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Crime prevention, your family’s safety, and strengthening neighborhood and business partnerships were and continue to be top priorities for the organization I proudly led for a decade. As a retired Boise police chief and long-time Boise resident, I believe these issues are of utmost importance for the upcoming mayoral election. Over the years, and at the direction of Mayor Bieter, we implemented countless community based solutions aimed at creating a deeper relationship between law enforcement and the citizens we serve. This year’s National Night Out celebration saw over 50 neighborhood events, strengthening trust and fostering cooperative partnerships between communities and police. With the mayor’s support, we have strengthened our community policing initiatives like school resource officers and neighborhood contact officers – services that touch the lives of your families everyday. We were among the original partners who joined together to create Faces of Hope, offering one-stop services for adults and children traumatized by sensitive crimes. Alongside crime prevention and public safety, the mayor has stood up for our most vulnerable citizens along with a demonstrable commitment to improving their lives through New Path Community Housing for the chronically homeless and Valor Pointe Housing for our veterans, early childhood centers and mental health crisis centers. He has worked to support community programs that provide opportunities to our cities most vulnerable populations and will undoubtedly help create a safer tomorrow for all of us. There’s no denying our city has grown, but the best parts of our character have grown alongside us. I’m proud to walk down our sidewalks, greenbelt, or neighborhood bike paths and hear people greet each other with a friendly “hi” or “good morning”- all signs of a kind, welcoming city. Mayor Bieter has worked tirelessly on that vision. That’s why he’s the only choice for Boise mayor.

Michael Masterson, Boise

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