I'm a 74 year old, living in a senior citizen development in Boise. I moved here with my wife seven years ago thinking this was the ideal place to retire. But, last Thursday at 10:30 in the morning, at Fred Meyer (Franklin & Orchard) all of that changed. Now I'm sitting in my home, nursing my wounds after being attacked by an "out-of-control" street person who was stationed at the front entrance of the grocery store.

Witnesses called the police who took a report. The Fire Department responded and gave me first aide. Urgent Care patched me up as best they could. But what really causes me concern is why the community tolerates these dangerous, threatening and harassing people like the one who attacked me. Some of the witnesses told me the attacker is known to loiter about the store parking lot, intimidating shoppers at the Fred Meyer strip mall.

Can't something be done proactively to protect the average senior citizen in such circumstances?

Michael Miller, Boise

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