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Nearly six months into President Biden’s term and we are experiencing a vastly different America. It’s almost hard to believe the drastic changes we’ve experienced in such a short time, but folks, I’m here to remind you that elections have consequences.

Since the inauguration in January 2021, America has experienced a surge in violent crime, an unprecedented border crisis and security concerns, the highest consumer price hikes since 2008, and rising inflation that’s driving up the costs of everyday items like gasoline, groceries, and building materials. Here in Idaho, we are experiencing some of the hardest impacts of failed liberal policies with one of the highest gas prices in the nation (and steadily rising), shortages on lumber and building products for the influx of new movers, and a “help wanted” sign at nearly every local business.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge the historic Operation Warp Speed that mobilized the federal government to prepare a COVID-19 vaccine and fails to apologize for questioning the vaccine effectiveness during his 2020 campaign.

Furthermore, private businesses and federal agencies are mandating the vaccine and systematically violating the individual rights of Americans who may still have concerns while the vaccine seeks FDA approval. And the scariest policy proposal is leveraging our children’s future by completely exploding the federal budget with nearly $2 trillion in additional COVID-19 relief and a $6 trillion dollar proposed budget that will leave our children and grandchildren shackled to debt for the lives they have yet to live.

I don’t mean to be pessimistic here, but it’s important that you understand the truth of the policies being pushed by the democratic party in general and by the Biden/Harris administration specifically. These are the exact concerns faithful Republicans raised during the 2020 election, and despite campaigning as a moderate, the Biden/Harris administration has governed as big-box socialists putting America’s future and the future of our children at risk.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to correct this course before lasting damage can be done. In the upcoming 2022 elections, U.S. House and Senate members are up for election, along with Governors, and local leaders in your communities. This is your opportunity to support strong conservatives that value fiscal responsibility, facts over feelings, and promise to return a limited government approach to our republic.

A government that governs least, governs best, and we must remember why this principle is foundational to our constitutional republic. The Biden/Harris administration seeks to grow control and spending at every available opportunity, but we the people can stop the spread of socialism by electing Republicans that share and defend our values. In 2024, we will replace this socialist administration and return power to the people. Until then we must be active and engaged.

I encourage you to join me and the Idaho Republican Party in standing up for our values, at every level, and ensure that the successes of conservative leadership, that made America and Idaho great, continue to provide the next generation of Americans the same opportunity to live the American dream that you and I enjoy today.

Tom Luna is the chairman of the Idaho Republican Party.

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