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My name is Hannah Nicole Chulack. I started at the online school INSPIRE, the Idaho Connections Academy this year, for my junior year of high school. So far, out of every school I’ve been to, this has been the best one. I started at INSPIRE Connections Academy after moving from out of state. I previously went to another online school, but it was nothing compared to this. I have teachers who want to help me and take the time out of their day to help me be the best that I can be. There are many different teachers at different online schools, but I guarantee that this online school picks teachers that love what they do. It’s not a job to them; it’s a career. Whenever I am having a bad day with medical issues, and I go to a LiveLesson (an online classroom session), my teachers instantly cheer me up. I chose online schooling because of my health conditions. Every teacher has been accommodating whenever I deal with my daily pain. Through my online education, I’d learn things that I can put into my hobbies. This includes songwriting. I have been writing since I was six, but have added my newly acquired knowledge to composing. I am also taking a computer class that has helped me tremendously on how to operate a computer for jobs like bookkeeping and coding. If someone is thinking about joining INSPIRE Connections Academy, I highly recommended it. I feel like INSPIRE Connections Academy embraces who I am and truly wants me to succeed in life. Thank you, to all the teachers and staff who have helped me through the school year and have motivated me to wake up every day and want to learn.

Hannah Chulack, Eagle

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