I commend Jim Jones’ commonsense assessment of gun control and Trump’s presidency; you’re right-on!

Loyalty to our flag and constitution is good; loyalty to political party isn’t. It breeds dictatorship, which is where we are with Trump. He’s influenced our Idaho Republican legislators until they’re doing likewise; secret meetings and ignoring our constitution.

Trump’s emboldened others to be racist and insulting just like he is. Trump’s flag-hugging is pathetic, considering his actions; claims to love Americans, yet insults everyone who disagrees with him. With 10,000 + lies in 2 ½ years, we can’t believe a word he says. He violates human rights, as evidenced by his uncaring attitude towards Americans working with no pay during the shutdown; separating families at the border; urging police to rough people up, etc.

Racism is the most ignorant of hatreds since nobody’s consulted before birth as to which race they want to be.

Christians supporting Trump? If he’s not a sinner, then we’re all safe! Farmers supporting Trump? Hasn’t he backstabbed you enough with his tariff war? You can’t count on a pathological liar to keep his word. Women for Trump? He doesn’t respect you.

Two other groups wanting to be dictators: environmentalists and PETA. They insist wolves should roam free where ranchers are trying to make a living. They should be required to keep a pack of wolves in their offices. Those against logging should be required to remove all lumber out of their house; see what remains. PETA uses devious methods to try to ruin businesses for livestock and dairy farms; ties to ruin our circuses and rodeos. If you want to be vegetarians, do it; leave the rest of us alone. You’re nothing but domestic terrorists. If they’re not personally hurt, they shouldn’t have the right to bring

Judy Smith, Caldwell

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