. I am confident that Ben will serve Idaho well as a state representative. He is a solid conservative that will fight hard for second amendment rights, limited government and lower taxes. I wholeheartedly support Ben in his bid for an Idaho State House Seat.

Edward Durham, Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Idaho has (at the very least) tolerated white supremacist “Christian” churches, made the national news for dragging its feet in responding to the virus crisis, arrested truckers passing through with loads of legal hemp, made clear it doesn’t welcome children unless they are cisgendered, and has earthquakes to boot.

Hey, we have a most accommodating tax structure. But businesses looking for new locations are going to avoid Idaho like the plague.

Brent Marchbanks, Boise

Ben for state house

I am writing this recommendation for Ben Adams, who is running for state representative in your great state of Idaho. I have known Ben for over 10 years and served alongside him during his first tour of Afghanistan with the Marines. Since then he has become a passionate advocate for veterans and deeply cares about the welfare of his community and state. His sense of leadership and community service is a calling, not a job.

Ben and his wife Becca know the value of commitment and the meaning of sacrifice. He has seen friends give the ultimate sacrifice for this country and knows that this is a precious gift that cannot be wasted or ignored. Because of his experience growing up abroad and his military service, Ben has experienced how civil liberties can be easily stripped away and freedoms revoked if the right leadership is not in place. His high moral values, respect for all, maturity, and quality of judgment are just a few of the reasons he would make an excellent representative.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Ben Adams. If his performance as I have witnessed is any indication of how he would be in office, Ben Adams would be an outstanding person to represent his fellow citizens. I would be honored to have him represent me.

Larry Brant, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Jackson for 13B

Randy Jackson is running for house seat 13b, and I wanted to take the time to urge the citizens of Nampa to go out and vote for him, because I truly believe that he is the change that we need! Over the last few years I have detached myself from politics because I felt it has become very corrupt, but when I found out that he was running for a house seat my hope was restored. I have known him for many years and I know that he is a man of Integrity and honor, who’s decisions are strongly driven by his love for the Lord. I have witnessed and felt inspired by his unwavering loyalty to his family and his values, and that’s why I know that he is absolutely the best candidate for this position. Randy Jackson is one we can trust. Please vote Randy Jackson for House Seat 13b!

Angela Peterman, Nampa

Vote them out

As I write this, over 6100 Americans have died from COVID-19. Officials believe that 100-240,000 will die from it. Idaho has over 1000 confirmed cases, despite admittedly testing very few people. While we look for leadership, what was our Governor doing? Brad Little was signing two bills limiting the rights of transgender citizens. That’s right – while a pandemic the likes of which no one has ever seen was striking our homeland, he was busy ensuring that transgender girls can’t play on high school sports teams, and that transgender people can’t change their sex on their birth certificate. Soon, he’ll be spending our money defending those asinine actions in courts.

Meanwhile, we are learning from other States and nations stricken with this virus that outcomes universally improve the more people are isolated from each other. It’s very clear – regardless of age, around 5% of infected people will die from this virus. We know Idaho doesn’t have the infrastructure to deal with it, and that we have to slow its spread to even have a chance. Stats are showing that upwards of 50% of people don’t even know they have it as they go about their business, obliviously spreading it. What does the Governor do? He issues a cut-and-pasted stay-at-home order that almost everyone immediately ignores.

I would encourage you to join me in swarming his social media to condemn his ignorant actions, but in the ultimate act of guilt, he has prohibited any form of public comment there.

This goes well beyond politics. I would encourage you to join me in voting out these cowards from the top down the very next chance we get. It’s times like these that show us the value of experience and principled, fact-based leadership.

Stay safe and stay home,

Jason Uhlmann, Driggs

Reelect Nichols

Tammy Nichols is amazing!! I have watched closely how she handles different situations and she consistently strives to protect our constitutional rights, decrease taxes and spending, and supports small businesses. She also has a focus on education and keeping our schools a safe place of learning where our children can be free of LGBTQ propaganda and unfounded indoctrination.

I was extremely pleased with her efforts working with other representatives in removing the form on Idaho’s government website that encouraged tattling on your neighbor during social distancing.

She listens and interacts with citizens, shares her stances openly and represents us well. She does not take money from Democrats and is firm and solid in her conservative principles. She truly does look to protect our rights and keep Idaho a true and free America!

Chels Rench, Nampa


While Idaho is focused on COVID-19, a private foundation that distributes millions in taxpayer funds to charter schools quietly hired a Chicago-based executive with a questionable history.

EVERY Idaho taxpayer should be concerned, not just parents. The foundation in question of the hiring, BLUMM, doles out $20 million tax dollars annually through an agreement with Idaho Public Charter School Commission (PCSC). Funds are designated to help charter school students thrive, so one can only wonder how such a questionable hire would be made while Idaho officials and charter school families fighting a pandemic.

New hire, Greg Richmond, was CEO of Chicago-based National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA). While writing for Idaho,Richmond will continue to live in Chicago. Under Richmond, NACSA contracted with PCSC to analyze Idaho’s charter system and a series of questionable business practices followed:

  • NACSA recommended illegal closure of charter schools.
  • Richmond offered a $5000 side payment to the PCSC executive director, which is prohibited by state law.
  • PCSC’s executive director turned down the payment offer but offers in other states were accepted.

After this pandemic, state lawmakers must investigate this hiring answering why an organization tasked with rewarding charter schools hired someone with such a questionable track record?

James “J.R.” Anderson, Emmett


If we can “flatten the curve” on coronavirus infection, we may be able to avoid overwhelming our healthcare system. But for many people living in nations with fewer resources, even a few critical cases will overwhelm their healthcare system. And there are others with little to no access to healthcare at all.

As Congress crafts an economic stimulus package, that package must include resources both to support partners in developing nations deal with the immediate crisis and to strengthen their healthcare systems in the long run.

We already fund USAID programs and multilateral organizations that do this well, including the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; and USAID’s bilateral tuberculosis and child survival work. We should build on these efforts.

Congress must prioritize global health systems, alongside the domestic response, as we move forward together. People living in poorer settings must not bear the brunt of this pandemic.

Jessica Specht, Boise

Paying tribute

Regarding the AP story about the family in South Carolina, “Mourning from a Distance.” My heart breaks for them and their inability to pay loving tribute to their husband and father. His funeral was limited to ten people.

Yet I envy them, in a way.

I hesitate to share in a public forum, but my beloved wife, Carol, suddenly passed recently. Because of the pandemic, we were unable to hold a funeral service for this wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Not only that, but no one could attend her committal at the cemetery. We were prohibited from saying farewell as she was laid to rest, and were not allowed in until the cemetery staff went home.

However, she was buried at Dry Creek, so I drove up to the overlook beneath the gigantic flag at the Idaho Veterans Cemetery. Her grave was about 100 yards away, and I watched through binoculars as she was committed to her final earthly home.

I fault no one for what had to be done. It was prudent. Carol would not have minded, anyway, as her heart was always open for and to others–and their safety.

Our story is not unique. It is being told throughout our state and the world. Families are suffering, for people are still dying, whether because of the virus or other reasons, yet it’s difficult to say goodbye as our society is accustomed. Someday we will hold a formal funeral service for her, and all are invited.

To the other families who are grieving and unable to gather for farewell, I offer that our loved ones are in a happier place, far from the adversity of our earthly existence. I hold my thought on that. And, as a neighbor chalked on the sidewalk, remember that “Kindness is contagious, too.”

John Eichmann, Boise

McFarland for Ada

Are passion, integrity, and honesty characteristics that you want in your County Commissioner If so, then Mary McFarland is the right choice in the May Republican Primary for Ada County Commissioner.

Mary is an Idaho native and has lived in Ada County for over 30 years. She is a lifelong Republican and cast her first presidential vote for Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Mary is a small business owner and understands the value of a dollar. She publicly voices her opposition to government tax increases that have taken place over the past decade.

Mary exhibited her passion for limited government while serving on Eagle City Council by working with Co-Councilmen, Norm Semanko, Mark Butler and Jason Pierce to hold the line on out of control spending. The budget was even reduced the first year she was in office by 20%. She has demonstrated her integrity by working with city, county, state, and federal officials to get needed infrastructure built or maintained. She is completely honest about wanting to end out-of-control tax-and-spend politicians.

I’m voting for Mary McFarland for Ada County Commissioner in the May 19th Republican Primary because she is the best candidate to bring back conservative budgeting in Ada County.

Vicky McIntyre, Boise


I eagerly read the article on Joe’s journey to get his COVID 19 testing and the bad news. I was waiting for him to expand on how he thought he caught it, how he’s protecting others in his household, and how they notified others in his circle that he might have it, and ultimately how he’s combating it.

I guess he would have to follow up with several more articles but this revelation has been the closest I feel I’ve heard about in Canyon County.

Could he write a follow-up or two?

Kathryn Maureen O’Donnell, Nampa


Donald Trump wasted 90 days before acknowledging the Coronavirus as a problem. Jan 6th he was notified that China had the disease and it was likely to come to America. His response was to call it a hoax. Now he’s managing this pandemic with his ego. The daily briefings are a realty show for him. Bragging about the ratings while people die. He ignores the science and the Doctors. Not allowing Dr Fauci to answer a medical question. Demeaning the press when a legitimate question about Covid-19 is asked. States are forced to pander to his ego to get the necessary equipment to save lives. This pandemic will continue to kill unless there’s a National response. This is on Donald Trump. He owns this catastrophe! And he’s got blood on his hands.

Jeannie Peterson, Boise


Is anyone at all surprised that Judy Ferro is on the side of the extremely left viewpoints of the Boston Globe Editorial Board?

Richard Behmer, Nampa


I feel the need to explain to those readers who don’t know, that the Humanists of Idaho are an organization of atheists. Humanist is a euphemism for atheist. It’s instructive to read that their president saw fit to condemn our legislature for protecting girls from sports opponents who were recently males. Everybody knows why we separate sports by sex, why we don’t have girls and women compete against men and boys in golf, basketball, football, lifting, running, etc.! We females are called the weaker sex for those reasons—even though we generally live longer than men.

Most of the “transgendered women” I saw at the Capitol during the session could easily flatten most natural women. They’d belong on men’s sports teams—(and in their locker rooms).

I believe these poor souls deserve more pity than censure, but that doesn’t mean that we, the 99%, have to knuckle under to their various demands. And, by the way, if birth certificates can be altered, they’re pointless. I bet most atheists would agree.

Unfortunately, though, most people who abandon faith in their maker, also chuck the owner’s manual, so anything they can get away with is then fine. After all, nobody’s watching us, the players on life’s co-operative obstacle course, or so they must either consciously or subconsciously think. The truth is, however, that the creator of the beautiful course also designed the exquisite, complementary male and female players. None of this happened by accident. To ignore or reject the designer’s rules is to mess up everything.

“Transgender” people are perfect examples of this sad fact: liberal Sweden, for example, which has been ahead of us in this movement, has noticed 19 times more suicides in the medically transgendered community than in the general population.

Kudos to our legislature and governor.

Marcia Yiapan, Nampa


Growing up in the 1930’s and 40’s when I was sick my mother would call the Doctor and he would visit in his car and check me out.

Over the years that home visit disappeared, and we had to, no matter how sick we were, had to make an appointment and get to the Doctor by bus (we didn’t have a car).

Maybe because of the current virus situation Doctors are doing what is called TELEMEDICINE. Calling the Doctor and maybe getting another lower level health provider giving you advice. For minor issues it may work and of course if it sounds real serious they tell you to hang up and call 911, if they send an ambulance you better make sure you have ambulance coverage or you will have to pay that fee.

What my worry is if I have to call a Proctologist and I mis-hear put the phone where? Oh I am sorry but the phone near my ear.

Maybe soon we will have drive-by colonoscopy’s

Dave Silva, Boise


The comparisons of current Coronavirus deaths to deaths from swine flu, SARS, MERS, Ebola and Zika must be measured over the entire length the disease occurs, in most cases a full year. Deaths from Coronavirus in the U.S. since the first death on February 29 is 12,234. We are only 40 days in.

Extrapolate the current death number over an entire year and it could be over 80 million people.

As epidemiologists learn from epidemics, ways to reduce deaths are implemented. Stay at home and social distancing measures are proving they slow and reduce the spread.

Covid-19 is a new virus without a vaccine. Annual flu has a vaccine. The death potential of an unknown, fast spreading and lethal virus is alarming. Covid-19 will be here to stay. A second wave could occur in the Fall.

The economic effects are devastating and we are suffering; yet lives are in the balance. Money cannot buy life.

Mary Christianson, Boise

Due to the speed of the COVID-19 outbreak, some letters may contain out-of-date information by the date they’re published.

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