It’s hard to fathom how you can question the leadership and readiness of someone with Lauren McLean’s credentials and proven track record.

And how better to show leadership than to go against the grain, run for mayor, and provide voters with an alternative, especially when you risk the kind of mean-spirited comments from her own colleagues that she has? Making that choice – risking her career and those critical relationships within her own party – that actually IS leadership. It takes guts.

I sat with Lauren on Planning and Zoning before the current Mayor appointed her to Council, and I’ve seen her in action as an impassioned, informed, and smart leader for years. To claim that her leadership is questionable is absolutely preposterous.

Lauren not only leads: she learns, and she listens. Her annual calendar is peppered with attendance at seminars, conferences, and meetings that improve her connections to other cities (and partners) in the West and will inform her decisions as Mayor. She began town hall meetings throughout the city so she could reach out to voters in diverse neighborhoods and with unique backgrounds. She’s reaching beyond her base to really understand the Boise voter. That is leadership.

It’s time for leadership, collaboration, and kindness to prevail at City Hall. It’s time to end this mayor’s long reign and see what new blood (with many similar, great ideas but also with some unique and different ones and certainly with a different approach) will do for our city. Running for mayor is leadership. It’s saying “It’s time for something new and I’m willing to risk the politics of it all for a city I love for the betterment of Boise citizens.”

Jennifer Stevens, Boise

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