Phil Mount

The City of Boise is to be complimented for recognizing the dilemma our community faces with the growing issue of housing affordability, and for taking a collaborative approach on how to address the issue with their series of Community Workshops. I have been able to attend each of them so far and was encouraged to see community members and stakeholders share ideas and discuss solutions.

Recent proposed changes to the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations are particularly welcomed and an important step in the right direction. These changes — allowing increased square footage, allowing up to two bedrooms, and eliminating parking requirements thus enhancing demand for public or alternate transit — have the ability to quickly add affordable rental or housing options in established neighborhoods, thereby leveraging existing infrastructure, and making public transit options more feasible with the increase in density.

While these are important benefits to the community, equally important are the expanded property rights and benefits to the homeowners who choose to add an ADU to their property. By investing in an ADU, homeowners are able to create new financial opportunities for themselves and increase the value of their property. For example, they may choose to provide a private dwelling space for other family members, or, secure rental income from the new ADU space.

Creative and fair solutions, like this change to the ADU regulations, derived from collaboration and input from community stakeholders and the public, will be vital as we work together to address local housing needs.

For all of these reasons, I heartily endorse the proposed changes to the City of Boise’s ADU regulations. They’re win-win for both homeowners and the community. Homeowners can enhance their financial security by improving their property, and the community gains more options for critically needed rental and housing supply.

Let’s move quickly to get these changes approved and in place right away!

Phil Mount is the president of Boise Regional Realtors.

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