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Treasure Valley baseball fans loved seeing Boise State baseball revived again this spring after 40 years. To anyone who witnessed the great fan support and player and coaching excellence, they’d be amazed Bronco baseball supporters are yet again in another fight for redemption. Ex-BSU president, Bob Kustra’s, dream to bring high-quality college baseball to Boise, with an on-campus stadium and national championship dreams, again is in jeopardy.

On July 2, BSU President Tromp announced Baseball and Swim and Dive teams were being dropped because of expected reduced 2020 football revenue. Baseball and Swim and Dive supporters immediately kicked in gear private funding efforts.

Despite supporters obtaining nearly $600,000 in private commitments in one week, President Tromp and Athletic Director Apsey continue to claim – “Baseball and Swim and Dive teams are done!

Why would Tromp and Apsey not be interested in giving the Baseball and Swim and Dive supporters a chance to solicit private funding? A clue to the real reason might be the earth moving taking place at the designated on-campus baseball stadium location. It appears Tromp has a pet project she wants built on the location. Is this true, President Tromp, and what is your pet project?

The Baseball and Swim and Dive supporters contacted the State of Idaho Higher Education Board of Directors, Tromp’s bosses. Interestingly, the Board members we talked with knew nothing of Tromp’s plans for Baseball and Swim and Dive and knew nothing of a zoning change request made for the on-campus baseball stadium land.

Baseball had long been a college sport in Boise. When I played in the late 60’s and early 70’s, we played in a quaint on-campus diamond. In 1979, the school raided the baseball field for the basketball arena. Baseball was quietly dropped.

Baseball has much promise at Boise State. In my day, local standouts like Danny Smith (Boise), Bob Peterson (Idaho Falls), Phil Smith (Caldwell), Rich Yockum (Nampa) and Norm Kollman (Nampa) proved Idaho players could compete with any players in the country. Many players from my teams eventually played professionally.

President Tromp and Athletic Director Apsey – Baseball and Swim and Dive deserve your support in their quest to find private funding! It is confusing that you spoke so favorably about baseball at the successful Diamond Dinner this spring and now give the baseball program a cold shoulder. With your support, Boise State baseball will be a revenue producing sport, give Idaho players a chance to compete at the highest level and bring commerce to the city.

We request you make no changes to the plans for the on-campus baseball stadium site and for the $8 million designated for the on-campus baseball stadium construction. Many of us donated time and money towards the concept.

Recently it was announced 46 of 58 members of the Baseball and Swim and Dive teams were awarded “All Academic” by the Mountain West Conference. Isn’t this the caliber of student Boise State wants?

Treasure Valley fans: if you believe Boise State should give Baseball and Swim and Dive an opportunity to raise the funding shortfall with private funds, please quickly call or email the apparent decision makers, President Tromp (president@boisestate.edu and 208-426-1491) and Athletic Director Apsey (athletic director@boisestate.edu and 208-426-1826).

A Lewiston native, Charley Hathaway played baseball at Boise State from 1967–71. He now lives in Vancouver, Washington.

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