Once again Jim Jones proves that he is not and never will be a conservative, but is a closeted liberal who seems to get all his talking points straight out of the left-wing, Trump-hating Associated Press.

Take for instance his incredibly uninformed diatribe on Mr. Trump’s tariffs.

In case you don’t understand, Jim, we are in a deadly serious contest with a nation that does not act in good faith. China imposes massive tariffs on American goods while sending three times the goods here, causing enormous trade deficits between China and the U.S. These deficits eat away at our GDP.

Enter Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has known for years that China is “dumping”, paying dirt-cheap wages to Chinese workers and shipping their products to America, at prices that are cheaper than the prices in our domestic markets. This wipes out thousands of jobs and causes negative trade balances. Not only that but they have been blatantly stealing our intellectual property, especially software.

Trump said “No more”, and imposed tariffs to force China to the negotiating table to unwind these unfair trade deals.

Our country’s Trump-haters, people like RINO Jim Jones, complain that tariffs are deeply hurting America’s consumers—Liberal anti-Trump blather. The impact on the American consumer is minimal. Thousands of companies are leaving China, many to return to the U.S. And patriotic farmers, who understand what Chinese tariffs do to their bottom line, are in this fight all the way.

We have a president who fights for this country. Jim Jones and his ilk should sit down, shut up and watch as our president drives Cheater China into an inescapable corner.

Patrick Craig, Caldwell

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