In response to your inauguration coverage: President Trump and Congress have vowed to stand up and defend the interests of ordinary Americans who feel left behind by deepening economic inequality. But their actions so far speak louder than words.

Almost one in seven Americans still live below the poverty line in this country — and that number would actually be twice as high if not for federal anti-poverty policies. So it's truly puzzling that some members of Congress are preparing to attack key pillars of our safety net programs; programs their constituents depend on to survive, like SNAP (formerly food stamps) and Medicaid.

Now more than ever, we need to focus on helping hardworking people across the country make ends meet, not put up roadblocks in their way. We must stand up against schemes to "block grant" health and anti-poverty programs and efforts repeal the Affordable Care Act, especially with no plan in place that provides the coverage all Americans deserve in a country as blessed economically as the United States. I hope we can count on our elected officials to reject any proposals that undo what has been working well, and is tried and true.

Putting my faith in love and compassionate decisions,

Janet McClenahan, Boise

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