I read on the MSN News page today (7-18-2019) that Congress is preparing to vote on raising the minimum wage, in stages, to $15 an hour. Finally, our government is realizing that one cannot live on the current minimum wage levels.

This is all well and good for those who are still working, and I applaud the efforts, but making this move, the government seems to be also forgetting those of us who are retired and depending on their Social Security Benefits as their main source of income, the disabled, and the many others who are on other programs that provide support for those who can not work.

When the minimum wages go up, the price of goods and services (and undoubtedly everything else) will also go up to help pay for those higher wages. If Social Security stays at its current levels, millions will fall even deeper into poverty as they will no longer be able to afford the basics like food, housing transportation or medical care.

If the government accomplishes this effort, millions will benefit, but at the same time, don't forget the millions who could be left behind.

Donald Oremus, Nampa

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