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The National Circus has returned to the nations capitol, complete with the merry-go-rounds, side shows, clowns and magic acts. These metal midgets have to be career politicians, because they could never hold down a real job! With the Deep State firmly behind the socialist left, and the "sleight of hand", they can manipulate what you see and hear. One of the funniest acts is the dog show featuring RINO Republicans made up of retired guard dogs, that only bark because they have to teeth. They never had the back of their president. When shown facts of the Deep State targeting those who stand in its way, the GOP cover their eyes, mouths, and ears. This is the result of being neutered by the socialists, because the POTUS was never a blue blood career politician! The left can label you as the following: If you have pride in your country, a nationalist, your labeled a "Nazi". If you want a secured boarder, your discriminating against indigenous people. If different life styles aren't for you, your intolerant, against diversity. And if you're a straight old white person, you must be "racist", and all the above! I guess no "racist" are found in any other ethnic group.This is dribble coming from the left, all the while carrying out their agenda to indoctrinate: we the people. If you feel that you, a voting, tax paying citizen is not being represented by those members of the GOP, it might be time for a new party that doesn't fear the socialist left. A 174K salary from your taxes to pay these clowns to sit in their offices and take breaks is a crime, and should have Congressional hearing. Oh yeah, that would involve the "Keystone Cops".

Gene Martin, Emmett

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