Responding to your September 5th story on Ada County complaints of Republic Services, I found the article disingenuous and a cheap shot during the transition period for Republic Services. Transitions are always chaotic as evidenced by governmental leadership changes. As a retired federal employee who has volunteered at the Republic Services Meridian transfer station I have found Republic Services to be very dedicated to environmentally friendly solid waste management including efforts towards making recycling available. I would suggest a story about how Republic Services uses biodiesel and CNG for their trucks and the future role of electric trucks. It has been my experience that Republic Service employees, and especially Rachele Klein, who have dedicated their efforts towards environmentally friendly waste collection and employ professionally friendly and competent staff. So, to inject some fairness, I would hope that when Hardin takes over the trash collection for Ada County, you will dedicate as much ink and investigative skills towards their transition service complaints and examine Hardin’s environmental stewardship.

John Courtright, Boise

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