I'm afraid that we may be running a-fowl of the essence of the significance of the meaning behind Chicken Dinner Road. One mustn't overlook that the reference may apply to those bounteous epicurean delights that Canyon County provides to our fine feathered friends themselves.

It conjures images of a veritable feast of earwigs, earthworms, grubs, maggots, kernels (not Colonels) of wheat, barley, and oats all topped by bits of small rock which mascerate in the gizzard while roosting peacefully as dusk falls and dreams turn to the next day when overripe fallen cherries, peaches, apples, and pears litter the ground with their attendant insectae which enrich the sweet provender with protein-rich deliciousness. 

Not a Chicken for Dinner Road, but Dinner for Chicken Road, which hearkens to a time when Canyon County was one of the largest egg exporting areas in the United States. Since the origin of the nomenclature is unclear, can we prove that it was named not by a human contemplating their next meal and not by a pullet considering theirs? Earwig, anyone?

T.J. Hopper, Caldwell

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