Brad Hoaglun

Brad Hoaglun

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Most Idahoans share a core set of values derived from important lessons that were instilled in us at a young age: work hard; save before you spend; take care of your property; always be prepared for a rainy day. These simple, yet important ideals, helped to build a foundation in making us responsible and productive citizens. These ideals also translate to operating a responsible city government.

Meridian has done well by proactively saving before we spend for critical services and large-scale projects. This type of planning has allowed us to remain a debt free city, completing multi-million-dollar projects like the opening of Fire Station Six last year and the expansion of our wastewater treatment plant, without running bond or levy elections. It has allowed us to maintain the service levels and amenities that our community expects and deserves as we continue to grow.

Robert Simison is the mayor of Meridian. Treg Bernt, Brad Hoaglun, Joe Borton, Jessica Perreault, Luke Cavener and Liz Strader make up the Meridian City Council.

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