My lovely wife enticed me to move to her beloved Idaho in 2014. Upon arrival, while out walking, I encountered a nice tradition. We came to an intersection and waited to cross the street and traffic stopped to let us cross. For the first year this happened every single time we were out walking. My wife told me that it has always been like that, traffic stops, people are considerate in Idaho. But, atlas, things do change. Now even when trying to cross at a cross walk at a big box store or a supermarket, you almost get run over. Forget the intersections, unless there is a cross walk signal, even then some drivers don't seem to know to stop. It is sad to see an Idaho tradition go by the wayside. My guess is, that the new residents joining us from other states are unaware of the fact or law, that pedestrians have the right of way. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Dave Shannon, Nampa

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