My wife and I recently relocated to Meridian from Las Vegas. We chose to make Meridian our home because of all of the great amenities, outdoor activities, wonderful weather and especially because of the friendly people we met. We find Meridian to be a charming hospitable city.

I met Anne Little Roberts when she came to our door and invited us to an event at Lakeview Golf Club. Living in that area, my wife and I took her up on the invitation and met with her. We found Anne to be intelligent, well versed on city issues and very open to listening to our concerns.

I have since been to other events where Anne has been available to meet with Meridian citizens, and after doing research on candidates running for election this November, my wife and I have decided that the best choice for Meridian Mayor is Anne Little Roberts.

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Her views on wise growth for Meridian and public safety are spot on. She understands the issues and knows the people to collaborate with to guide Meridian into the future.

I know Anne has a couple of other listening events planned prior to the election and I encourage you to go and get to know her as my wife and I have. You can also learn more about her at

Alan Helms, Meridian

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