Re ad by Citizens Of Idaho for Climate Action...While your hearts are in the right place for mentioning the woes of our climate, you and others forget to mention the one most important factor of world deterioration. In 1950, the world population was 2.55 Billion. Now it is 7.73 Billion, more than tripled in less than 70 years. We are using up natural resources and polluting the planet to a point beyond reclamation. In 1950, or earlier, the world's governments should have started population control. Almost all the politicians of Earth that control any serious chance to stop pollution are not concerned enough to put any real effort into the problem. Their main concern is reelection and their own greed. Luckily, I'm old, and will not see the coming problems kill the planet, but I don't think anything will change significantly without stopping population growth, and then reducing the current population.

Al Colton, Emmett

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