It is obvious from comments and actions that President Dondal Trump and his propaganda mouthpieces oppose democracy and favor turning the United States into an AUTOCRATIC NATION. Why can’t Trump, his supporters and his media admit what Trump intends? It is not wrong to favor another form of government. THE ISSUE IS HONESTY. When our forefathers established a democracy, it was to be our form of government. To advocate a different format is legitimate when done openly, but to seek to undermine the existing system by subterfuge and deceit is TREASON.

Cozying up to dictators, insulting allies, withdrawing from long-time alliances, gerrymandering, encouraging Russian interference in the election and throwing innocent people and children into concentration camps all contribute to the master plan. Replacing the traditional patriotic July 4th celebration with a parade of military might and a Trump rally was more than just a Trump show. Destroying traditions and selected customs is a critical part of transforming our democracy into a fascist state. Only the naïve can be blind to Trump’s purpose.

Meanwhile, climate control, nuclear proliferation, the tax burden on our middle class, excessive deregulation, poverty, health care, a crumbling infrastructure, frequent domestic mass shootings, an underfunded public school system and immigration are ignored.

What is most tragic is that badly duped Christian leaders such as James Dobson support of Trump including concentration camps and the horrible treatment of children by Trump's border agents.

Does the American electorate really have a choice? Will Russia decide for us? Will Trump succeed in reducing the non-white voter turnout? Will this election be a giant step into a fascist, all white, male dominated America?

If he wins Trump won’t change the flag which he hallows, but will the four freedoms it was supposed to assure, be no more?

Lilburn Wesche, Boise

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