Meridian is one of the top cities in America . And why do we rank so high? Could it be our great schools , low crime rate, truly outstanding parks in various neighborhoods, our libraries that win national awards, easy access to our higher education facilities? Our unemployment rates are very low, Idaho State Police Headquarters and local Police Force Department reside right here in our city. And how did this all come about..

Our city government has concern for each and every citizen who resides here. Now, a new Mayor is to be elected this fall. Our Mayor stands at the head of this city government , and under the leadership of Robert Simison we will continue to be one of the best. Robert has served as Chief of Staff to our present Mayor for 12 years. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic in all areas of our city. Voting is such a privilege and being informed as to a candidates history and goals are paramount in electing the right person to lead us. Robert is a family man with a reputable record in leadership.

Remember: A vote for Robert Simison is a vote for a progressive Meridian.

Eva Bailey, Meridian

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