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In May, a shooting at Rigby Middle School shook Idaho and then was forgotten. In October, a shooting at Boise Town Square shook the state, and then we moved on. We forget so easily, merely looking on in horror if the deaths are brought up, never making any changes. It makes me question, in a country where gun violence is common, why do we have so few limits on who and how you can get a gun? The truth of the matter is, not everyone should be allowed to own a gun.

In Idaho, there is no state permit or license required for purchasing or carrying a rifle, shotgun, or handgun. We do not allow people to operate a vehicle without a license, yet we allow them to lawfully use a tool constructed for the sole purpose of killing with no prior qualifications. Do we not see the hypocrisy in this? I firmly believe that we need to push for every state to require a license, extensive training, and a detailed background check before purchasing or possessing a gun.

Reece Deidrick is a sophomore at Boise High School. He has been in public education all of his life and has personally seen the results of gun violence in the rigorous drills students have to do to be prepared for school.

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