I have known and worked with a lot of great elected officials in my life. There are five attributes that they all have in common: they possess integrity, a strong work ethic, are good managers, have strong core principles and can work with all citizens while upholding those principles.

I choose the candidates I support carefully. They must have these leadership attributes and be tough enough to lead. They must be fair and honest and have the ability to move projects forward.

I have chosen to support Anne Little Roberts for Mayor of Meridian. As a native Idahoan, raised on a ranch, Anne has the upbringing and backbone that it will take to lead Meridian into the future. She’s tough, diligent and possesses the dignity and grace to work with all citizens of Meridian to accomplish her goals with the highest integrity.

Please join me and my family in voting for Anne Little Roberts, Mayor of Meridian on November 5th.

Eva Gay Yost, Meridian

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