I support Robert Simison for Mayor of Meridian, serving 20 years as Chief Financial Officer for Micro 100 Tool Corp., community business partner in Meridian since 1985; also serving as Treasurer of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce since 2012. Robert, regularly, provides the City of Meridian update as Chief of Staff for Mayor Tammy de Weerd to the Chamber Board and is knowledgeable and competent in City matters, answering questions and fairly presenting both sides of issues. Robert also participates in the Meridian Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee and is passionate about responsible growth in the City.

Robert engages the Meridian community, working to resolve the clear needs of Meridian for safe neighborhoods, education, and transportation resulting from the amazing growth in Meridian from being in the national spotlight for 10 years. He brings a balanced view to City Council meetings as development projects, zoning issues, and matters affecting the Meridian citizens’ quality of life are discussed. He has been an integral part in the update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, involving input from Meridian citizens and cares about maintaining an effective and efficient City Budget, and creating of Meridian’s first Strategic Plan to help Meridian grow responsibly

Robert is a great partner for business as we attract great employment opportunities allowing our children options to find jobs in the valley as they graduate from school and continue to be a place where they want to live and raise their own families.

Robert competently balances the components of the City’s vision to be “Built for Business and Designed for Living”. Please vote for Robert Simison to continue this vision as he leads our City to new and creative heights in continuing to make Meridian one of the best places to live in this nation.

Michael Armstrong, Boise

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